Clickbank Affiliate Marketing… Back to It!

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

It’s mostly all I can focus on these days.

I have been pretty much in love with Clickbank ever since my first year in online marketing.

I love their fun and intuitive platform, the fact that most products are fair game (you don’t have to go through an approval process for each product), the niche selection is bananas, the payouts are high, and you’re paid weekly.

I love these things.

The sad truth is, ever since I became a “hotshot” product creator back in 2013, I cut waaaay back on my Clickbank marketing efforts. Not that I was ever neck-deep into it. I dabbled with the best of ’em.

But I made okay money with Clickbank. And I could have absolutely cleaned house had I not had an aversion to scaling up. That’s another story.

I just want to fast forward to today.

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I have a new goal… and this one WILL be reached.

It’s not THAT new, I suppose… but it’s renewed.

And it’s more powerfully compelling than ever before.

The Goal? Earn $1500 Per Week With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing… PASSIVELY!

I’ll be using two methods to pull this off…

Profit vs. Profit and my generic review site.

Lee Murray Profit vs. ProfitProfit vs. Profit will have me focusing more on physical goods on the front end. For example, I’ll be comparing acne creams to other acne creams. But in my email funnel, I’ll promote acne-related digital goods from Clickbank.

I do believe that it’ll be my basic review site, however, that will lead me to the bulk of that $1500 per week passive income that I’m committed to building.

Please let it be known that this is NOT going to be my only source of income.

In fact, it won’t even be my only source of CLICKBANK income. I have a certain active process using “Down and Dirty List Building” and offline advertising. I’ll keep you posted on that as it develops. Unfortunately, this approach is able to become quickly saturated if I reveal my traffic methods… so I don’t think I’ll be teaching it.

Hey, some things need to stay under wraps. However, I’ll still share my results as a testament to the efficacy of the DDLB process.

But my passive process of running a review site and rockin’ the Profit vs. Profit method? That’s totally fair game, and I am committed to bringing you along on the journey!

I know I’ve said I was gonna do this before, but listen… winters where I live are just plain BRUTAL. They’re dark, cold (exaggeratedly cold) and snowy, debilitating, depressing… I was having a difficult time emotionally. I’ll just leave it at that.

Except to say, of course, that my productivity and focus these past few months have been all but non-existent.

It is what it is.

But I really want to follow through on this… not just for myself, but for YOU, as well.

So I’m gonna.

As such, my future blog posts will be highly focused on achieving this goal. I will document my progress using my Shiny Object Lemonade strategy. I will also share any videos I find useful or interesting using my Breakfast Embed approach.

These two strategies can absolutely be employed simultaneously, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Sometimes, the videos may not be relevant to my EXACT approach, but I’ll still watch them and share them as a means to keep myself focused on becoming a Clickbank super affiliate. Make sense? As long as that’s the overall premise of whatever content I’m immersing myself in, my actions should stay congruent with my goal.

Wordy as Webster, right? 😉

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All I’m tryin’ ta say here is that I’m gonna stay focused on Clickbank affiliate marketing, and watch other marketers’ videos, whether or not I actually employ any of their strategies. It’ll keep me focused on the world of Clickbank. I’ll probably pick up a few golden nuggets (I’ll tell you whenever I do) and, equally as important…

YOU will learn TONS!

Maybe YOU want to employ a different strategy. There are many to choose from. Like this one…

Clickbank Marketing

To show my dedication to this, I’m actually going to take two important actions right now…

1. I’m going to watch, share, and take notes on a Clickbank affiliate marketing related video that I find on YouTube. I will share both the video and my notes right here in this post.

2. I’m going to create my first (yes, my first… pathetic, but whatever) review post on my site… by rewriting a PLR review and inserting affiliate links and banners. I’ll eat this elephant one bite at a time, starting tonight.

Once finished with that review, I will let you know. Not sure if I’ll link you to it. I don’t think I want to send IM traffic over to a blog about mostly non-IM topics… I only want traffic that I think will convert.

