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Hi again!

This is Lee Murray.

And, with your permission, I'd like to share a bit of my personal story with you, to see if you can relate.

I also believe that, after 13 years of doing this stuff and mastering the "secrets," I may have the income solution you've been searching for. 

So please read on. :)

Back in June of 2008, my online money-making journey began.

I had been working in a busy downtown restaurant, waiting tables and tending bar.

The money was fine, but my anxiety was always through the roof.

I hated dealing with the public, especially in an environment where I had such a subservient role.

My schedule was inconsistent, I often worked double shifts, and the ownership was extremely abusive. 

Working conditions were toxic, and I'd had enough.

I had a wife and a brand new baby boy to take care of, but I knew that I had to (mentally and emotionally) take care of myself as well.

I'd considered getting another job, but it would've had to have been another restaurant gig, in order to make anywhere near the same amount of money ($10/hr. plus tips... probably $200 a day on average) I was making. But I was done with restaurants.

So like most folks, I Googled "how to make money online."

I figured that with a new baby, a "work from home" situation would be amazing. Also, I sensed that I could stumble onto an opportunity which would replace my income.

I ran into all sorts of search results, including taking online surveys, article marketing, Craigslist posting, browsing ads (for 1/100th of a cent each), etc. 

The choices were overwhelming, and I dabbled a bit before finally deciding to give surveys my best effort. 

But despite putting in long, grueling, monotonous hours, I barely made anything. Pennies, really.

Please don't fall into the "online surveys" trap.

Most of the time, they don't even pay cash, but rather reward you with entries into drawings that you never win... or points redeemable for perks and products.

Will your landlord accept perks and products? Mine didn't. :)

Well one day, while examining the survey site that I had signed up for (and paid $37 for the privilege), I noticed a link on the bottom of the page that simply read...


Curious, I clicked on the link.

Immediately, I was presented with an opportunity to recommend the survey site to others in exchange for a commission. The product vendor included an e-book on how to best promote the service. I read it.

Then, I followed the advice...

The next day, my jaw hit the floor when I received an email notifying me that I'd just earned a $26 commission!

Today, by the way, I earn $1000, $1200, and even $2000 a pop, promoting much better offers... yet that first 26 bucks was probably my most exhilarating!

I honestly couldn't believe it. I thought a mistake had been made.

My eyes widened, likely to make room for all those dollar signs I had floating around in them. :)

I was fully energized, determined to become the next overnight online millionaire. I did more of what earned me that $26 commission... a lot more.

And I did earn a few commissions here and there, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't break through to the big bucks.

I couldn't replace my income.

Until one fine day, a seed was planted in my mind...

"If I'm making $26 per sale, I need to make 240 sales per month just to earn $4000 and replace my income...

But what if I earned $1000 per sale?"

This seed was planted by, among other brilliant online entrepreneurs, Mr. Dave Sharpe of the Legendary Marketer 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, which is among the most complete mentorship programs I've come across in my 13 years online.

Hands down.

This system is all about earning those juicy, life-changing $1000 (and above) commissions, on offers that you don't need to create, sell, deliver, or provide customer support for.

If you can pull in just one sale per week (full, top-notch training on how to do this is included in the challenge)...

Your whole life can change very quickly!

But when you follow along with the 15-Day Challenge, you'll be presented with a real, repeatable system that I believe can have you earning a $1000 commission every day, if you give it your best effort. :)

Obviously, I'm not here to make income claims, but I can tell you that I'm creeping up on a million dollars in earnings myself, and if I had stumbled upon (and followed) this 15-day challenge when I first started...

I have no doubt that I would have made at least 20x what I have to this point. Yep, there's no question in my mind that I would've made $20 million!

Perhaps the craziest part of the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge is the cost of enrollment. I've seen systems like this sell for hundreds...

Some, even more!

And it'd be worth every penny. I mean, this is the kind of system that can keep a frustrated entrepreneur in the game, and keep them from quitting.

That's because this system is all about big results fast!

This isn't to say it's a get-rich-quick scheme. Far from it. This is a real opportunity that allows you to create your own destiny. But there's no reason why you have to do that slowly, right?

I think that, once you get yourself inside the members area and begin taking the challenge, you'll find yourself completely energized, excited, and feeling more confident than ever about your future.

This is because each step you need to take is laid out before you, with nothing left out. No guesswork. Less chance of analysis paralysis. 

And because Dave and Legendary Marketer are giving this to you as a 15-Day Challenge, with full ongoing support, you're really going to have the ability to gain tons of momentum within a very short period of time.

If you've been struggling to make money online, watch Dave's video here.

I think you'll find it very refreshing, and extremely exciting!

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