If You Focus On Only ONE Thing, Focus On THIS!

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Well howdy, my good-lookin’, neutral-smelling friend!

How’s stuff?

Making money yet? (I bet your friends and family ask you that shit all the time. I know mine did back in the day. 😉 )

So I thought I’d do a no-pitch blog post today. I wanna seriously help some mofos out. Clarity is power, and I’m gonna give you a mega-dose of clarity.

By the way, speaking of “no-pitch,” please understand that due to the circumstances of my life (I was bed-ridden, sick out of my mind for 6 weeks and couldn’t work… AND my car broke down at the same time, so I had to buy a new one)… I’ve been broke AF lately, and have needed to put my marketing hat on extra snugly in an effort to catch up.

Trust me, I haven’t been a greedy bastard, I’ve been a needy one. Not sure if that’s any better, but it is what it is. Sometimes we’ve gotta do what we’ve gotta do, no matter how unpleasant.

I’m still standing on shaky legs, both literally and figuratively… but we’re powering through. As Rocky Balboa once said, “It’s not how hard you can hit that makes you a man, but how hard you can GET HIT… and keep getting back up.” I almost got knocked dafuk out. I thought I might die (internal bleeding), and I kinda wanted to.

But here I am, getting back up. And yeah, I’ve been promoting the shit out of some affiliate products. It’s been absolutely necessary, as keeping a roof over my and my son’s head is of paramount importance.

So I’ve been stuck in a catch 22 for the past couple of weeks. My promotions haven’t been doing well because I’m doing too many of them. But because they’re not doing well, I’m forced to do more of them!

And I’ll totally do that. Whatever it takes to feed my son. If a promotion used to earn 500 bucks, and now it only earns 50… I will do TEN OF THEM back to back to back.

If folks unsubscribe, they unsubscribe.

I can’t control everything. 🙂

The lesson? Do not LIVE AND DIE by a single asset. Diversify. Create multiple streams of income for yourself. That way, if one falters, you have the others to pull you through. I’ve had to learn this lesson the hard way. I hope you take heed now.

Of course, as I mentioned in my previous blog post, getting rich will solve this problem… which is why I have developed the perfect business model for myself. Before we get into the main topic of this blog post, I’d like to elaborate just a little bit on what the model entails. And guess what else…

I’m Gonna Go Ahead and Reveal My Niche!

Also, I wanted to make you aware that, in my efforts to catch up financially, I am in the process of creating a ridiculous package deal called the “List Synergy Trifecta,” which includes “List Synergy,” “Breakfast Embed,” the “Breakfast Embed” videos, “Shiny Object Lemonade,” and the “Shiny Object Lemonade” videos (well over a $200 value) for only $9.95.

This will be a limited time offer, which I’ll be releasing on Monday, May 15. It will run through the 22nd. So you definitely wanna keep that in mind.

But I digress…

I’ve been teaching and coaching IM for years now. And I’m burnt out on it. Not finished, mind you (my training is the bees knees… and practicing what I preach is how I earn my living. I may be down a bit now, but I have the tools and strategies to pull myself right back up… quickly). So not finished by a long shot, but yeah… a bit burnt out.


Because so few people take IM training (mine or anyone else’s) and make money with it.


Because they’re not marketers!

Seriously, marketing is a skill. It’s a passion. It’s not a lottery ticket. I’m a good marketer because I have a passion for marketing. My dad was an amazing salesman (he sold Nissan in Las Vegas at a massive dealership, and was almost always the salesman of the month… by a lot). I was so proud of him, and excited by his world.

I used to intentionally seek out infomercials on television. Literally, I would go to the TV Guide Channel and look for “Paid Programming.” I’d find two infomercials I wanted to watch and then I’d use the “previous channel” button on the remote to alternate between the two.

In the 8th grade, we had “career day” at school. The teacher went around the room asking each of us what we wanted to do for a living. One portion of the board read “Lee: Heavy Metal Drumming and/or Advertising.”

I LOVE marketing. This shit is FUN for me. And I don’t just do it for the money.

I love to persuade. I love to excite. I love to entertain. And I love to help.

Moreover, I’m a pretty gifted writer, which helps BIG TIME.

What I’m trying to convey to you here is that I have some pretty major advantages when it comes to making money online with marketing. These are advantages that most people DON’T have when it comes to making money online with marketing.

