All the Content You’ll Ever Need! (You’re In LUCK)

Hey amigo!

Welcome back to the ol’ blog.

I’m about to start doing something for you that nobody else has ever done.

I’m about to announce my upcoming new product line, where I provide you with both DFY emails and all of the neverending, unique content you’ll ever need…

To get traffic into your funnel…

Onto your email list…

Reading your daily emails…

And earning you a friggin’ fortune!

Again, all emails provided to you by me. 🙂

But before we get into that, I’d like to announce a new 48-hour special that I know you’re going to love…

Lee’s 48-Hr Passiveclass Upgrades Special… Only $5 Each!

Lee Murray PassiveclassWhether you’re already an existing Passiveclass member or not…

(Click here to start for FREE)…

My Passiveclass upgrades can have a massive impact on your online results. I mean, big time!

What is Passiveclass?

For anyone who’s unfamiliar, Passiveclass is simply a DFY lead capture system and automated marketing hub.

It is also a 10-day video coaching system that teaches you how to build a wildly profitable and sustainable email marketing business that I will help you to build…

Get all the details here.

Again, Passiveclass is 100% FREE to join and participate in.

Also, as you follow along with the videos and send traffic into your Passiveclass funnel, I will do 10 consecutive days of marketing on your behalf.

But remember, what we’re really doing here is building your email list.

And among the four upgrades that I’ve discounted down to $5 for the next 48 hours are lots of DFY emails that you can load into your autoresponder straight away, for awesome commissions right out of the gate.

These emails are in addition to the 10 emails that I send out on your behalf, which will have you earning commissions on sales of the upgrades themselves. I hope this makes sense. 🙂

Upgrade #5 will have you earning 100% commissions on all upgrades, rather than the standard 50%.

(For only 5 bucks, this offer alone is absolutely nuts… it will literally double your income!)

Here Are Your Passiveclass Upgrades:

(Click on the blue link of each to open the sales page. Don’t worry, it will open in a new tab.)

Upgrade #1

A video squeeze page, thank-you page, and 7 follow-up emails.

Only $9.95! (Only $5 for the next 48 hours)

Upgrade #2

30 additional follow-up emails (promoting MOS, MonsterMode, ETN, etc.)

Only $19.95! (Only $5 for the next 48 hours)

Upgrade #4

IM Niche Domination PLUS! (Never-ending product reviews and more)

Only $47! (Only $5 for the next 48 hours)

Upgrade #5

Bump your Passiveclass funnel commissions from 50% to 100%

Only $47! (Only $5 for the next 48 hours)

These $5 offers expire Friday, November 12 at 8:30am Eastern (5:30am Pacific).

Also, if you previously picked these up at full price, just let me know. Maybe I can do something nice for you. 🙂

Okay, Let’s Talk About LUCK!

Lee's Ultimate Content Kits (LUCK)Lee’s Ultimate Content Kits, or LUCK, will go live late November or very early December, depending how everything goes with preparation. I’ll give you a specific launch date soon.

The cool thing about LUCK is that it’s my first TRUE product line. What I mean is that each launch will build upon the previous launch, and give you greater and greater chances of success.

Let me explain…

LUCK is a DFY content package consisting of 14 promotional emails (in the IM niche) and a spin-ready mini article. Now, when I say “spin-ready,” I’m not talking about something I ran through some junk software that spins synonyms and results in unreadable nonsense.

I painstakingly write the article, spin it 4-5 times at the sentence level, and then go through and start spinning words and phrases to create 100% unique content each and every time. Not only is the content unique, but it’s very, very, very good.

Each rendering of your unique mini article (anywhere from 250 to 500 words) will read like it was freshly written by a professional marketer who knows what he’s talking about… because it was. 🙂

But here’s the real magic…

These mini articles are designed to be used in a mix n’ match fashion, so that each LUCK installment I release will help you to craft much larger, more content-rich articles by combining mini articles.

This creates far more uniqueness (and rankability) for you over time, as you can combine these mini articles in any order you see fit.

For example…

One article could consist of mini articles from LUCK #1, LUCK #7, and LUCK #3… while another may consist of LUCK #9, LUCK #4, LUCK #11, and LUCK #6).

I hope this makes sense. 🙂

If it does, then you’re probably picking your jaw up off of the floor right now. Nobody’s ever created anything like this, and I am honored to be bringing it to you.

It represents your best chance of succeeding online, as you’ll have super easily rendered, crazy high-quality content working for you 24/7/365, building your email list around the clock.

And remember, with each new LUCK release, you’re getting 14 fresh emails to load into your autoresponder.

I will do my very best to launch one new LUCK installment every two weeks, giving you all the content you’ll ever need to change your entire life.

And remember, with LUCK on your side, you’ll be building your list with CONTENT MARKETING, which is leaps and bounds more valuable than any list you’ll ever build using paid traffic like solo ads, PPC, and the like.


