Dirty 30 Broken Down… I Really Want You to Understand This!

Let’s get straight to the chewy center…

I want you to truly understand my “Dirty 30 Method.”

So rather than just try to explain it step-by-step, like I’ve done twice on this site now, I’d like to try assisting you in actually conceptualizing the entire process from A to Z.

In an effort to achieve this, I want to break the system into just two main categories. And each category has only two components. Let’s do that now…

Category 1 – Your Assets:

This category is broken into these two components…

  1. Your blog
  2. Your lead capture system

And here’s how it works…

1. Your Blog:

This is where you’ll send your email subscribers (which your other asset will provide you with). It will also give you the opportunity to pull in free search engine traffic… 24/7. It’s important to have a blog because it establishes authority, provides your audience with a great user experience that they’ll love you for…

And perhaps most importantly, it allows you to make money in countless different ways… from affiliate offers to advertising to CPA to PPL to biz opps to your own products and services to whatever the heck else you’ve got going on!

Here’s what you’ll want to do…

Step 1 – Create a Self-Hosted Site In WordPress.

If you don’t know how to do this, I want you to head over to www.MyOnlineStart.com and grab yourself a free account. Watch Chuck’s videos on “Authority Platform.” This will help you achieve this first step.

Step 2 – Dress Up and Monetize Your Site:

This means adding affiliate banners, links, CPA offers, and more. Eventually (once you’ve got 10 or more posts up), you can add Google Adsense ads, Media.net ads, Infolinks ads, and/or any other 3rd party ad solutions you choose.

One of my all-time favorite WordPress plugins allows you to monetize your site in dozens of ways, all under one roof. It lets you automatically place banner ads, image ads, text ads, Clickbank ads, exit popups, contextual links, page-peels, and much more. It’s crazy how much this thing does… for such a tiny price.

Watch the demo video here.

Step 3 – Create 30 Video Posts:

My process for doing this is simple. I find a niche-related video I like on YouTube, embed it at the top of my post, and then spend an hour or two writing about it. 🙂

NOTE: I use this WordPress plugin to make embedding videos a breeze. It even allows you to have the videos automatically transcribed right into your post, for instant written content! And for a limited time, I’m giving you MY ENTIRE “DIRTY 30 METHOD” COURSE AS A BONUS when you buy through my link right now.

I typically like to write articles of approximately 1500 words. You don’t have to make your posts this long, but try. In my article, I’ll generally restate what’s been said in the video, in my own words. Then, I inject my own thoughts, feelings, agreements, objections, and strategies into the mix.

I also spend a fair amount of time promoting something. You know, ‘cuz money and stuff. 😉

(Example) Here’s One of My New Video Posts>>

Do this a total of 30 times.

And really, that’s all there is to your first asset. Now, let’s focus on the other one…

2. Your Lead Capture System:

In short, we’re talking about list building.

You simply need…

  • Something to give away in exchange for an email address.
  • An email autoresponder through which to capture and follow-up with these leads.
  • A squeeze page through which to entice folks to opt into your list.
  • A great initial product offer to turn these new subscribers into instant cash.

Sound like a lot?

Meh, only if you’re a complete wuss who will never make it online anyway. But if you’re actually willing to invest a few hours into your future, then it’s not much at all.

Especially when you consider the following…

I very recently created a bonus for a product which I’m recommending. The product is called Profit-Tearz by Jason Fulton and Mark Barrett. It’s a good system that shows you how to make money without having to make sales.

Essentially, we’re talking about CPA (cost per action or cost per acquisition) and PPL (pay-per-lead) programs that you can add to your email follow-ups, as well as to your blog.

But what’s ALSO included in this product is a full-on funnel that you can promote as an affiliate… which includes a FREE front-end offer and then a 100% commission funnel on over $300 worth of upgrades!

This means that you have the potential to make 300 bucks each time someone opts into your list.

But what about your squeeze page?

That’s my bonus! 🙂

I’ve created three totally distinct squeeze pages and one bridge (aka “thank you”) page that I specifically designed to promote the FREE offer in Profit-Tearz. You simply load up my pages (I include a full video tutorial), connect them to the free offer via your WarriorPlus affiliate link…

Connect it all to your autoresponder (I walk you through the process. It’s both fast and easy.) and start sending traffic to your squeeze page (BUT ONLY AFTER YOU’VE COMPLETED YOUR 30 VIDEO POSTS AND EMAIL FOLLOW-UPS)!

