Building an Email List From Scratch: How to Build Your Email List Fast!

Is building an email list from scratch a skill you’d like to master? If so, then you’re truly setting yourself up for success. When you build your email list, you essentially build your very own ATM.

In fact, I would argue that list building and email marketing are, by far, the most powerful skills you can master online.

Watch the video below. In it, Vanessa Lau will show you how to go from 0 subscribers to 15,000 and well beyond… fast!

Building Your Email List Fast… Watch:

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Building an Email List from ScratchSo in Vanessa’s video, she talks about the importance of building an email list, as it really protects you from external shutdowns, such as with social media.

In other words, when you build your email list, the leads are YOURS. When you build an Instagram or Twitter following (just for example), those followers can all be stripped away from you in the blink of an eye.

Obviously, this is dangerous!

When building your list from scratch, you’ll need to have a very compelling, highly-relevant lead magnet. This is simply the offer that you give away in exchange for your prospects’ email address. This can be a simple e-book, video training, or app.

As far as traffic is concerned, Vanessa talks about free methods such as creating your own YouTube videos and/or posting to social media… as well as a few paid methods, such as Facebook ads.

But where do you send this traffic to?

A lead capture page, also known as a squeeze page, which has been integrated with your email marketing software, also known as an autoresponder.

Like I mentioned above, building an email list from scratch is the most important thing you can do online.

But why?

The truth is, if you’re serious about making money online, you need to be doing online marketing, rather than playing around with surveys, paid-to-click sites, and the like.

Let’s explore why internet marketing is so powerful, and how it can change your life forever…

How Online Marketing Could Absolutely Improve Your Whole Life:

How to Build Your Email List Fast

You’ll have no trouble coming across numerous different ways to earn an income online. Given that, not a single opportunity provides you with anything even close to the degree of scalability as web-based marketing.

What the heck is “internet marketing” (also referred to as “IM”)?” To be perfectly honest, specific business model selections abound. Forum marketing, media buying, and creating online courses would be examples of a few such niched-down business models.

Now, you can definitely work any one online marketing business system and become quite successful. The good news is that you don’t need to limit your options to just one. You can very well add many of these options into your main web-based business plan at the same time. But let’s go ahead and take things one step at a time for right now.

The exciting new lifestyle you can experience by way of IM is what I’d really like to bring to light for now.

The Benefits You’re Able to Experience Though Digital Marketing…

  • You can make money any time of day! Online income can come in all day and night, even if you’re sleeping!
  • The world is your oyster! You have the power to earn a living from your bed, on a beautiful beach, in a hotel accommodations, sitting in your favorite coffee shop… wherever!
  • (For parents of young children)No need for a babysitter! Enjoy saving yourself cash on child care expenses, while simultaneous always there with and for your kids.
  • No working with people you don’t see eye to eye with. Finally, you can hand pink slips to your lousy bosses, coworkers, and customers!
  • There will be no more need for driving to and from work each and every day. No more spending a fortune on gas, and no more traffic jams.

{Honestly, these are merely a few of the incredible perks you’ll be able to get from IM. I really can’t suggest it strongly enough.

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