I sure hope so, amigo!

How Much Will LUCK Cost?

Each installment will be just $12.95, with no obligation to pick up other installments. It’s not a membership, nor will it ever be. I only want you to place a new order with me if you’re THRILLED with your previous order, which I’m sure you will be. 🙂

Listen, nothing else can have an impact on your business like fresh, neverending emails and articles can. And with LUCK in your corner, you’ll be able to have both on the cheap. The more installments you pick up, the bigger and better your articles will be. And the more months’, and even years’ worth of automated emails you’ll have going out for you, 24/7/365.

And let’s not forget about strategy.

I’ve got the ultimate strategy lined up for you, which I’ll be sharing with all customers via my LUCK video tutorials. I’ll demonstrate how to render your articles, mix and match them, load up your emails, set up an affiliate link rotator, and promote only the BEST types of products.

Because let’s face it, if you promote a bunch of push-button garbage to your list, they’ll unsubscribe in a hurry. I’ll help you avoid this fate in a very big way! 🙂

Again, I’ll be announcing the launch date of LUCK #1 very soon.

Stick around. 🙂

LUCK Replaces Email Club!

I’m doing away with Email Club, which was my membership consisting of 14 monthly emails. I just didn’t like the fact that it was emails only. I created LUCK to help you get lots of traffic, too! 😉

I’m making this shift for three main reasons…

  1. As I just mentioned, it’s email content and traffic-generating content.
  2. I aim to launch every two weeks, which will give you far more emails.
  3. I don’t like managing memberships. I’d rather keep it a la carte.

But Fret Not, My Lifetime Email Club Members!

All lifetime members are grandfathered in. This means that you will receive each installment of LUCK I release, from now until the end of time. Thanks so much for your patronage!

I hope this clears up any confusion that some folks may have. 🙂

Okay, one more order of business…

Launching With Lee 6-Month Partnership (Formerly PCOS):

So the first 6 months of launches are already booked for this, with the exception of one final spot.

But I just wanted to plant a seed for most of you by explaining what this hot new partnership entails, and why it’s far superior to any other high-ticket offer I’ve ever taken public.

First, here’s what the opportunity entails…

  1. For each new LUCK launch, you’re locked in as a 10% partner*.
  2. This extends over a 6-month stretch! You’ll be a partner for 6 months (up to 12 launches).
  3. Once your partnership expires, all of your past contracts remain active, meaning…
  4. As long as folks keep buying previous LUCK installments, you KEEP earning indefinitely!
  5. You’ll have renewal priority of your partnership after 6 months, for the same fee as before.

*You earn 10% of all profits earned. This means net profits, after affiliate commissions are paid out. Affiliate payouts happen automatically and instantly by WarriorPlus. So everything you earn, you keep! Of course, any refunds will be deducted accordingly, but my content packages have an almost nonexistent refund rate. 🙂

I can only ever have 9 partners at a time. I currently have 8 for this upcoming run of launches. And just in case any of my existing partners are reading, they are…

  • Ken (booked for 12 months)
  • Momen
  • Naeem
  • Richard
  • Steve
  • Bill
  • Terry (got smaller package for 5%)
  • Brian

So there is room for one more. If you’re interested, please reply to the email that led you to this page. Or simply reach out to me at and we’ll get you squared away prior to LUCK #1 going live.

Remember, your 6 months don’t begin until LUCK #1 launches!

Also, LUCK #1 is taking longer to launch than anticipated, simply because it’s the very first launch of the series, and I’m creating all of the sales, promo, traininng, and affiliate materials from scratch.

Once we move on to new launches, all of that infrastructure will already be in place, so I can just focus on creating a spin-ready mini article and 14 emails. I can keep reusing the same basic sales page, funnel, and so on.

This will allow for a bi-weekly launch schedule.

I hope this makes sense. 🙂

Thanks for Reading!

As always, I appreciate you being here. Please leave a comment below if you feel so inclined. I’d love to hear from you! Also, don’t forget that our $5 Passiveclass upgrades special ends Friday, November 12 at 8:30am Eastern.

Thanks again and we’ll chat more soon.

Get excited!

– Lee

5 Comments on “All the Content You’ll Ever Need! (You’re In LUCK)”

  1. Hi Lee,

    Regarding LUCK,
    I have purchased etn and your email content kits on w+
    I am also a monthly member of the email club I was wondering where this
    new product leaves me.


    1. Hi Elmer!

      So all lifetime Email Club members are grandfathered into LUCK.

      Monthly members aren’t, but I may be willing to make an exception if you’ve been enrolled for several months. 🙂

      I’ll just “pretend” that you’re a lifetime member if that’s the case.

      Email me at and we’ll discuss this further.

      Thanks Elmer!

  2. email sent. I was wondering if there was an update on luck. Cannot access email club emails, thinking maybe due to the switch over.

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