Bottom line: Grab Profit-Tearz and my DFY lead capture system here>>

You’ll thank yourself.

And worry not, I won’t let you off the hook. Stay with me… and I’ll do everything I can to make sure that you actually USE this lead capture system and MAKE YOURSELF SOME EFFIN’ MONEY!


Alright, so that’s really all there is for your assets. Just to clarify, the first category of your Dirty 30 business is, in fact, your “assets” category. This includes your blog and lead capture system.

And it works like this…

  1. You’ll create a WordPress site. Watch the “Authority Platform” videos at MyOnlineStart.com.
  2. You’ll monetize your site with ads and offers. See WP Auto Commissions to simplify.
  3. You’ll create 30 video posts. Take a look at WP Profitent* to simplify this.
  4. You’ll load 30 emails (linking to your posts) in your autoresponder.
  5. You’ll build your lead capture system with instant profits in mind.
  6. (Optional) You’ll grab Profit-Tearz and my DFY lead capture system, for faster results.

*Grabbing WP Profitent through my link also gets you my full “Dirty 30 Method” video training.

So once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll have 30 well-monetized blog posts linked to from 30 corresponding emails. And you’ll have a system in place through which you’ll capture new subscribers so that they can begin receiving your 30 daily emails and visiting your blog posts each and every day…

And this system will get you paid right out of the gate! 😉

So that’s Category 1… your assets.

Now, let’s take a look at Category 2.

Category 2 – Your Timeline:

This category is broken into these two components…

  1. Stocking your shelves (building your blog and email follow-up series)
  2. Getting traffic (building your email list)

Basically, we’re talking about the setup process vs. what to do once the setup process has been completed. One cool thing about “The Dirty 30 Method” is that you can start getting free traffic right away, if you’re so inclined.

But listen closely…

Getting free traffic requires additional effort on your part. And it’s no small effort. We’re talking about writing articles for sites like Medium.com, doing forum marketing (Chuck teaches you this at MyOnlineStart.com), shooting high-quality videos and uploading them to YouTube, marketing on social media, and so on.

If this doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun to you, that’s okay!

Sending the free traffic is 100% optional.

You are more than welcome to simply create your 30 video posts, load up your 30 emails, and then start building your list using solo ads and other paid traffic methods. That’ll be WILDLY EFFECTIVE! And it’ll be faster overall.

But there are certainly benefits to sending free traffic along the way. Often, free traffic lasts… so you can expect the traffic to keep coming in for a long time to come. It’ll also potentially give you some instant gratification while you’re building things out.

But again, it’s optional. I personally won’t be bothering.

I much prefer to just knock these posts out and start sending fast, guaranteed traffic that I pay for. Anyway, when we create our posts, we do so with long-term Google rankings in mind. So eventually, we should be getting all the free, ongoing traffic we can handle anyway! 😉

Category 2 is simple. The timeline is straightforward…

1. Stocking Your Shelves:

Here, we create our video posts and email follow-up series. They can both be super easy, if you use certain tools and employ certain basic marketing principles.

The easiest way to do this is to…

  1. Use WP Profitent to seek out and embed a cool video in your niche.
  2. Use a keyword tool like Ubersuggest to find/use new keywords.
  3. Use WP Profitent’s transcription feature to add text transcription.
  4. Rewrite and format the text, adding your own commentary if/when you desire.
  5. Add relevant monetization and/or images to your post*.
  6. Each time you publish a post, add a new follow-up email to your autoresponder**.
  7. Repeat these steps 29 more times.

*To add relevant monetization to your post, watch the video you’ve embedded and see what its presenter is promoting. If it’s a tutorial on Udimi solo ads, for example, then go to Udimi and join their affiliate program. Promote Udimi under the video (you can even use this awesome tool to add it to the video).

If the presenter actually HAS a product of their own that they’re selling, then find out if that product has an affiliate program, become an affiliate, and again, promote your affiliate link on the page!

**Your email can be dirt simple. Your subject line can be the title of your blog post (avoid using words like “money,” “weight loss,” or anything with dollar signs. In other words, keywords that your common sense would tell you are likely to trigger spam filters… avoid.

