Bill Hugall The Simple Affiliate Review and Bonus


Hiya friend!

I decided to go ahead and give you an unbelievably comprehensive review of Bill Hugall’s “The Simple Affiliate.”

This video course goes live on Friday, September 2, 2016. You can check out the offer here.

Buy Bill Hugall’s “The Simple Affiliate?”
Review by Lee Murray

My General Impressions of the Course:

  • Very detailed.
  • A-Z… quite comprehensive.
  • A pretty big course (7 modules).
  • Entertaining and engaging.
  • Motivational.
  • Simple. Anyone can do it.
  • Best value since my own “List Synergy.”

Bill Hugall Simple AffiliateSounds like a lot of good things, right? The truth is, I really couldn’t find much bad.

In fact, even when Bill stumbles and makes mistakes on camera, I found that to be more of a pro than a con, because IM life ain’t perfect, homie.

It’s just not.

I’m glad he didn’t try to polish it up, truth be told. He clearly demonstrates (and reminds us) that we’re all human, make our mistakes, and (HUGE TAKEAWAY)… make our corrections until we reach our goals.

So, is “The Simple Affiliate” really worth your consideration?

Is it just another hard drive dust collector that won’t really serve you?

Just what is this sucker all about anyway?

Heck, how about I just give you a play-by-play…

Simple Affiliate Module 1 (The Secret):

In this module, Bill really takes you to the basics. More basic than just about anyone else, to tell you the truth. He defines marketing… and value… etc. He sings horribly, and laughs about it. You’ll see what I mean inside. πŸ˜‰

He talks about being a problem-solver. An ethical force for good.

He talks about logic vs. emotion, and how you can use this to your advantage, as most of your competition is getting this wrong.

He dives into understanding your target audience… digging deep to really uncover that avatar. This is very important, and I enjoy how Bill explains it.

In this video, he claims that the secret to making 100k online is to create (or promote) a simple product that solves your avatar’s problem. Now, this is not a course on product creation, in and of itself. It’s definitely an affiliate marketing course. But he DOES provide you with a bonus course that goes into crazy detail, if you decide to become a product creator down the line.

But we’ll get to that a bit later. πŸ˜‰

In module one, Bill makes a very controversial statement about “passion.” If you’ve ever wondered if you should follow your passion online… or “chase money…” Bill is going to clear this up for you in about 10 seconds!

What’s cool, however, is the way he actually marries the two. But I won’t spoil the surprise.

“Overnight income is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.”


“In six months, you could have a business that doubles or triples your income.”


It absolutely couldn’t be truer.


The truth is, Bill knows that if you use a product like a lottery ticket, you will fail. He wants you to really get this message in your gut. And so do I. Online success takes work, and grit, and determination, and consistency, and belief.

He puts investment dollars into focus (IM courses vs. college/trade courses). IM training is a hell of a deal… you just need to put your mind on the right track.

To elaborate on this point, he shares the story of how he bought a 14 dollar product when he was first starting out… and all of these years later attributes this investment to him selling over a million dollars’ worth of product.


He talks about perception and expansion with a simple question. “Is 1000 dollars a lot of money?”

He acts goofy as all get-out in this video (bibbity bobbity boo)… but that keeps things from getting dull.

Good teaching. Great opening module.

I’m excited to continue.

If you’d like to grab the whole course yourself, simply click here and grab it now!

Simple Affiliate Module 2 (The Simple Formula):

Here, Bill covers affiliate marketing “profit tiers.”

He then goes on to reveal a simple, but incredibly effective (I’m speaking from experience) funnel.

This funnel is intelligent, as it focuses heavily on email marketing (covered later) and “second chances.”

It’s a module that is chock-full of detail, which I am not at liberty to share… but it works.

Again, I use this stuff myself, to great effect. πŸ™‚

If you set up a funnel like he explains, and drive traffic in the way that he explains in later modules, you will be SOAKING UP CASH LIKE A SPONGE! I’m dead serious about this. And you won’t even have to work that hard to get to that point.

You will be on easy street.

Good sales funnels are freakin’ magic, and this is a good sales funnel.

Still watching.


Hahaha! The nerdiness continues. It’s actually kind of endearing. Effin’ Hugall!

Simple Affiliate Module 3 (The Squeeze Page)

Here, Bill talks about his two favorite pieces of software to use in conjunction with each other.

This is a great demonstration video of how to set things up.

Dang, I think this will actually help A LOT of people!

He makes mistakes… and fixes them on camera, which is cool, because it keeps things real.

He also makes a thank you page for you!

A good thank-you page can single-handedly triple your income, by the way. Just throwing that out there.

I do find that he talks “in code” a bit when he’s trying to think. When he’s performing an action that may be a bit outside of his wheelhouse, he tends to mumble/ramble a bit and not deliver complete sentences. I do that too, though, so I guess I can’t complain…

Just go with it. πŸ˜‰

Watch what he’s doing… don’t get hung up on all his temporary speech impediments.

Overall, it’s a very comprehensive tutorial that will be easy for most people to follow along with quickly and easily.

