Best… Business Plan… Ever!

Sick of screwing around. I’m ready to get rich.

Let me share my earnings from last year really fast…

Lee Murray earnings

Six figures.

Should be seven.

Gonna be seven.

Best Online Business Model Ever:

My goal of $1500 per week passive Clickbank income will be met very, very soon. I have the ultimate strategy now to make it happen. Been working on the components for a few months now. Shaving off unnecessary things, adding things which I didn’t realize were necessary, but am THRILLED to have found out about.

My biggest discovery (by far) was Art’s new Viraloo software.

This changes my ENTIRE strategy.

Shall I stop being cryptic and just stinkin’ GIVE it to ya already?

You got it, Toyota.

Here’s What’s Changed…

I am still definitely putting in 8-hour days, beginning as soon as I finish my clients’ funnels and lead magnets.

But I am SCRAPPING weight loss (for now) and only focusing on two businesses…

1. THIS business (, product launches, DFY offers, email marketing, etc. You know, the stuff I ALREADY do… with the addition of launch jacking) for 3 hours per day, and…

2. My other, non-marketing MMO biz for the remaining 5 hours per day.

The first of these two businesses will fund the second. The second of these two businesses will make me wealthy.

Here’s the Plan…

  1. I create a massive, amazing course (big e-book, video course, media files, etc.) and give my people the option of either paying $27 for it… or simply sharing the page with 5 people and getting it for FREE via Viraloo!
  2. I create a series of 7-10 *small* lead magnets (each one covering a small portion of my big course) and distribute them in a vast number of ways (I’ll share these specifics with you in just a moment)… building a massive list in the process.
  3. Both these small lead magnets AND my follow-up email sequence (the first 10-14 emails) will ENTICE THE SHIT out of my subscribers to pick up my great big course. I’ll encourage them to take me up on my free Viraloo offer, rather than paying the 27 bucks.
  4. Via automation rule, those who grab my great big course will be instantly taken off of my entry-level list(s).
  5. Once my subscribers have gone through my 10-14 follow-up emails (if they haven’t yet grabbed my great big course), I will begin sending them to blog posts, which I will monetize with Adsense and continue trying to entice these rotten mofos to take me up on my great big course offer! 😉
  6. My great big course (and its “buyer funnel”) will promote a variety of highly-targeted Clickbank products. These products are so targeted, in fact, they are seemingly just a natural extension of my great big course! Almost like they’re totally beneficial OTO’s!

I’ll be spending 5 hours per day on this undertaking. It’s gonna get really, really big… really, really fast.

“So How Will You Distribute Your Lead Magnets, Lee? From Where Will You Get the Traffic?”

Anywhere and everywhere, really. I’ve been investing like crazy in traffic training programs lately. Moreover, and more importantly, I’ve been investing in crazy-ass software programs, which you can read about in my previous blog post here (it’ll open in a new tab so you won’t lose your place).

What I’ll do right now is give you a list of all the traffic sources I’ll be using. I’ll also link you to some VERY powerful resources (I bought these myself… and recommend them very highly) right after. Fair? Great!

Where I’m Getting My Traffic From…

  • Classified advertising
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Neobux, Clixsense, and other PTC sites
  • Blogging
  • YouTube videos (maybe… I’m still in my shell.)
  • WarriorPlus (I will “launch” these lead magnets there.)
  • The Warrior Forum (I will “launch” these lead magnets there.)
  • Solo ads
  • Web 2.0 (using Rank Hijack)

I figure it will take me about 2-4 weeks to put my great big course offer together, including creating the course, creating the sales page, setting up Viraloo, writing and loading up my promotional email follow-ups, and all that jazz.

I will then create a new lead magnet every month… maybe two per month. Each one won’t take but a day to do, including setting up the squeeze page and early funnel. ALL lead magnet opt-ins will direct to the same list, so I won’t need to write a new follow-up series for each lead magnet… or should I?

I’m still on the fence about that particular issue.

But at the end of the day, ALL traffic goes to lead magnets. ALL lead magnets capture leads. ALL leads get funneled into my great big course, where they either pay me 27 bucks or refer 5 people to my Viraloo page.

Best… business plan… ever.

There is also gonna be some Facebook retargeting involved with this, but I’ll spare you those gory details. For now, anyway. 🙂

“Have You Left Anything Out, Lee?”

Some, yeah. There’s a lot to share, really. I’ve been working on this plan for months now!

