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Hi, my friend!

My name is Lee Murray, and I'm so glad to have the opportunity to serve you today.

I've been successfully making money online since 2008, quit my job to go full-time in 2013, and have ever since been on a mission to help other people achieve better results than I have... faster!

Over the past 10 years, I've helped thousands to earn money online, and today, with your permission, I'd like to help you too!

Before we begin, I'd like to ask you a question...

What really causes you to fail online?

If you've not yet succeeded in a meaningful way, why haven't you?

Are you lazy, stupid, or otherwise incapable?

I don't believe any of those things for a second. I believe it comes down to one thing and one thing alone. Please pay close attention...

I Believe It's a Lack of Speed.

You can only put up with so much external demand for patience, especially when the landlord is banging on your door and you need money fast.

But even if you're okay financially, yet worry dearly about how you'll be able to retire comfortably, or send your kids through school, or pursue your real passions...

Being told to "wait around and trust the process" will rarely instill enough confidence in you to stay the course, right? I mean, why bust your ass putting in long, grueling hours of work when you don't even know if you'll be paid, let alone when.

Without fast results, most of us get stopped in our tracks by doubt.

And it's extremely hard to get fast results when it comes to traffic generation for online money-making. This is especially true when we're talking about FREE traffic.

I mean, even if you're buying traffic, it can still take a good, long time to test and tweak your funnel to the point of predictable profitability...

But FREE traffic means CONTENT MARKETING...

And that's almost NEVER fast enough to keep you interested.

Again, Content Is Everything!

But if you're going to get fast results, you need a lot of content. I mean a lot. And you need it fast. Sure, you can slowly build your business over time, writing an email or two here, a piece of blog content or two there...

Whenever you've got the mental energy to do so...

Whenever writer's block isn't relentlessly trying to burrow its way into your mind.

And over the course of 18 months to two years of remaining consistent, you may have built up enough of a content-driven traffic machine that you're earning a full-time living on the internet. It's possible. You can do it that way.

But will you?

...Will you really?

Listen, it's damn tough to hit critical mass with content marketing. You need to have HUNDREDS of pieces of content online, and HUNDREDS of emails loaded up into your autoresponder. Do you? My guess is that, if you're still struggling, you don't.

And that's okay. Most people don't.

Trust me, you're not alone. And you're not broken. You're human.

Coming up with that much content on your own, in rapid fashion, is a crazy big ask.

So You Should Outsource... Right?

Hiring freelance writers, especially to write marketing content, is one of the biggest, yet least funny jokes going.

Think about it logically...

If these folks, well-intentioned as they may be, really knew how to earn great money with online marketing, would they still be freelance writers? These writers earn peanuts compared to competent marketers.

ONLY a successful marketer can produce successful marketing content.

Besides, are these writers going to write your emails for you, too? Can they take you by the hand and show you the very best way in which to use these emails? Can they format your articles for you in HTML, saving you several precious hours of highlighting text and using WYSIWYG editors?

Can they show you how to best monetize your content?

Can they walk you through a crazy, unique, highly-effective process of ALWAYS ensuring that your content is fresh, entertaining, and compelling?

Don't Worry, I'll Answer. NO.

They have no idea how to produce relevant content, especially the type of content that will inspire your readers to take action (and get you paid).

It takes more than just a little research and a few data points.

It takes real, first-hand insight that can only be gained while in the trenches. It takes genuine, well-articulated opinions formulated through years of real trial and error, extreme struggle, unrelenting perseverence, and honest-to-goodness success.

It will also require that whoever produces your content is articulate. They should have an extremely firm grasp on the English language. They should be a little playful, lots of fun, authoritative, and unwaveringly authentic. Their writing chops must be tops.

Fear not, I know a guy. More on that soon. :)

You need GREAT quality emails written by someone who earns his living writing and sending emails. You need GREAT blog content to pull FREE traffic into your funnel, where your subscribers will receive said emails.

And most importantly, you need a rock-solid, step-by-step strategy that keeps things fun, fresh, exciting, and wildly profitable for you. A plan of action that never leaves you scratching your head, wondering what to do next.

You'll always know what to do next!


Grab Content Kit #1 Today.

DFY Emails!

DFY Blog Content!

Full Training!

Listen, Amigo...