And it is for this reason that my great big product in my brand new niche will be titled simply…


I’m just calling it “WITHOUT MARKETING!” for short.

It won’t just be an e-book, although the book (already under construction) will likely go beyond 100 pages. There will be many videos, cheat sheets, checklists, DFY stuff… it’s gonna be MASSIVE!

My niche will be all about legitimate home-based job opportunities. Things where you can trade time for dollars just like in the offline world… but you can do it lying butt-naked in bed.

Again, I like to help. 🙂

Speaking of which, I promised you some free, “no-pitch” training, and that’s what I’m gonna deliver to you right meow…

If You Focus On Only One Thing, Focus On THIS!

Hey, just because I’m burnt out on coaching IM, and just because my business happens to be in a valley right now (not the first time, and likely not the last), doesn’t mean that my 6-figure earning ass doesn’t have some good stuff to impart upon you, kimosabe! 😉

So today, I really want to talk about focus.

It’s hard as hell to know what to focus on with IM, isn’t it? Should you focus on list building, product creation, traffic generation, e-commerce, Amazon affiliate marketing, YouTube videos, CPA, blogging, social marketing…?

Where should you be spending the BULK of your time?

While the answer that immediately comes to mind is “wherever your skill set lies,” I would rather give you a concrete answer. And even if your skill set doesn’t lie with blogging, you should improve your skill set until it does.

That’s my answer… blogging.


Because blogging takes care of pretty much everything else. You can use your blog to:

  • Earn affiliate and CPA commissions.
  • Earn Adsense revenues.
  • Earn additional ad revenues.
  • Embed YouTube videos for maximum engagement.
  • Get social shares and likes.
  • Build your email list.
  • Build your relationship with your list.
  • Suck in free, organic search traffic.
  • Become a true influencer in your niche.

What’s cool about a blog is that you can use it for ANYTHING!

You can sell your own products (just grab a page builder plugin like InstaBuilder), do product reviews (especially launch jacking… very, very powerful), implement my “Breakfast Embed,” “Shiny Object Lemonade,” and “List Synergy” strategies, etc.

By the way, those three strategies can absolutely be implemented simultaneously… all on one single blog! That’s why I’m packaging them together and selling them this Monday. Why I’m doing it for only $9.95 is between me and my psychiatrist. But I promised no-pitch. So I’ll try to keep my marketing hat hung on the wall.

Hey, I like to sell. It’s what I do… like, professionally and stuff. 😉

How Focusing On Blogging Can Set You FREE…

The truth is, your blog becomes an asset that keeps on producing results for you.

If I could go back in time and redo this blog, I probably would have created more posts (and here comes a very soft pitch) the way that Paul and Mark teach in 60 Minute Paydays. Most of my posts have no keyword focus whatsoever. And those that do really only seem to focus on one main keyword.

That’s the old-school way of doing things.

But from now on, a good deal of my posts will be “power posts” that stand an excellent chance of getting discovered in the search engines for ALL KINDS of long-tail keyword combinations.

This alone will solve the problem of me relying SO HEAVILY on my buyers lists to keep myself and Cado fed. That will eliminate the panic that tends to set in when I send out a great email that lands on 6000 blind pairs of eyes.

Again, it’s just a lull in my operation… but if I had begun my blogging career with just a bit more of a “search engine focus” in mind, things would be smoother. And that’s what I want for you. I want things to be smooth for you, my friend. I really, really do.

So blog daily.

If you have a niche that you’re super passionate about, blog about it. Use the 60 Minute Paydays formula to create “power posts” that give you a chance of ranking for TONS of various keywords. The more you blog, the more money you’ll make. And if you’re smart, you’ll eventually start capturing email addresses and sending out helpful emails.

This will accelerate your results, but you certainly don’t need a lead capture system in place to get started. Just blog. And when you write, don’t write for the search engines. Write for real life human beings.

That’s what I try to do.

But I understand that when times get tough, it can swing folks into desperation mode and they can start using their online assets as ATM’s. This works for a while, but it’s not sustainable long term. Your BEST BET is to never get into desperation mode in the first place.

My car breakdown, horrific peptic ulcer, equally horrific gout attack, and unrelenting bills brought me to desperation mode. But had I been blogging more effectively from the get-go, my traffic never would have stopped. My list building never would have stopped. My sales never would have stopped.

My income would have kept rolling in all throughout my illness.