Oh, here’s something I forgot to mention. One of the SEVEN methods (business models) that I’ll be teaching in my great big course is arbitrage. But instead of just teaching it, I’m actually going to blog about it on my… ummm… blog. 🙂

And I’ll be doing a Shiny Object Lemonade style case study of Tom E’s “Arbitrage Underdog 5.0” for all of my readers. Not only will the arbitrage income be rad, but I know I’ll sell tons of copies of Arbitrage Underdog. Not because I’m such a badass salesman or whatever… but because the software is absolutely incredible (especially the “Black Label” edition)!

It seriously sells itself. In fact, click here and watch Tom’s video. You’ll see just what I mean.

“I Think You Mentioned Resources, Lee?”

Sure did, kimosabe. Thanks for the reminder.

Obviously, I’ve already shared a few with you in this post, but I think it’s only fair that I reveal to you all of the tools and strategies that I’ll be using in the implementation of this million-dollar (or more) business plan.

Please know that you don’t need to invest in all (or any) of these to be successful. This is my path, and yours may certainly be different. But all I can do is share my own journey with you.

Next to each tool, I will explain what the strategy (or functionality) is, how much it costs, and how you can use it (either on its own, or in tandem with another tool) to make yourself some great money in as few steps as possible. 🙂

My goal is to become a multi-millionaire. Maybe your goal is to pay your power bill.

Again, all I can do is share my own journey in the hopes that you are somehow inspired.

With that, let me share…

Resource #1 – Viraloo:

Viraloo by Art FlairAs I mentioned earlier, this software really changes the game. It turns your squeeze page into a viral traffic machine.

Now, to use it to maximum effect, you definitely want to make sure that your lead magnet is of the highest, most irresistible quality.


Because you’re asking your prospects to share your page with 5 other people in order to unlock your gift. No run-of-the-mill PLR nonsense is going to inspire people to do such a thing.

One thing you may want to do is create or acquire a video course, place video #1 on the squeeze page (Viraloo comes complete with a free page builder… and a video template which allows you to do this with ease)…

And then simply tell them to “share this video with 5 other people to unlock the rest of the series.” Smart, right? Powerful, too! Art Flair, the product’s creator, makes it so easy for you to create these viral traffic magnets, it’s almost laughable. Totally point and click.

There are even social share buttons on the squeeze page that make it EASY for your people to share. There is a little display showing how many people your prospect has referred. Once it reaches five, your opt-in form is unlocked and the prospect can now become a highly targeted lead.

Not only that, but now you have five NEW people who all do the same thing, by referring five people of their own to your page… and so on… and so on…

This turns your squeeze page into a serious, automated business grower! Just send some traffic to your special Viraloo squeeze page… and all hell breaks loose… in a GOOD way! 🙂

We’ll talk about my traffic tools next. But for now, just know that this one piece of software can literally be the CORNERSTONE of your online business, regardless of niche!

At the time of this writing, Viraloo is selling for only $27. This, my friend, is an absolute steal given the profound implications of effectively using this tool.

Watch the free Viraloo video here…

Viraloo Review

Okay, so let’s talk about traffic…

Resource #2 – The Twitter Cash Formula:

The Twitter Cash FormulaI wrote a full review of this course right here on… if you’d like to read that review, click here.

But here’s the short version…

Twitter traffic is free traffic. And it’s EASY free traffic.

You needn’t record any videos, write any articles, build any backlinks, take and post images, pander to the powers that be, or any of the crap that often accompanies free traffic generation.

With Twitter, you simply (and easily, if you know what you’re doing) build a massive following… and then send tiny little Tweets that have the sole purpose of driving traffic.

The Twitter Cash Formula is a good course. But where you’re really going to be blown away when you get your hands on this offer is in its bonuses! There are many… and almost every single one of them teaches Twitter traffic generation, each in a unique way that will allow you to master this traffic source.

My favorite is called “Twitter White Knight.” Crack that one open right away!

I can’t even stress how powerful this package is.

And when you send this Twitter traffic to your enticing Viraloo page… it’s lights out, baby!

If you’d like to take a closer look at “The Twitter Cash Formula,” you can do so by visiting the official website here. Enjoy!

Resource #3 – 8 Minute Profits 2.0:

8 Minute Profits 2.0 Mark BarrettThis is how you’re going to get thousands and thousands of eyeballs on your Viraloo page very, very quickly!