I've been in the online money-making world since 2008. I quit my job in 2013, and haven't looked back. I'm living a dream, and the feeling is so damn good, I honestly need to help other good folks (like you) to succeed.

Once upon a time, right before my big online breakthrough, I actually lived in a homeless shelter in downtown Spokane, WA. I had an old iMac computer that I kept in the shelter's community storage closet each night.

Each day, I would get my iMac (which I kept in its handled box), hop on the city bus, and ride to the public library, where I worked on building my online business.

I'll spare you the story, but let's just say that I was highly motivated to succeed.

And when the money finally started pouring in, do you know what the catalyst was? 

Content, baby. Content.

I wrote articles, built an email list, wrote profit-pulling emails, created an award-winning e-book, and the rest was history. But it took me a long time to get there. 

Much longer than it's gonna take you!

Like I said, I've got your back. I want to give you the best of what I've got...

  • The best blog content (for traffic, engagement, and money)!
  • The best emails (for traffic, engagement, and money)!
  • The best strategy (for traffic, engagement, and money)
  • The clearest path to victory (with multiple streams of income)!
  • The highest likelihood of you sticking with it and cashing in!

And I want to give it all to you for absolute peanuts. This is especially true compared to what it would normally cost you.

In fact...

I Used to Write Articles for $125 Each!

It's true. Once upon a time I was a sought-after ghostwriter who charged $125 per article written for a handful of very discerning clients. I was able to charge this much, in part, because I'm not a half-bad writer. I mean, I'm writing this letter right now.

Like it?

Hey, thanks! :)

But I was also able to demand a premium price because I know what I'm talking about. When I write about making money online via internet marketing, I'm doing so as an individual who has made LOTS of money online via internet marketing!

It helps to write about an industry when you're an industry insider.

But guess what...

While having serious writing chops and plenty of marketing expertise (backed by tons of real-world success) are great and all, they're not where the story ends.

I Actually Have a 3rd, Very Unique Skill...

It's quite possible that I'm among the most proficient spin-ready article creators on Earth. It's what your boy does best. :) Can I offer you an example? I actually have a secret to tell you... Every sentence & word of this very paragraph was spun like mad!

Let Me Render It Again for You...

I'm among the highest-level spin-ready article writers you're gonna find anywhere. Do you want me to prove it? Well check this out... This paragraph was spun very heavily.

And Again...

I'll absolutely blow your mind in the world of creating spin-ready articles. It's kinda my jam. Do you wanna see? Well, I've actually got a little confession... This, amigo, is a heavily-spun paragraph you're reading right now!

Each of These Variations Can Now Be Produced With the Click of a Button, Starting With Something That Looks Like This...

THIS is the type of top-shelf content you'll be receiving from me, in terms of literary quality. In terms of your content being knowledgeable and compelling, again, read this sales letter...

Does any part of it make you think it's amateur hour around here? ;)

I know what I'm talking about. I'm an authority, and thus my content is authoritative. This means that YOUR new content will be authoritative, too!

Believe me, my seemingly boastful demeanor right now is not an ego-stroke. This I can assure you. Rather, it's supreme confidence that what I have to offer you can truly make a profound difference in your life.

It's going to help you to strike the perfect balance between speed, ease, quality, and all-out profitability. In other words, you'll make fast & easy money, ethically!

DFY Emails!

DFY Blog Content!

Full Training!


Grab Content Kit #1 Today.

So What Is LUCK #1 All About?

LUCK #1 - The Power of Internet Marketing:

Each new edition of LUCK comes with 14 "rotator emails" (multi-purpose and highly profitable... again, full training is provided inside) and one spin-ready mini article.

Each mini article can be stacked on top of others to create massive blog posts that Google absolutely goes crazy for. In the members area, I teach you exactly how to use these, transition from one to another, and get the best results possible.

Of course, each mini article covers a different topic...

LUCK #1 is all about the power of internet marketing.

We're taking folks from the very beginning, letting them know that if financial independence and long-term well-being is truly their goal, then no other opportunity (surveys, paid-to-click sites, or any other wacko "opportunity") even comes close...

To good ol' internet marketing. 

In this particular mini article (which I also call a "content booster") we lay the foundation for why a person would want to follow this path in the first place.

This will serve as a fantastic launchpad for future LUCK editions, as it really speaks to newbies and begins to walk them down the correct path to true success online.

Collect All 50!

