My “Chain of Leads” Challenge…

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Chain of Leads Challenge Day 7 – ANOTHER SALE?

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MyLeadGenSecret Clickbank Sales 1/12/2022
As you can see, things seem to be picking up. Another sale, and this one was a little bit bigger.

Of course, there are no guarantees that this trend will continue…

But yes there are. 🙂

There’s a big-ass guarantee as far as I’m concerned. I can’t imagine myself not taking this sucker to the top.

But time will tell.

It always does.

The bottom line is that I’m on fire. I’m focused. I’m energized. Not just for myself, but for you as well. Because if I can do this easy stuff and be successful, so can you!

Chain of Leads Will Become a Product!

Lee Murray - Chain of Leads

So challenge aside, I’m gonna turn Chain of Leads into something BIG.

Something that can change your life… and mine.

It’ll be much, much bigger than Passiveclass, yet similar in some ways. You’ll see. 🙂

But for now, I’m in the trenches, putting my strategies into practice (it goes beyond MLGS) and seeing what kinds of results I’m able to produce. I won’t teach you something that I, myself, am not doing.

For our purposes today, I’m simply chaining together six MLGS accounts (I won’t stop until I have at least 25; possibly even 100… but my profits must justify the expansion).

Chaining together?

Yep, I bought my first account in 2019, built it up to about 59k leads, and then let it go dormant for nearly two years. Last week, I brought it back to life. Why? I got inspired.

Initially, I wondered if it would work in conjunction with Legendary Marketer. I still do, actually. 🙂

But, while looking into it, I started coming across people who have been buying more MLGS accounts through their own affiliate links… or “chaining” them together… to create something powerful.

I’ve been noticing that these people just direct-promote affiliate offers on a daily basis. In fact, all they seem to do is just copy vendor email swipes and paste them into the MLGS mailer…

And they’re making sales!

One gentleman I found, after just 2-3 months of doing this with five accounts, is already making around $300 a week!

That may not sound like much, but the nature of this system is that it keeps growing itself. See, MLGS gives you 100 new leads to mail to each day, in addition to those you’ve already accumulated.

Make just one sale of MLGS itself, and your leads are bumped to 200 per day. That’s 6000 fresh, new leads per month. By the end of your 2nd month, you’re mailing to 12,000 leads. By the end of your 4th month, you’re mailing to 24,000 leads… and on and on it goes.

But with five accounts?

With five accounts, these numbers are multiplied by… errrrmmmm… five.

Imagine having 120,000 leads at the end of just four months! By the end of 2022, you could have nearly 360k leads! And you can mail to them each and every day, directly from within the MLGS platform.

“But How Good Are These Leads? And How Can I Make the Sales Required to Get 200 Leads per Day?”

Good questions. Let me start with the first one…

The leads suck. I mean, why do you think I let my account go dormant? The conversions are dreadful. Promoting Clickbank products, for example, it seems to take people about 1000 hops to make one sale. That’s the average I’ve seen. I mean, that is simply god-awful in terms of a conversion ratio.

Also, the clickthrough rate of the emails you send in the built-in mailer seems to average out at about 0.4%, or one click for every 250 leads you’ve got.

But wait… that can still be a BIG ASS number! 🙂

Let’s take 120k leads (five accounts each receiving 200 daily leads for 4 months). At a 0.4% click rate, you should get no fewer than 480 clicks. We’ll round it to 500, meaning that you’ll have 1000 hops every two days.

That’s at least one sale every two days. And sales can pay you $100 or more!

After eight months, you should be making one sale a day. And after a year… three sales every two days!

Still doesn’t seem like anything to write home about?

What if you have 10 accounts? 15 accounts? Or more?

With this system, conversions don’t matter nearly as much as volume. If you can get both, great. I’d argue that in most venues, you’re better off focusing on high conversions. But MLGS only costs $30 per month per account!

So in this case, I’ll play the volume game… no problem. I can totally afford to! For illustrative purposes, I’ll go ahead and compare MLGS to solo ads. But first, let me answer that second question of yours…

How Can You Boost Your Account from 100 to 200 Leads per Day?

One of two ways…

  1. Use your 1st account’s affiliate link to get a 2nd account!
  2. Promote MLGS to your MLGS leads!

Buying another account through your previous account’s affiliate link is that fastest way to at least bring your previous account’s daily lead total to 200. It’s a great way to go. But if you’re only able and/or willing to acquire one account…

Or if you have multiple accounts and you want your newest one to get a sale so that you can earn 200 daily leads (and double your income from that account)…

Then simply grab your affiliate link from your newest account, and promote it to ALL of your accounts via their respective mailers. Understand?

Listen, I and others have proven that MLGS is a viable traffic source. So why not use this viable traffic source to promote MLGS itself? Just one sale is all it takes to bump you from 100 daily leads to 200.

That’s like… twice as many or something.

MLGS vs. Solo Ads:

This battle, I’m coming to discover, is easily and handily won by MLGS.

It’s not even close.

If you were to spend the same $30 per month on solo ads that you do on MLGS, you’d end up with 30 email subscribers, if you were lucky. Earning 200 daily leads with MLGS, you’re pulling in 6000 leads. Sure, solo ads traffic is higher quality…

But is it 200 times better quality?

Absolutely not. I’ve made $70 over the past five days (today is the 5th day, and the day is still young) from a $30 per month investment. Not only are there still 25 days remaining to see how many more sales I can generate, but during those 25 days, my lead count will rise by 5000!

So each 5-day income tally should exceed the current one.

A $30 solo ad investment, I can tell you from experience, wouldn’t earn me a penny… ever.

“But Lee, Isn’t Your 1st MLGS Account 10 Months Old?”

Yeah, it sure is. So let’s compare apples to apples.

10 months of buying $30 in solo ads would cost me $300.

And $300 in solo ads ain’t shit, either! 😉

Ever heard a marketer bragging about his or her massive 275-subscriber email list? Neither have I.

I’m Gonna End This Here.

I’ve got lots to do today. And I’m sure I’ve rambled enough. There are many other reasons why I think that MLGS may be far superior to buying solo ads, but we’ll leave it here for now.

Maybe I’ll rant some more in my next post. 🙂

Anyway, you know what I recommend…

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And we’ll chat more soon.

All the best,


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