Dirty 30 Case Study #1 – My NEW Lead Capture System… Watch the Video Below!

Alright, today marks the very first day of my post-course case study.

Today, I’m simply setting up my new lead capture system, which I’m ridiculously excited about. First, I’ll explain it. Then, I’ll share a video where I demonstrate it. The video is below.

My squeeze page and bridge (aka “thank you”) page are the ones that I created and gave away as a bonus to those who took me up on my most recent product promotion for Profit-Tearz. THANKS SO MUCH to those of you who took advantage, by the way. 🙂

You Can See My Review Video Here>>

The money-making part of my lead capture system (in other words, the free gift I’m offering in exchange for an email address) is the funnel we were given inside of said product… the one for which my DFY pages were a bonus.

Confused? I know the word “funnel” gets thrown around a lot here. Basically, the funnel they give us access to inside of Profit-Tearz comes with a FREE front end product, followed by many mid-ticket upsells, for which we earn 100% commissions.

This is what my (and hopefully your) new subscribers will be immediately presented with upon opting in.

Here’s a screen shot of this funnel…

But I digress.

The nature of this new lead capture and money-making system is as follows…

My NEW Lead Capture System, In Practice:

  1. I send traffic (via my D30 method) to the squeeze page.
  2. The visitor opts in and lands on my bridge page (for tracking purposes).
  3. He or she is immediately presented with the free offer (see image above).
  4. He or she grabs that free offer and is presented with a series of upsells.
  5. I earn 100% commissions on any and all sales generated throughout that funnel!
  6. I reinvest these earnings into more and more traffic.
  7. All new subscribers receive my daily email follow-ups, leading them to individual blog posts.
  8. I also promote the CPA and PPL offers revealed in Profit-Tearz… on my blog and in my emails.
  9. I repeat these steps until I’ve got $16 million in the bank! 😉

And that’s it!

That’s all there is to it.

By the way, this is essentially my Dirty 30 method in a nutshell. It’s what this ongoing case study is all about. You’ll get to watch me go through each of the steps above until I’ve got 30 video posts promoted by 30 follow-up emails to my 30,000 new subscribers!

And if you know what’s good for ya, you’ll be doing the same thing right alongside me. 😉

Remember My Profit-Tearz Bonus?

I gave away 3 squeeze page variations, a bridge page, and full training on how to integrate them with Profit-Tearz. In the video I’m sharing with you below, I’ll actually be integrating my own pages with the system. You’re welcome to follow along. 🙂

I’ll be using just one of the three squeeze pages for now.

Eventually, I’ll have all three in a rotator via ClickMagick, so that I can split test them against each other, and tweak the pages accordingly. I’ll also be providing my bonus recipients with all of the latest versions.

Again, big thanks to those of you who took action. Y’all are gangsta as hell. 😉

But I’m done typing.

Super ready to set myself up for massive success with this.

Video incoming…

Dirty 30 Case Study #1 – My Brand NEW Lead Capture System Setup:

Get Profit-Tearz and My Landing Pages Here>>

Get WP Profitent and My Dirty 30 Course Here>>

*In case you’re unaware, WP Profitent is the WordPress plugin I’m currently using and recommending to create your Dirty 30 video posts with a couple clicks of the button. It even adds the video transcript to your post! You can simply format your post and get on with your life. 🙂

Like I’ve said before, I don’t personally use the transcription part of the tool, as I love to write and inject my own thoughts, strategies, and opinions into my posts. But not everybody’s a friggin’ lunatic like me. And if you’re not, the video transcription functionality of WP Profitent is a life-saver!

And That’s It for Today!

Thanks so much for joining me.

In our next case study installment, I’ll be letting you watch over my shoulder as I create my third video post. I’ll be 1/10th of the way done… WOO HOO! 😀

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed.

Leave your comments below, sign up for automatic updates, share on social… all that shit!

You’re my favorite.

– Lee

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