To grab the full course for yourself, visit the official Simple Affiliate offer page here.

Simple Affiliate Module 4 (Solo Ads Traffic)

As far as overall traffic goes, he covers two paid methods and two free methods.

These methods aren’t new, but I, myself, find that most people don’t utilize them to their full potential. I can even speak for myself in this respect. (Though that is most assuredly about to change.)

In fact, he dispels a few myths surrounding these traffic sources, particularly solo ads, which is what this particular module really focuses on.

You have more control over your success with solos than you may think. When you track your results, you can tweak accordingly. Tracking isn’t just a powerful thing. It’s really everything when it comes to solos.

Bill shows you awesome sources for finding lots of solo ad opportunities… and also how to really dig deep to make sure that the traffic will actually convert. This doesn’t just mean leads… it means SALES, too!

Ummm, you wanna make money… right?

What’s really cool is that he shows us an example of him “shopping for traffic” and actually showing what to avoid. In other words, he goes over a page and literally says “I would NOT get this traffic.” Sometimes negative encounters can be our best teachers.

So check this out…

When it comes to the paid traffic, Bill does believe in being willing to lose money. But limp in. Start small to minimize your potential losses. He reveals the price points that he likes to work within. And hey, if you lose 25-35 bucks or whatever, then you got an education that will surpass just about anything you’ll learn from any 35-dollar course… because it’s real world education.

Don’t you agree?

Of course you do, you smart (and moderately good-looking) mofo! πŸ™‚

Of course, if that 35 bucks (for example) ends up being a good investment, then you can go balls to the wall and invest more… even hundreds… if you’re comfortable with it.

Finally, he shows you how to rock this traffic in any niche.

Solos aren’t just for the IM niche, ya know!

Click here to grab “The Simple Affiliate” for yourself.

Simple Affiliate Modules 5 and 6 (Facebook Ads Traffic)

I know Bill… and one thing I definitely know about Bill is that he makes a KILLING with Facebook ads.

That said, at this point I’m gonna be perfectly honest with you…

My first instinct was to skip past this module entirely. I tried FB advertising once and it didn’t work out for me. But I was confused (and a bit more immature) then.

I didn’t really give it my all. I didn’t test. I had just heard that to get the best results and the cheapest traffic, you had to send the traffic to a Facebook page and try to get likes. As you know, I’m a list building guy… and I’m not huge on either social media… or jumping through stupid effing hoops.

As such, my experience wasn’t really favorable. But I use that word “experience” very lightly. I didn’t really try. Let’s be honest. πŸ™‚

And then this smart-alec Bill Hugall comes along and sends the traffic straight to his squeeze page.

What the?

Hey, the dude keeps it simple.

And I mean dirt simple.

His demonstration is very clear, and as I have decided to become a “traffic slut” and drive as much traffic as possible from as many viable sources as I can… all to one single web page… I do think I’ll be following his lead here, when the time is right (I’m currently in rebuilding mode).

Why wouldn’t I?

Bill shares a bonus YouTube traffic idea on this video, just as a little impromptu side note!

I think you’re gonna LOVE it. I won’t spill those beans… you gotta grab Bill’s Simple Affiliate for that, baby! πŸ™‚

But it was pretty cool of him to share something offbeat like that. It was literally while he was waiting for his Facebook ad order to go through.

He just hopped over to YouTube real quick. I’ve never seen anyone do that before. It was actually pretty fun and refreshing.


Simple Affiliate Module #7 (Free Traffic That Buys)

Okay, so this is about product creation, getting affiliates, etc. It’s a very short video.

Oh, snap!

Now I get it…

In the video, he “pitches” his recently released “Poolside Profits” course… but is actually giving it away as a FREE Bonus!

I absolutely LOVED “Poolside Profits.’

One day, I may do a full review on it. But for now, all I can tell you is that it’s AWESOME!

In fact, I’ve been doing this stuff for EIGHT YEARS, and even I didn’t know a bunch of stuff that he shares in PSP.

The section on affiliate attraction is worth 100x your investment in The Simple Affiliate all on its own. And that’s not hype… it’s actually an understatement.

My unbiased opinion of this new offer is that it’s… ummmm… really freakin’ good.

The value is absolutely unheard of, even without the addition of the “Poolside Profits” bonus.

I mean, just look at how little he’s charging for all of this.

And it’s real-world information presented in an enjoyable way. This is the type of training that, if you actually follow along with it, WILL produce an income for you, regardless of niche.

I rarely do product reviews like this.

And when I do, I try to stay level-headed and unbiased. I present pros and cons.

With the Simple Affiliate system, there honestly aren’t many cons. Again, Bill fumbles here and there… and makes a few mistakes. But he actually not only corrects himself and conquers his hiccups, so to speak… but he actually does so with good humor.

I think these videos will put a smile on your face.

And if you actually put them into action, I have no reason to believe that they won’t actually put some money in your bank, too!

That’s real.

In my opinion, every serious online entrepreneur should scoop this up and add it to his or her success library post haste.

My advice?

Go through it. Follow along.