The More You Have, The Better You'll Do.

The more content you have, be it on your blog, on the interet (web 2.0), or in your email autoresponder... the more money you will make. It's really that simple.

I will be launching at least one new LUCK edition each month until I've reached my goal of 50. This will give you 700 DFY rotator emails (approximately 2 years' worth of daily emails) and 50 mini articles (aka "content boosters").

Imagine what this will mean for you...

You can create 3500-word monster articles just by rendering a new version of a mini article, copying & pasting it into your Wordpress editor (it's already formatted in HTML, so you don't even need to format it), and doing the same with more mini articles.

Craft your article by starting with LUCK #1, then transitioning into LUCK #36, then adding LUCK #7, then LUCK #44, then LUCK #25... for example, obviously.

Your next article could see you stacking LUCK #11, LUCK #3, and LUCK #49.

With so many possible combinations, how unique will each article be?

100%. 100% unique is the answer.

To make it even more of a no-brainer, my training is going to walk you through a strategy to ensure that each post on your site is perfectly unique... and always fresh & enjoyable for your audience. You'll stand FAR apart from the competition!

Of course, you'll want to use your blog, at least in part, to build your email list. And you will. It will. Again, my training shows you exactly how to do this.

But what happens when you drive all of this ultra-warm traffic (blog traffic is super high-quality, especially when your blog content is as high-quality as it will be using LUCK) into a list with 700 ultra high-quality, well-monetized emails loaded up?

You get rich! That's what happens. :)

High volumes of consistent blog traffic pouring into your funnel and receiving high-quality, well-monetized emails every day for two years will fill your bank account!

I mean, your own ambition and work ethic will come into play here. How many blog posts will you create? How many emails will you actually load?

Again, with my training - along with the nature of this content - I think you'll find the work to be incredibly easy, which is going to inspire you to stay the course and keep the ball rolling. In fact, I know it will.

How Much Can You Earn?

Can LUCK Really Make You Rich?

I cannot legally nor ethically make any income guarantees.

I can tell you that many new millionaires are being created online daily.

And I'd confidently wager that most of these folks are earning their fortunes via content marketing... especially list building and email marketing.

Additionally, I personally know bloggers who are earning HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS... not per year, but per freakin' MONTH!

Yes, six-figures monthly

And they don't have the power of LUCK on their side. :)

Of course, LUCK isn't just a list building system. It's not just an email marketing system. It's not just a blogging system. And it's not just a bunch of great DFY content.

It's all of these things rolled into one!

So if other folks can earn millions without LUCK, I think that you can do even better with LUCK. Again, I can't make income claims. But in my heart of hearts, I believe...

LUCK gives you your very best chance of transforming your life!

Who Is LUCK For?

And Is It Right for You?

If you've stopped buying into the idea that there's a magic piece of software out there that can make you rich, then LUCK may be for you.

If you understand that making money online takes work, but you're not willing to bust your ass for years not even knowing if you'll make money, then LUCK may be for you.

If you're tired of slimy snakes who hit your pain points with "blind sales copy," meaning they never come out and tell you what they're offering, then LUCK may be for you.

If you feel like nobody's really got your best interests in mind, but would rather just make a quick buck off of you... and you're done with it... then LUCK may be for you.

If you're willing to make a reasonable effort now and start seeing results in days or weeks - not months or years - then LUCK may be for you.

Are You Protected?

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?


If LUCK isn't everything you'd hoped it would be, let me know. I will promptly and quietly refund your purchase price. No hard feelings whatsoever. You've got a full 30 days to see how it can boost your business and income to grand new heights.

I'm confident that you won't refund. This is that good. That life-changing.

But if you do, absolutely no problem. I NEVER want one of my customers to go dissatisfied. And I never want to accept payment if you don't feel that you've gotten many, many times your money's worth.

Again, LUCK comes with a full money-back guarantee. You risk nothing!

Lee, Are You Freakin' CRAZY?

Why Is LUCK So Inexpensive?

I know, right?

Take Action Now!

You'll Thank Yourself Soon.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you being here with me today.

There is no doubt in my mind that your wise decision to use LUCK in your business will transform your entire life. You're about to be a hero, my friend. :)

I really look forward to seeing you inside!

All my best to you,

Lee Murray

DFY Emails!

DFY Blog Content!

Full Training!


Grab Content Kit #1 Today.

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