Dirty 30 Case Study #2 – Monetizing My Videos Themselves… This Is RAD!

So today, I remembered an awesome plugin I had purchased a while back that will work FLAWLESSLY with my Dirty 30 Method! Remember, we’re creating 30 video posts and sending our ever-growing list of email subscribers to these posts.

I showed you how to monetize the post.


What about monetizing the VIDEO itself?

Watch Today’s Video…

Yep, I’m actually using it on this very video! Cool, right? Click the button above. 🙂

Grab Affiliate Video Pro Here>>

Grab WP Profitent and Dirty 30 Here>>

I’m still working on that particular video post, and will share it with you upon completion.

In our next case study video, I’ll actually build out an entire video post and corresponding email promo from start to finish… right before your very eyes!

In the meantime, take a look at Affiliate Video Pro and/or WP Profitent to see if you’d like to incorporate these into your own Dirty 30 biz. I think you’ll be well-served to do so. But it’s not required!

Please understand that.

I’m not just here to pitch worthless products. If I use a tool that I love, I tell you about it. Yes, I earn affiliate commissions for doing so. That’s part of my business model. It helps me feed my kid and what-not. 😉

But I don’t just promote for the sake of promotion. I only want your money if I honestly, at my core, believe it to be money extremely well-invested.

Having the ability to both monetize your videos and prevent traffic leakage… all for just 10 or 20 bucks… is CLEARLY a huge benefit. I’m excited about it for my own business, and you should be for yours, as well.

One Final Point…

In the video above, I told you not to rush this thing.

I meant it.

If each video post takes you 3 hours to complete (that’s a LOT of time to invest, and your post will absolutely kick ass with this level of investment), then all 30 will take you 90 hours.

There’s also about 10-20 hours of setup involved… and that’s if you do everything right. Legal pages, plugins, analytics, graphics, monetization, learning curve… everything!

Let’s be ridiculously conservative and say that this whole thing takes you 120 hours to set up flawlessly.

That’s 3 weeks’ worth of work at a full-time job, right?

If you were making a very respectable $20 an hour at said job, then this time investment would earn you $2400. That’s 120 hours x $20 per hour. $2400. And once you were paid and your $2400 was spent, those 120 hours would be worthless to you moving forward.

Gone. Both your time and money. Gone.

But what if you had invested those 120 hours into your Dirty 30 business instead? What if you had created 30 stellar blog posts on a well-monetized site with well-monetized videos and 30 follow-up emails loaded into your autoresponder to promote these 30 posts?

And what if, a few months from now, these 30 posts were giving you 30,000 monthly page views, thanks to ranking for our easy-to-rank-for keywords? And what if your email list had been built up to 30,000 subscribers?

I don’t want to shock you here.

And it’s not my wish to be overly hyperbolic.

But dude…

30,000 Monthly Organic Page Views and an Email List With 30,000 Subscribers Can Make You RICH!

We’re talking a minimum of $20,000 per month. Especially if you’re monetized in all sorts of tasty ways, which my system teaches you exactly how to do.

Just chew on that…

You could spend that 120 hours earning $2400 (and that’s if your job pays you 20 bucks an hour)… or you could spend that same 120 hours creating a passive $20,000 per month empire.

And no, that $20k isn’t exaggerated. Honestly, it’s probably aiming a bit too low.

Soon enough, I’ll have the real data to show you.

I’m working on building this type of income for myself. But with smart, daily email marketing alone, those 30,000 subscribers should be worth about a buck apiece, or $30,000 per month. (Smart, daily email marketing is baked right into the Dirty 30 Method!)

And that’s not including the totally separate 30,000 monthly page views coming in from Google and other search engines! So who knows? I really don’t wanna speculate.

Rather, I just want to illustrate for you that taking your time and building your 30 video posts like you actually give a damn should pay dividends.

I hope you’ll join me in proving this.

Anyway, I’ll let you go take a look at Affiliate Video Pro and WP Profitent (With My “Dirty 30” Bonus) now.

I hope you get as much value from them as I do.

I’m sure you will.

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