Using a special “meet them where they’re at” psychological tactic, Paul and Mark are going to show you how to make PTC (paid-to-click) traffic work for you in a big, big way.

Send this traffic to your Viraloo page… or to a gateway opt-in that then leads to your Viraloo page. You’ll want to play with this a bit. The good news is that this traffic is so damn cheap, you can test all of the possibilities without even coming close to breaking the bank.

You can get HORDES of traffic starting at only 5 bucks!

Test to see if your Viraloo page converts this traffic straight away, or if you need to warm them up with a completely free offer first. Either way, you’re going to learn SO MUCH in this course about how to convert this traffic.

Check this out…

Using the exact same method that you’re about to learn in this course, Paul was able to spend $85 on this traffic, put over 1000 subscribers on his list… AND put over $350 in his pocket instantly!

Think about that.


That’s the power of this strategy.

Combined with Viraloo, who freakin’ knows? 😉

What I can tell you is that, at the time of this writing, this course is only $4.95!

So I’m not saying that you should grab it… or that you’d be stupid not to… but I’m very strongly implying it. 😀

Seriously, if you’d like an absolute swarm of dirt-cheap traffic FAST… and you’d like to learn how to convert this traffic into quality leads and lots of money… then you may want to visit the official 8 Minute Profits website here. I hope you love it!

Resource #4 – Traffikar:

Traffikar by James Renouf and Jeremy Kennedy

So what Traffikar does is shows you how to get Instagram shouts. This video training covers a whole host of strategies for finding major influencers in your niche and approaching them for shouts… but it also includes a large list of marketplaces where you can go and buy shouts for cheap.

I haven’t yet implemented this strategy, but it seems like WILDLY high-quality traffic.

I mean think about it, the people who hit your squeeze page (or Viraloo page, if you’re going that route) are doing so because somebody that they trust, admire, and respect has told them to. That’s HUGE!

As of this writing, the course is under 12 bucks.

If you’d like to watch James’ video that explains more, simply click this link to do so now.

Resource #5 – 60 Minute Paydays:

Mark Barrett 60 Minute PaydaysThis one’s a goodie, my friend! This is how I’ll be getting my blogging traffic.

It’s all about creating “power pages” that get found in Google for dozens… or even hundreds of long-tail search terms, without you even trying!

It’s what I like to call “accidental SEO,” but it’s a bit more structured than just blindly writing content.

There’s a method to the madness.

This is very smart, very powerful training that can have just ONE single blog post bringing in the same kind of traffic that it would have taken 50 blog posts to bring in doing things the “old, keyword-focused” way.

If you want to work smarter, and not harder, this one’s for you.

They also cover monetization in this course, and encourage you to build your list. If you’ve decided to go with Viraloo and set your squeeze page up in such a way where each visitor who hits your page MUST refer 5 other people to your page in order to access your gift, then simply place a banner to your Viraloo page on your blog’s sidebar.

Easy enough. 🙂

Otherwise, you can use this course entirely on its own! Monetize your posts with affiliate links or Adsense… add a regular opt-in form to your sidebar, if that’s how you wanna roll… and watch the traffic and income start pouring in.

The best part about this training?

As of this writing, 60 Minute Paydays is only TWO DOLLARS ($2).

I have literally paid $300 for a similar course (and felt that I had gotten my money’s worth)… so that should most certainly tell you something, my friend.

To grab 60 Minute Paydays while the $2 special is still running, click the button below and visit the official site now…

There are two additional resources I’ll be using to drive traffic to my mini lead magnets, and ultimately to my great big course (remember, the choice my prospects will be faced with is “either pay $27 for this course… or simply refer 5 people to this page to unlock it for free.”)…

These are Board Commander (automated Pinterest traffic) and Rank Hijack (a software that discovers top-ranking sites and gives you everything you need to outrank them). But because I feel like this blog post has already gotten a little “pitchier” than I wanted it to get, I’ll simply invite you to click this link to learn about both of these additional resources.

So at this point, I’ve given you my basic business plan. I’m going to simplify it for you in just a moment, that way it’s fresh in your mind and easy to model, should you choose to follow in my footsteps.

Once I’ve finished with that, I’m going to wrap this blog post up by giving you what I believe to be the most powerful strategy that you can embrace if you want to make money quickly, but don’t want to immerse yourself as fully as I happen to be immersing myself.

