Breakfast Embed, NEW Goal, and Working Capital…


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Welcome back, gosh blasted dang it. It has been forever since my last post. Sorry about that.

I will explain my absence momentarily. You’re gonna love what I have to share.

But first, let’s talk business…

Launching With Lee – Breakfast Embed:

This one’s gonna be HUGE. The product itself is bananas, and I will be sharing all of those fine details in the coming days.

But right now, I just want to present you with the opportunity of a lifetime.

Either one or two people will be partnering with me on this launch. And here’s what I’m going to do for you…

  1. Your name goes on the product image along with mine. You’ll be immortalized!
  2. You get to keep the whole buyers list!
  3. I guarantee you a list of 1000 people!
  4. If you choose package A, you get 30% of launch profits!
  5. If you choose package B, you get 60% of launch profits!
  6. You will be branded.
  7. You will be introduced to “the right people.”
  8. I will help you make money with your new list!

If I take on two partners (package A), the enrollment fee is $3000 each. That’s for 1000 buyers and 30% of launch profits.

But if you want all of the branding, 60% of the launch profits, and a guaranteed 1200 buyers list, you’ll want to go with package B, which is $5000.

This is my first time making this offer public. If you want in (or have any questions), contact me at – you can use the contact form, if you’d like.

And that concludes Pitch Fest 2016.


You may recall that, in my previous goal post, I stated that my goals are to 1) have 250 Clickbank product reviews on my review site and 2) build my new email list to 25,000 subscribers.

NEWS FLASH: I haven’t even started on these goals yet!

The timing is wrong.

It’s been wrong.

Here’s my stupid effing problem…

It can be very hard to build a passive income stream online when you earn your living building active income streams online.

What do I mean?

It would be 10x easier to reach these goals if I were earning my living waiting tables or laying brick or laying pipe (if you know what I mean), because there’d be no overkill a’happenin’.

Online business (the way I’m committed to doing it anyway) is dependent upon producing exceptional content. But the thing is, I kind of tend to “spend all of my mental energy” on the active stuff. The blogging and reviewing affiliate offers and email marketing and product launches. There’s e-books and sales copy and video production.

It’s almost like asking a professional boxer to take on a second job as an MMA fighter.

Or asking a janitor to take on a second job as a plumber.

Except I can’t rely on muscle memory… and I can’t “go through the motions.” I have to always be quick-witted and highly knowledgeable. Charming and articulate. Passionate and mentally energized.

I ain’t bitching, homie.

Just telling it like it is.

And since I am, in fact, keeping it totally real with you, I’ll tell you why I can’t just stop doing the active income stuff right now.

Ummm, I don’t have enough money. That’s why!

Hey, despite what some folks seem to think, I’m not rich… yet.

My bills and relatively modest lifestyle can still tax me financially.

There are times when I send out a promotional email or launch a small product when I really, truly need the money.

And 9 times out of 10, I get the money.

I’m not struggling financially. Not by any means.

But I’m also not in a situation where I can take several months off to bring a passive income to a livable point.

And I’m the type of cat who can’t be successful when I dabble. I have to immerse myself in something fully. If I’m generating passive income, I need to be all in… all day.

I hope I’m making sense.

So it just makes more sense that at this point, I set a goal that meets me where I’m at, rather than where I’d like to be.

As such, the two goals I just listed are still very much on my table, and I plan to begin tackling them at the very start of 2017. But for now, I feel that I need to stockpile enough cash to justify total immersion in the fulfillment of those two near-future goals.

Know what I mean?

So here’s my NEW goal:

I Will Have $20,000 In My Paypal Account by December 31!


This will enable me to fully switch over to passive.

I can cover six months cost of living, pay my two girls to build and edit my review site, and invest in traffic like a freak of nature.

This will change my entire reality.

Let me ask you, do you ever feel that if you just had enough working capital, you would absolutely be able to build something that could sustain you and your loved ones for life?

I really feel that way.

I believe that I am about 20k away from becoming a multi-millionaire.

Just a hunch.

I mean, the truth is, I’ve already demonstrated time and time again that I can make a lot of money online. Now it’s just a matter of scale.

So scale it is.

20k by New Years Eve.

Ummm… How?

That’s easy.

I’m just gonna keep doing what I always do… only I’m going to do it more aggressively.

More launches, more emails, more blog posts, more promotions, more value.

Mostly, more value. 🙂

The “Breakfast Embed” launch will yield me $5000+ in launch profits, plus back end sales and affiliate commissions.

The profits will be less for me if I take on a launch partner or two (see the top of this post if you missed those details), but the initial participation fee I take in will more than make up for that. (Remember, what my participant(s) is/are REALLY paying me for is the buyers list. The share of launch profits just minimizes the amount they/you pay per buyer.

So that’s one thing.

The other thing is that I’ll be taking out a Paypal Working Capital loan. This will likely be for anywhere between $10,000 and $18,000. It’s based on Paypal business over the past 12 months, and I’ve done somewhere in the vicinity of $120,000.

So good times.

I just need to make enough money over the next month and a half (I’m taking out the loan on 12/15) to ensure that I receive the highest loan amount possible. They do factor recent performance into their lending algorithm, so I wanna be ballin’ by loan time!

