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Dear Friend,

Hi, this is Lee Murray.

I'm glad to have you with me today because, quite possibly for the first time in your life, you're being presented with something that has the power to take your online fortunes to a whole new level, even if you've never made a dime online before.

And sure, that sounds like something that "everyone" says when they're trying to pitch a product. I get it.

But today, I'm not pitching a product... I'm pitching a type of full-on "business in a box" that you've never seen. And I know you've never seen it, because nobody's ever done it!

They haven't offered it. They don't have the skill to produce it!

Mouth watering yet? :)

It should be!

But before we get too deep into this, let me first introduce myself properly...

Again, my name is Lee, and I've been earning my living exclusively on the Internet since 2013. (Been making money online since 2008.)

I have a handsome 13-year-old son who I couldn't love more if you paid me to, and he's who I do this all for. Well, I do it for me, too.

But I thought it'd sound cooler if I acted totally selfless. Cat's outta the bag meow. Oh, that reminds me, we have three cats. :)

My favorite person, Cado.

Our newest baby, Winter.

So I am 5 things, if nothing else...

1. A good daddy.
2. A good musician.
3. A good writer.
4. A good marketer.
5. A good coach.

I listed these in no particular order.

But since you probably don't need me to be your daddy (ladies, it's if I'm mistaken), and you probably don't give two drumsticks about my musical abilities...

I'll just assume that those last three items are all that really concern you.

And Just How Do They Concern You?


  • Me being a good writer concerns you because it's my written content that you're going to be using to build your business!
  • Me being a good marketer concerns you because this written content is designed to elicit favorable responses in your audience. I'm also giving you a fantastic sales funnel that I created to further maximize response. In other words, it should make you lots of money!
  • Me being a good coach concerns you because, even with my content and funnel, you're only as good as the strategy you follow... as well as your ability to both clearly understand the strategy and foster both the empowerment and motivation to implement it.

To put this another way, I'm giving you beautifully-written diet and fitness content (with a DFY lead capture funnel) that sells like food itself... and then showing you what to do with this content and funnel to make the most money possible... without breaking a sweat!

Let's take a look at the 3 componenents of this unheard-of offer individually. You'll soon see what makes this package so special... and so incredibly powerful.

We'll work in reverse, starting with the training and concluding with the content. That's really just because I like to save the best for last. I'll simply show you a video demo of each component.

Let's go...

Component #1 - WLND Training:

Component #2 - Lead Capture Funnel:

Component #3 - WLND Content:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What Is Your "Weight Loss Spin-Ready Article?"

A: This is, essentially, a 700-word resource box that goes right under the videos you embed on your site. It's designed to engage your audience and make them like you.

But more importantly, it encourages them to visit your squeeze page, buy products through your affiliate links, and share your stuff on social media. I even include "placeholders" over which you can paste in your affiliate urls, banner urls, and autoresponder sign-up form code...

Not to mention the fact that I've also included HTML, so all you need to do is click the "Text" tab in your Wordpress posting area, paste in the article, and watch as a perfectly-formatted, beautiful piece of content emerges on your site.

I've handled it all for you!

It also helps you rank better in the search engines (not our primary focus, but free, passive, organic traffic doesn't suck, so why not?)... and it gives your Adsense ads a place to live. :)

Because it's spin-ready, you can use it limitless times on your blog. You can have a million video posts, each one using the same piece of content (though each rendering is completely unique in the eyes of Google).

And because it was written and spun by me personally (and not some lame-ass bot), each unique rendering reads like a masterpiece... a masterpiece that was written by a 6-figure marketer who knows how to influence people to take action! This puts money in your pocket, plain and simple.

Q: What Do Your 21 Emails Promote?

A: Weight loss products in the Clickbank and Market Health affiliate networks. Mostly diet programs; some supplements.

It's important to note that these emails aren't 100% promotional in nature. They teach powerful lessons and get your audience to "watch videos" on certain topics.

These videos, of course, just so happen to be sales videos on the sales pages of the products you promote.

But since these videos do tend to teach and inspire, they're still perfectly okay to share on their own merits. The sales you make will be incidental. Oops! :)

By the way, at the top of each email, you're told for which product to grab your affiliate link. Again, the majority of these products can be found in the Clickbank marketplace.

Q: So Aside From Making Video Posts, What Else Does the Course Teach?

A: Lots of stuff, kimosabe! It teaches email marketing. Even though you'll be using my DFY emails, there's still more you can do to keep people coming back to your blog, clicking on your ads, clicking on your affiliate links, opting into new funnels, and buying stuff. I show it all to ya!

I also teach traffic generation, both free and paid. Very smart, very easy stuff.

I show you super stealthy ways to monetize your blog, as well as how to create NEW opportunities by creating additional funnels, contests, viral campaigns, and much more!

That said, it's not just a hodgepodge of information. It's extremely well-organized, and extremely easy to both grasp and implement. You're gonna LOVE this stuff!

What About Bonuses?

Oh, absolutely!

Let's see, we've got...

Bonus #1 - Breakfast Embed:

This is the one that started it all!

It's the cornerstone of my entire affiliate business philosophy. Share great content from other great people in your niche.

Add in your own two cents. 



And it works unbelievably well... and fast!

With the original "Breakfast Embed" in your corner, you simply cannot lose. 

Make no mistake, BE2 kicks it up a few notches, but the original covers a pretty refreshing strategy in its own right.

The best part?

You can use it in conjunction with BE2 to get even better results, create higher-quality user engagement, and actually (gasp) LEARN A LOT in your niche! 


Bonus #2 - Breakfast Embed 2

Put my award-winning traffic system to work for you!

"Breakfast Embed 2" is among my all-time best-selling internet marketing products.

This is thanks mainly to the fact that it works so well, and it's so much different from anything else out there.

With this massive video course in your corner, you'll be able to build a business wherein your passive traffic not only never runs out... but it actually GROWS ITSELF!

Bonus #3 - Your Master Article

This is essentially "fluff" content that helps your "Weight Loss Domination" posts rank more highly in the search engines.

But don't let that confuse you.

The content is still pretty powerful for relationship building, and it does come with a few really strong, built-in calls to action.

Much like the Weight Loss Domination Spin-Ready article, this will help you to build and expand your business like crazy.

It will also break up some of the monotany of using the same content repeatedly.

Now you can alternate between the two articles and enjoy even greater uniqueness! It's a match made in Heaven. :)

It's a No-Brainer, Right?

Of course it is!

But I cannot stress this enough...


Something this effective simply can't. Eventually, everyone will have this and then toes will get stepped on. As of right now, however, the market is absolutely WIDE OPEN!

If you're early to the party, you can cash in BIG!

If you're late to the party... there will be no party, because I'm gonna make sure that myself and a select group of early action-takers (which you can become one of right now) will always be able to profit from this mighty system and ground-breaking DFY package.

The time is now, not later.

There is no later.

Get in and change your life right now...

©2022 Lee Murray