I’ll share the perfect strategy for you if you’re doing this on a budget and need to keep things as close to free as possible. And then I’ll share the perfect strategy for you if you’ve got a few bucks to spend. 🙂

So let’s take a look at these three final topics and then I’ll let you get to work…

My Business Model, Simplified:

I’m not going to reveal my specific niche, because I don’t want you dirty mofos turning into my competition. 🙂

But I will give you a mock example.

Let’s say that my great big course was on the topic of YouTube video marketing.

I will create a sales page for my course, and on the sales page, I will basically tell people that this is the definitive guide on YouTube marketing. The course costs $27 (I’ll include a payment button), but that they can actually get it for FREE if they click this link (hyperlinked to Viraloo page) and refer 5 people.

They will go to the Viraloo page and share the specially-generated link with their Facebook friends, Twitter followers, etc… and once 5 people have clicked through to my Viraloo page, they’ll be able to grab my massive YouTube marketing course.

Now, I need to get traffic to my sales page.

But how?

Well, now I’m going to create little lead magnets. One might be on the Best YouTube softwares, another might be on outsourcing the perfect video script, another might be on best cameras for YouTube videos, another might be on getting your YouTube videos to rank, another might be on driving external traffic to your YouTube videos, etc.

Each of these topics will be covered in a power post on my blog, using the 60 Minute Paydays system. Each post will include a link to that topic’s lead magnet, which will obviously be offered on its own squeeze page. On the sidebar of my blog will be a big, flashy banner that takes my blog readers to my great big YouTube marketing product’s sales page… where they’re presented with the two options (pay $27… or share with 5 peeps and get for free).

Now, it’s time to send traffic to my lead magnets. Remember, each lead magnet will lead people to the aforementioned sales page. So this is a true funnel. I actually wish I knew how to build out a graphic to demonstrate this to you.

I’ll try to walk you through it with text.

8 traffic sources all go to lead magnet #1. The same 8 traffic sources all go to lead magnet #2. The same 8 traffic sources all go to lead magnet #3. Etc.

These lead magnets put people on my list, where they are presented with automatically-delivered autoresponder follow-up emails. EACH OF THESE EMAILS PROMOTES THE SALES PAGE OF MY GREAT BIG YOUTUBE MARKETING COURSE!

And the 8 traffic sources I’ll be using?


  1. WarriorPlus and Warrior Forum – I will put each lead magnet up as a free offer.
  2. Twitter. I’ll be using this resource.
  3. Paid to click sites. I’ll be using this resource.
  4. Classified advertising. Still devising this system.
  5. Pinterest. I’ll be using this resource.
  6. Instagram. I’ll be using this resource.
  7. Web 2.0 sites. I’ll be using this resource.
  8. Solo ads. I’ll just shop around for good ones. 🙂

And then, of course, the blog posts themselves will be a source of free, ongoing traffic.


  1. These traffic sources feed my entry-level list.
  2. My entry-level list feeds my great big course’s sales page.
  3. My sales page feeds my Viraloo page.
  4. My Viraloo page keeps feeding my Viraloo page.
  5. My Viraloo page feeds my next-level list.
  6. My next-level list feeds my affiliate offer pages.
  7. My affiliate offer pages feed my family!

I hope you can see how seriously powerful this is. Again, I am beyond dedicated to spending 5 hours a day, 5 days a week on this task. I can crank out a whole lot of work in that amount of time. If you don’t think this will make me a multi-millionaire (even if I ultimately end up having to sell this business to reach that point), then you’re as much of a lunatic as you appear to be in your Facebook photo (not your profile pic… that other one).

So that’s Lee doing Lee.

But what about you doing you?

As promised, I will now share your mock plans (according to your current situation)…

Your Best Plan, If On a Tight Budget & Limited Time:

  1. Get Viraloo. You don’t even need a website! Your page will be hosted on the Viraloo site.
  2. Sign up for autoresponder service and integrate your list with Viraloo.
  3. Get The Twitter Cash Formula and CRACK OUT ON IT!
  4. Just keep sending free Twitter traffic to your Viraloo page.
  5. Promote relevant affiliate offers to your list.

Boom! Simple, right? Waaaaay simpler than my complicated-ass plan! 😉

Oh, and with this prescribed plan, YOU CAN OPERATE WITHIN ANY NICHE OF YOUR CHOOSING. Remember, Twitter traffic is universal, it’s not just limited to money-making stuff. You can do hiking, biking, cooking, woodworking, bird-watching, weight-watching, rock-climbing, Dr. Seuss rhyming…

Whatever the hell you want, compadre.