But I’m sure you know what a product review looks like. 😉

Anyway, I think I’m ready to Breakfast Embed a video…

How to Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing (The Secret)

Dan Brock's Deadbeat Super Affiliate Reloaded

Click Here to Check Dan’s DBSA Now!

I dig me some Dan Brock.

The premise of this video is pretty basic. But as they say, repetition is the mother of skill. If you hear something enough times, even though you may know it already, you may just be moved to take action.

Perhaps you or another of my readers just had that experience with watching that video. If so, click the link above to learn from Dan. He’s a good teacher who gets my seal of approval.

Clickbank affiliate marketing is much easier with a list. That’s why I’ll be running my very own “Profit vs. Profit” strategy. And like Dan said in his video, the offer should be different from the freebie. Again, my freebie will be focused on physical products… the follow-up emails will focus heavily on Clickbank products.

Boom goes the dynamite.

Alright, so that’s that for that.

Now, I’ve gotta do me a review post on my review blog. Be right back. 😉

Okay, done.

Fast as hell, right?

I know, I’m good like that.

So I did a review on a health-related product. But I’ll tell you what, my next review will be on a money-related product, and I will link you to that one… because… well, fuck it. 🙂

Anyway, I’m gonna wrap this up so that I can go be a responsible father or something. But please do keep checking back. I’ll be sending emails to remind you of my progress, and to hopefully get you motivated to follow through on at least one of your own compelling goals.

This is happening, amigo. Clickbank affiliate marketing is my current path. I’m NOT going to diversify at the moment. I’ve already got my IM niche income lining my pockets with ACTIVE income. Now it’s time to rock the passive stuff. 🙂

Love you amigo. And I’m always wishing you sick shitloads of cash and happiness.

Talk soon,


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UPDATE: Next Post Now Available…

Click Here to See What Happens Next!

12 Comments on “Clickbank Affiliate Marketing… Back to It!”

  1. Hey, just curious………are you no longer doing your list synergy method? Does it still work? I looked at your pjdollars site and dont see anything new there.

    1. If you landed on this blog post from one of my emails, then that’s proof that I still do it… and that it still works. 😉

      Thanks for the question Bill!

  2. Just wanted you to know I found this post because it was listed in the #1 position, on the homepage of my iOS Google app!!

    How’s that for awesomely-great, highly targeted, traffic? Google knows, based on my “patterns”, which kinds of topics I’m interested in, and today after church, you were at the top of that list! That’s the best kind of organic marketing & traffic a man could ask for!! Hooray for effective content marketing, eh!?

    Matt Vaden

    1. Wow Matt!

      Thanks so much for sharing that with me, man. That’s extremely exciting news!

      I guess I’ll just keep doing whatever it is that I’m doing then. 😀

  3. Just a question Lee, those lovely little blocks of 4 images – are they hand coded HTML or did you find a plugin for them? Following along your journey with interest.

  4. Hi Lee: I am a shiny object specialist I am 68 years young I have purchase or acquired many system or programs but always large and long wind instructions or not enough instruction and I get pissed off and look for something else. I live in Thailand on a measly $1000.00 Canadian pension I am sick and tired of pissing around with all this shit. I just looking for something straight forward to make $100-250 a day. I’ve tried Click Bank, warrior+.jvzoo and a few others. I would appreciate any plausible suggestions. HAVEN’T MADE A MADE A PENNY YET 6YEARS+

    1. Hard to tell without more details regarding your experience. “Tried Clickbank, W+, JVZoo, etc.” tells me nothing. Those aren’t things you try, John. They’re affiliate platforms. It’d be akin to saying “I can’t seem to lose weight. I’ve tried food, water, bathroom scales, and a few other things.” 🙂

      Email me at and I’ll do what I can to put you on a more fruitful path.

      Thanks amigo!

  5. Lee – hell yeah man – love what you’ve done with your blog and how your tying in SOL, BE and PvP alllllll in one strategic, dominating website!! I’m keeping an eye on this space for sure brother

    1. Thanks Chris!

      The combination of those strategies is a deadly one… and certainly achievable with ease.

      It feels more “pure” to put your focus on one site, as opposed to many. I’ll keep you posted, man. Thanks again!

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