The body of your email should be designed for one purpose… get them to your post. You can do this by simply telling them that “today’s exciting video is all about ______, something that we all could stand to do/be better at. (link). Enjoy the video, and we’ll talk more soon.”

Don’t copy that verbatim. But copy its essence.

Get it? Good!

To wrap up Component 1 of Category 2, once you’ve gotten your 30 posts published, go ahead and apply for Adsense and any other contextual ad services you fancy, if you haven’t already. Get those ads up and running upon approval.

So that’s it! Let’s move on to the final component…

2. Getting Traffic & Building Your List:

Do not over-complicate this.

You can use either free or paid traffic, but I recommend just getting straight to the point and buying traffic. It’s fast, and with the right initial offer in place, it can actually be FREE!

What do I mean?

Well, remember the funnel I recommended (the Profit-Tearz funnel and my lead capture system) above? That’s designed to earn you money right away… up to $300 per new subscriber! That can offset your advertising costs right away, and then your 30 daily emails can have you in pure profit every day thereafter.

That’s the goal.

And if that particular funnel doesn’t do the trick, you’re welcome to experiment with others… or create one of your own, if you happen to be a product vendor (or have some high-quality PLR). This is your business. Do what you want!

But if you don’t already have your own products, then give my recommended funnel a try. You may end up breaking even on your advertising costs… or perhaps even better! You may end up in profit before your first email even goes out!

You’ve gotta try. Try first, then adjust.

Do NOT speculate first, then give up.

Data always beats speculation. So err on the side of potential profitability. Go for it. If you try something and it doesn’t work, then you just got an extremely valuable education. But if you don’t try it because you assume it won’t work, you’ve gotten nothing.



Alright, So Back to Traffic…

I recommend solo ads, first and foremost.

“But Lee, I’ve heard mixed opinions about solo ads.”

Yeah? What have you heard?

That they don’t convert into sales?

First of all, some do. And second of all, who cares?

Remember, we’re sending our email traffic back to blog posts that are monetized in several different ways, including CPA, PPL, and 3rd-party ads like Media.net and Google Adsense. These don’t require your subscribers to ever pull out their credit cards at all.

But still, some will. And they’ll buy through your affiliate links.

When you’re sending your subscribers back to your blog posts on an ongoing basis, them “converting into sales” is irrelevant. Your job is to show them a good time. Share badass videos with great written content to accompany it.

And monetize the shit out of it!

Everyone wins, and this means that your solo ad traffic will treat you juuuuuuust fine.

Watch Ben’s Udimi Solo Ads video here>>

Here’s the Flow I Recommend…

  1. Send solo ads traffic to your squeeze page (provided by me).
  2. Redirect new subscribers to the Profit-Tearz funnel, via my bridge page.
  3. Recoup your ad costs with the 100% upsell commissions in the PT funnel.
  4. Add one of your video posts to the “Affiliate Bonus URL” box in WarriorPlus.*
  5. Your email follow-up series will then take over, sending subs to your blog daily!
  6. Repeat step 1 until you’ve got 30,000 subscribers (Dirty 30, remember? 😉 ).
  7. Create 30 new posts and emails, if desired.
  8. Repeat steps 1 and 7 until you choose to sell your business for millions!

You’ll notice, I’ve only asked you to repeat steps 1 and 7. That’s because the rest of the steps are already a given. You’ve already built the system that completes those steps for you. Boom! That’s Dirty 30.

*Follow the instructions inside of Profit-Tearz to grab your affiliate link for their special funnel. Once approved, click the “Link Details” button. That’s where you’ll find the “Affiliate Bonus URL” box.

Sound too difficult? If so, then please stop trying to make money online!


There is no easy way to make money online.


If there was, you would have already done it. You’d be disgustingly rich.

So would I.

I wouldn’t be sitting here writing a 3500-word blog post! 😛

Don’t Believe Me? Watch This New “Consumer Watchdog” Video by IPoop Cash ( 😀 )…

I friggin’ adore this breakdown, and take my hat off to this fine young gent.

Now, just for clarification, I don’t have a problem with Glynn Kosky. Nice enough fella. I’ve purchased, used, and proudly recommended some of his stuff (like TubeTraffic Machine, for example). But most of his products I don’t. And whenever I do promote something of his, I invariably have subscribers hitting me up to scold me for it.