Okay, next plan…

Your Best Plan, If You’re Almost Totally Broke:

If you can’t even afford Viraloo… or the Twitter Cash Formula, then there is still hope for you. You’ll still need to invest a tiny bit of money (and it will cost you a bit of time), but it’s a rock-solid plan. And for this one, we’ll even skip the autoresponder and keep things dirt simple…

  1. Get a domain and hosting, if you don’t already have it.
  2. Buy 60 Minute Paydays for only $2. Get it now before the price rises!
  3. Do exactly what the course tells you to do.
  4. Use the money you make from this to fund the previous business plan… or the next…

Your Best Plan, If You’ve Got a Moderate Amount of Time and Money to Invest:

If you’re mostly on board with my personal business model, but it seems just a tad too involved or ambitious for your liking, let me provide you with a workable plan that can still yield you monster results…

  1. Get Viraloo and integrate your autoresponder. Give away something awesome!
  2. Get The Twitter Cash Formula. This traffic is too easy and powerful to be ignored!
  3. Get 8 Minute Profits and send hordes of cheap traffic to your page.
  4. Get Traffikar and buy shouts. This is like solo ads for Instagram!
  5. Get 60 Minute Paydays (only $2) and create one “power post” per week.
  6. Direct ALL of this traffic to your Viraloo page*.
  7. Promote related affiliate offers to your list.

*If you find that your Viraloo page isn’t converting this traffic into leads (and getting you viral traffic like it’s supposed to), then you may need to re-examine your offer… or do like I’m doing and create a sales page for your product, and give your audience the option to either buy it for 27 bucks… or go to your Viraloo page and refer 5 people to get it for free. This will obviously raise the perceived value of your offer.

Moreover, you don’t have to create multiple small lead magnets like I’m doing. But you can at least have ONE. Perhaps you can simply make it the “lite” version of your main course. That’ll make the sales transition that much easier to go into, and it’ll capture more leads by not making them “jump through hoops” right away.

So instead of sending your 8 Minute Profits traffic to your Viraloo page, you can try sending it to your regular squeeze page (which gives away the “lite” version of your product), and then let both your lead magnet and your follow-up email series lead your subscribers to your sales page, where they will either pay you $27 for your course… or go to your Viraloo page and refer 5 people in order to get it for FREE.

Make sense?


And If You’re a Lunatic Like Me…

Just grab ALL of the tools and resources I’ve shared and put your business together in the same exact way as I am. It’ll take time… and it’s a damn serious commitment. But wealth is NOT reserved for the meek, my friend. You must be bold if you want your results to be bold.

Please leave your comments below, and share this page with your friends if you enjoyed it.

Until next time,


2 Comments on “Best… Business Plan… Ever!”

  1. LEE your post is badass man!!

    I love all the examples you give, the useful content you’ve provided and all the resources and tools you listed that you’ll be using! Man this is like a killer blend of sol, pvp and a whole new twist – I’m amped man and I can’t wait to follow along and see your progress.

    I’ve picked up most of the resources you’ve mentioned through your links and have been putting the pieces together on my own but YOU…come along and shine this brilliant spotlight on it and it’s like I’m totally understanding things in a different way.

    I’m glad I’ve had a chance to go through most of them and implement them into my business bc seeing your approach actually helps me to see I could’ve been doing things differently. I haven’t gotten viraloo and honestly didn’t see the point in a content locker but I’m still learning things and if you see the value in it to use it, then it must be crucial.

    Also, thank you for outlining different approaches for people with varying budgets and time – I know I appreciate that and I’m sure a lot of others do as well.

    Thanks for providing so much value bro – seriously this post has more useful content and direction in it than a lot of $5 products I’ve seen in the past. I’m totally sharing this shit

    1. Very kind, brother! Glad you see the value.

      I don’t think Viraloo will work as well as advertised as a typical squeeze page. It may… I still have to get through these DFY funnels before I set up shop… but I think that if your offer is BADASS and IRRESISTIBLE… Viraloo will be a VERY powerful tool that will boost your results in dramatic fashion.

      Can’t WAIT to get through my current workload and get crackin’ on this business plan.

      I’ll document everything, Chris. So please do stay tuned amigo! 😉

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