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Profit vs. Profit

This is a 1-of-a-kind system that absolutely complements "Weight Loss Niche Domination." While WLND focuses on building vid posts, PVP will show you how to create another kind of post.

Two types of posts on the same blog, maximizing your traffic, user enjoyment, and commissions!

You'll be targeting buyer keywords that nobody else is targeting, raking in EASY commissions at will. This will also get people on your blog... and onto your email list. Can't beat that, my friend!


It gets much, much better...

PVP Spin-Ready Content

You didn't think I was just gonna leave you hanging with a course now, did ya? You should know me better than that by now! :)

I've also created the spin-ready article for you to rock. Use it as your blog post first and foremost. Then, spin it again and make a video out of it. Then, spin it again and voila! Video description.

This content, combined with the PVP method, is enough to change your life. Combined with everything you've gotten in the WLND package, it's lights out. But you know what?

It gets even better still...

Top 5 Diets Lead Magnet

Can you think of a better lead magnet than one that compares products?

Go ahead, I'll wait.

Listen, it's fine and dandy to create a lead magnet with an affiliate link or two inside of it, hoping to maybe earn a sale or two every now and then.

But it's something entirely different when the whole dang point of your lead magnet is to promote affiliate offers! Think about it.

"Top 5 Diet Programs REVEALED" compares 5 top-selling, highly regarded Clickbank products in the weight loss diet niche.

You think that anyone interested in signing up for this type of lead magnet might buy? Think that once they're on your list, they'll buy even more?

Top 5 Supplements Lead Magnet

Hey, if we're gonna create product-focused lead magnets, let's go all the way and include supplements!

The cross-promotional opportunities for you explode when you have this type of lead magnet in your corner. That's just a fact.

This is a list of the top 5 diet supplements on, as well as the best-seller on Market Health (our #1 rated product because the commissions are nice and juicy).

You get the PDF, the ODT, the product image, the squeeze page, the thank-you page, the download page, and the offers page. Same as with your other (Top 5 Diets) lead magnet.

Are you starting to feel like it's your b-day yet? ;)

Heck, we're just getting warmed up...

"Lose X Pounds In X Time" Spin-Ready Article

This will be your 4th piece of spin-ready content!

And this one is special because you can target an almost infinite number of keywords with which to pull a ridiculous amount of traffic onto your blog.

You can choose one keyword ("lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks," for example), and instantly create 10-20 articles all centered around that one keyword.

Submit these to web 2.0 sites. Be a guest blogger. Submit them to directories... and of course, to your own blog.

Use them as video scripts and video descriptions.

Then, move to the next keyword!

When I say "niche domination," I'm not foolin'. And when I say "the next level," I'm equally serious.

But it gets... even... better...

21 NEW Weight Loss Emails

That's right! This gives you a total of 42 emails that you can load into your email autoresponder today and have months and months worth of content...

Making you sales...

All day and night...

Even while you sleep!

Like the first set of 21, these were all hand-written by me personally. Simply plug in your affiliate links and name. And boom... these will make you sales!

You can change your life with these.

But you know what?

I'm still not done...

As a Limited Special Bonus...

50 Niche Research Packs

This currently sells as an upsell to "Profit Vs. Profit" for $47 all on its own!

But today, since you're a very special new "Weight Loss Niche Domination" and "Foodhustle" customer, I'm going to include this in your upgrade package today as a FREE bonus!

50 product types. Several products featured within each type. URL's for you to go and grab your affiliate links. This is a massive product rolodex!

There are weight loss product types featured in this exciting package deal. But it goes well-beyond weight loss. You can use PVP with ANY niche, and I'm giving you 50 niches to choose from!

Get It All Now... HURRY!

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