The steps are extremely simple. Just do what Bill does.

I had the good fortune of meeting with Bill last Spring at the San Diego Marketing Mayhem event.

He’s a good man with an excellent marketing mind.

Moreover, he’s a very fun, energetic, and highly competent teacher of this stuff.

There are a lot of shitty product creators out there. Their videos suck, and the only reason they sell well is because they’re half-decent marketers and know how to work the system.

Bill’s not like that.

He puts a ton of thought into what he teaches and, more importantly, HOW he teaches it.

To be perfectly honest, this is the one of the most underpriced offers I’ve seen all year.

Alright, I’m sick of singing all of these praises and being such a damned sweetheart. I need to go strangle a box full of kittens or something. πŸ™‚

You definitely want this one, amigo.


Click Here to Pick The Simple Affiliate Up Now!

That’ll do pig. That’ll do.

– Lee

20 Comments on “Bill Hugall The Simple Affiliate Review and Bonus”

  1. Lee, KILLER Review man!! Thanks for putting this blog up and showing everyone how it’s done – you’re always leading by example man!! Btw…I had to google the keywords you used and sho nuff – you are totally the #1 spot on Google πŸ˜‰ you rock man, can’t wait for your next post!

    1. I really appreciate that, Chris!

      I can’t wait to get started with my “goal posts.” So much going on right now, but when I have the time to focus on the weight loss stuff, I have no doubt that it’s gonna blow you mofos away! πŸ™‚

      Thanks, brother.

    1. Excellent feedback.

      I personally believe in practicing fundamentals… but I guess we don’t need a thousand different people to teach said fundamentals.

      I’ll keep an eye out for new strategies that I can test and share.

      I appreciate your comment, Laurence.

  2. They say there’s nothing new under the sun and probably nowhere is that more true than with affiliate marketing. Even adding snippets about things like logic, emotion, ethics, value… etc. isn’t enough to sell me another course on this subject.

    Oh, the review format is ok.

    1. I love the feedback. Thanks Garry! I will sharpen my hunting skills and focus more on methods that very few people have heard of.

      I am always a bit reluctant to promote things which I don’t personally use to earn my living…

      But boy do those things convert! πŸ™‚

      Perhaps more case studies are in order.

      Thanks for chiming in.

  3. I’m not one to complain…really I’m not.

    But, at the risk of offending some of your readers, I’m the worst offender of the “shiny object syndrome.” I’m like the poster child…seriously.

    I know it’s cliche, but do you know how many tabs I’ve got open on my computer right now? I’ve got like, well eff it, I’ve stopped counting at 17…there’s actually more.

    I’m embarrassed to say it just keeps going, and going, and going like that little Energizer Bunny character.

    So, maybe fundamentals, just maybe that’s the answer.

    That coupled with finally making the decision (we all steer our lives with the freaking decisions we make, wouldn’t you agree?) to stick with the one thing that we all know works.

    I mean what worked then, and now, in brand new shiny and crisp 2016.

    The “then” for me goes all the way back to reading the original Gary Halbert letter back in the late 80’s. Again, not kidding about being the poster child….hard to say it out loud like this too. Not my proudest achievement I assure you.

    So, don’t we all know what really works?

    I’m certain we do. We aren’t all that blind are we? I mean, how long have you had an inbox, right? You’re own life is a testament to what works….you most likely wouldn’t be reading this now if it wasn’t working.

    If we weren’t all so G.D. desperate to have the walk away money we needed to start a new life for ourselves, we’d have started doing this shit years ago instead on leap frogging to that bigger, better, and as promised, better deal to get us there yesterday.

    So, all that to say, Lee, I for one am listening to you brother!!!!! Preach, brother preach, preach, preach, that old time religion!!!!

    Hit me with those fundamentals I know damn good and well work cause I can use my common sense and see it in my ever growing inbox everyday. I don’t need to have faith in it. It’s right there for me to see.

    So, maybe for those that are above the “fundamentals”….maybe this blog isn’t for you. I would suggest you seek your enlightenment elsewhere…..or at least have a coke and a smile and shut the f up so the rest of us can learn a thing or two here.

    1. Wow! Thanks a million for that, Jason.

      Two things:

      1. For such a long and detailed message (much appreciated, by the way… I believe that it is this very passion that is going to take you over the hump. I have 22 open tabs right meow… and I kinda sorta kill it online!), my reply must be relatively brief. Cuz I’m busy n’ shit.

      2. GET MY UPCOMING BOOK – “SHINY OBJECT LEMONADE.” It’s the cure. No, really. It’s the CURE for shiny object syndrome. Anyone reading this right now who can relate with Jason’s comments, Shiny Object Lemonade is the answer. I promise. Best thing I’ve ever written by a mile.

      Yeah, shameless plug. Self-promotion. I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t 100% believe in it.

      Oh, and I’m gonna sell it for only 5 bucks.

      So there’s always that. πŸ™‚

      Thanks again Jason! The fundamentals are HUGE, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continually feed your shiny object addiction. We really can have the best of both worlds!

      Talk soon.

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