I really hope I’m not boring you by going on and on here.

I know I’m not really teaching you any IM stuff at the moment. Don’t worry, that stuff is coming in SPADES!

This just happens to be what’s very heavily on my mind at the moment, and I wanted to share it with you so that you can see that we’re all just people… even us pseudo big shots. 🙂

We all have our struggles and triumphs.

I’m just shining a spotlight on mine because I happen to be in a position to do so.

I hope you don’t mind.


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By the way, I could easily make the 20k with coaching, if I so desired. But I think my days as a 1-on-1 coach are behind me. It’s a job. A high-paying job, but a job all the same. Remember, I’m looking to get away from active income, not create more of it. 🙂

So coaching and memberships are out.

Anything that requires my ongoing participation beyond buying traffic and paying employees is pretty much out.

I may still rock the occasional product launch because that shit is FUN… and I’m kind of a narcissist who believes that his products are among the best in the entire industry, and why the crap would I want to deprive the world of such a thing? 😉

But other than that. Done.

So Here’s What’s Happening Next…

Leading up to the massive “Breakfast Embed” launch, I’ll be doing some smaller product launches in really cool little sub-niches.

These mini products will actually be real-life examples of the types of products I’m going to have you crafting with the “Breakfast Embed” system. They are extraordinarily fast and easy to produce. Most of the content is already done for you. But the value they pack is borderline psychotic.

Really, really solid stuff.

So basically, I’ll be producing and launching 3-4 of these little products, and then SHOWING YOU how to produce similar products yourself using the “Breakfast Embed” system. Extremely cool things are coming your way, dear friend.

I hope you choose to participate in all of the yummy goodness.

And with that, I think I’m gonna wrap this post up.

It’s getting a bit long-winded and I’m running outta shit to say. 😉

Please leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear what’s on your mind.

I hope this has helped in some way.

Thanks for letting me vent.

– Lee


Click Here for Today’s HOT Money-Maker!

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P.S. Remember to contact me immediately if you’d like to participate in my upcoming “Launching With Lee” promotion. This is a first come, first served opportunity. My last launch did incredibly well, and this one is poised to kick its stupid little ass! Hit me up before someone else does. 🙂

13 Comments on “Breakfast Embed, NEW Goal, and Working Capital…”

  1. Hey Lee,

    Great post. You’re not on your own when it comes to thinking you’re only $20k away from being a multi-millionaire.

    I’m just like you,except my figure is probably$30k because I’m in the UK and our currency is worth next to nothing these days.

    Yes, I’m making money but like someone once said “I’m too busy earning a living to make any money”

    I refer to that figure as my freedom figure because once achieved you are free to spend your time working on more valuable passive income generation.

    Thanks for sharing,


    1. Thanks Trevor! Good to know I’m not the only crazy-ass dreamer in the bunch. 🙂

      Are you earning your living online, brother?

      “Freedom Figure.” I effin’ LIKE that, dude! Nice one. Can I use that as a book title? 😀

      I do appreciate your comment man. Thanks a bunch.

  2. Hi Lee,

    Thanks for being so open about this journey you’re on. It’s not often we see such transparency in this industry. It’s really appreciated, because it makes us small fry feel a bit better about it all. If you have ups and downs, then it’s ok for us to have ups and downs too.

    I look forward to seeing you acheiving your 20K goal!

    All the best,

    1. MY MAN!

      You’re welcome. I’m kinda like a woman in that way. I talk about my feelings n’ shit. 🙂

      Remember, we’re all mortal. We all poop, cry, and die… in that order. 😀

      That 20k is MINE, homie. Thanks for the support! I hope to provide some inspiration.

  3. Hi Lee,

    Great post! Was wondering when you’d be back with another… I’m gonna guess many deal with the same struggles when it comes to time and money… I know I do… It’s either you only have one, or the other… and the ultimate goal is to have both.

    1. Absolutely, Steve. Although for my personally, it’s less an issue of time vs. money as it is mental freedom vs. obligation. The stockpile of cash I’m aiming to achieve will allow me to relax and have some fun with my marketing. 🙂

      But yes, it all comes down to breaking away from the whole “trading time for dollars” cycle. I’m fortunate enough to earn my living online… now I just need to take the next step and make it all passive. That takes… as odd as this may sound… relaxation. 20k = relaxation. 🙂

      Thanks much for your input brother.

  4. Hi Lee,
    Really enjoyed your post and outlook on the areas you discussed. I feel like that in many ways. Thanks for the insight and offering me the correct perspective.

  5. Hi Lee,

    Thanks for sharing, man. Just goes to show that it’s not easy for any of us. I’m sure you’re gonna do this because you’ve obviously got the hunger. Good luck, dude!

  6. Great post Lee. I’m interested in the launching with Lee promo. Sending you a facebook PM.

  7. Hi there Lee.
    Eager to know how your goal pursuit is going.

    So, c’mon, spare us the cliffhanger:

    Are the $20K actually in your Paypal account?
    Me thinks you probably got moar!

    Back to (Smart) Grind Mode 🙂

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