Scold away, I say. I’ll still do whatever the hell I want. And I’ll never avoid promoting something good just because the vendor may have put out something bad in the past. I judge everything on a case by case basis, and refuse to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

I don’t dislike Glynn. I do, however, dislike his overall business model.

In fact, it makes me a bit queasy. At the same time (devil’s advocate that I am), I get it. It makes him money that allows him to provide for his family. Product launches do that very well. It can be hopelessly addictive.

From the perspective of his audience, however, it can likely come off as selfish.

But that’s not why I shared this video with you. Even I’ve made moves in my own online career that I’m less than proud of. You live, learn, and grow. My point is, you really just need to use common sense here…

If a piece of software could make you thousands of dollars a day on complete autopilot, then wouldn’t it also be able to make GLYNN thousands of dollars a day on complete autopilot? And if so, THEN WHY THE FUCK IS HE WORKING SO HARD TO SELL IT?

These push-button software vendors make their money SELLING these things… not using them.

If you want to succeed online, then you need to work your hot, syrupy, best-with-a-cup-of-hot-but-not-too-hot-coffee buns off. Success is reserved for the few who do, and not for impotent dreamers. But over time, if you do things right, it becomes VERY easy. All you have to do is nothing. 😉

But for now, hustle baby!


Here Are the Steps I Want You to Take Right Now…

  1. Decide what niche you wanna be in. I recommend IM/MMO to start. It’s the easiest.
  2. Go to MyOnlineStart.com and watch Chuck’s “Authority Platform” videos. Set up a site!
  3. Invest in the following, if you can…
  4. Follow along with the Dirty 30 course.
  5. Follow along with my Dirty 30 case study on this site.*

*You’ll see an item on my sidebar (it’s also included in a pop-up that you’ve probably seen) that has social share options. One of the options is email. Click that button to subscribe to this blog. Every time I post a new Dirty 30 case study article and/or video, you’ll be notified via email. Be sure to confirm in your inbox.

Also, I just want to point out that yes, I do promote badass software. I’m an affiliate marketer. It’s what I do, and I very seriously appreciate you purchasing these tools through my affiliate links.

Just know that I don’t promote them just to make money. I USE THEM to make money (or at least I integrate them into my own money-making system)… and then promote them because I legitimately love them. Yep, I expect to be paid for my recommendations, as should you. But the fact remains…

You’ll never see me recommending a magic button for you to push.

We just talked about that. 😉

Software products are to be thought of as useful, exciting tools, and not be-all & end-all solutions.

And With That, Our Quarantined Asses Conclude. 😀

Please know that I’m looking out for you, want you to succeed, and hope that you’re able to effectively drown out the noise and only do what matters… which is working like a freak on a single project for a good, long while. That project, in my opinion, needs to be Dirty 30.

I look forward to reading your comments below.

Thanks as always for joining me today.

To your health and happiness,


4 Comments on “Dirty 30 Broken Down… I Really Want You to Understand This!”

  1. Hello Lee,
    Fantastic your idea, but I wanted to check two things

    1 – the link to “Affiliate Videos Pro” is not working
    2 – you talk about creating 30 posts, but here is the question, only 30 or later will I create more? And when I reach 30,000 subscribers what do I do?

    1. Hey Christian!

      Nice heads up on the link. I appreciate that. It’s fixed now. 😉

      30 is your minimum goal. If you get your 30, 30, and 30k… then you’re more than welcome to go for ANOTHER 30, 30, and 30k!

      It’s just that 30 is a significant number. Many successful bloggers say that their content really begins ranking once their blog hits the 30-post mark (give or take; just a general rule of thumb). 30 emails obviously represents a full month of ongoing, passive traffic back to said blog. And 30k subscribers just because. Dirty 30 and all. 🙂

      I hope this helps, Christian.

  2. Hey Lee!
    Love what your doing here… Definitely leading by example.
    Looking forward to your next blog post. 😉

    1. Hey Steve! Thanks for the feedback. I’ll continue leading by example on this one.

      It’s the best business model I know. It’s not easy… but nothing worth anything is. 🙂

      I appreciate it, my friend.

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