I could have taken my foot off the gas in terms of blasting out promotions to my list, which would have kept my conversions nice and sky-high whenever I did choose to promote.


One thing I’d like to clear up at this point is that, even though I do recommend the 60 Minute Paydays course, I literally only earn $1.26 per sale. It only costs 2 bucks. I’m certainly not recommending it in an effort to line my own pockets here. It’s a genuine recommendation based on good, common sense.

If you wanna check it out and don’t want to use my affiliate link, be my guest. 🙂

But if you’re gonna blog, I recommend that you do it that way.

And I really, really think that you should be blogging! So there ya go.

Listen, I’m gonna be fine. I’m Lee fucking Murray. I power through.

And you’re gonna be fine, whether you follow my advice or not. Self-preservation is a mighty force. And as long as you’ve got the will to fight, you will absolutely be a smash success! I know you will.

Please never give up on yourself.

It’s easy for me to stand on top of my soap box when I have a $20,000 month online. It’s much more difficult when I’ve made $150 in a week. But the truth is, I’m stronger now than I’ve ever been. My words are MORE REAL and MORE RELEVANT than they’ve ever been.

I will dig myself out of this mess. Remember, I’m the dude who built a 6-figure business while living in a homeless shelter and working from the public library.

An unresponsive list ain’t nothin’ I can’t handle. 😉

Know how I’m gonna handle it? I’m gonna…

  • Work my ass off.
  • Regain the trust, love, and respect of my list.
  • Write more helpful blog posts.
  • Start recording and sharing free videos.
  • Launch more cutting-edge products.
  • Do some damn launch jacking!
  • Run my new business model to maximum effect.

The Only Way to Fail Is to Quit!

This is my mantra. Maybe moreso now than ever. I’ve gotta dig deep as hell.

Maybe you do too.

I may not know you personally, but because you’re reading a blog post about Internet marketing, I’m going to assume that you’re a kindred spirit who is committed to living life on your own terms. Kudos. I love you for that.

Regardless of where you’re at in your journey of self-sufficiency, the absolute best piece of advice I can offer you is twofold…

  1. Become more impassioned than you’ve ever been. Become emotional. Get drunk, if you have to. Light a fire under your own ass. Demand more from yourself than anyone else would ever expect. Focus on your purpose, and do it from a deeply emotional place.
  2. Blog about that shit! 😉

Have a magnificent day, my friend.

– Lee

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12 Comments on “If You Focus On Only ONE Thing, Focus On THIS!”

  1. Friggin’ heck, Lee!
    Of course you ARE powering through.

    As long as you’ve got the will to fight, first stage, and then the wisdom to develop your own strategy to prevent plausible “catch 22” scenarios,
    you will absolutely win over it.

    Please, spare any effort regarding me, and keep your energies focused on your focused plans; no need to regain trust, admiration, and respect if you
    didn’t loose it before, isn’t?

    Back 2 Grind Mode

    1. Haha! Great comment man! Thanks so much for that.

      Preventing plausible “catch 22” scenarios. I like that. Refines the objective in my mind. I appreciate that.

      Back to grind mode, indeed.

      Thanks again, man.

      Go get ’em!

    1. Thanks Marian! I really hope that it helps those who need it to consider employing a bit of foresight. 🙂

  2. Hey Lee sorry to hear you have been so unwell Ulcers are the most unwelcome of ailments. I love your stuff and your down to earth approach. I need to do more blogging as my posting is very random and like you say it is the best way to get some passive income in your pocket. I did purchase 60 minute and must go through it again. One of those products where I said I will get back to it and never did. Your products are great as they are easy to implement but like you say focus is essential to get that momentum happening.
    Keep up the awesome posts and stay well. I am sure you will have no problem keeping the family fed.

  3. Hey brother, this was a really good read thank you. Great advice, truly. Focus, and focus on blogging is a really powerful strategy. I’ve known this and have it in my head, it’s just I lose focus way too often.

    Enough of that, let me plan my next blog post. 🙂

    1. If you lose focus, blog about it! 😉

      Blog about everything. You never know what search terms you’ll end up ranking for.

      I can pretty much guarantee that no blogger who has done even a half-assed job of monetizing his or her blog, and who has blogged passionately (no outsourcing) to the point of having 500 posts or more… is making enough money (even if only incidentally) to at least pay his or her rent each month. 🙂

      Thanks Angelo. You’re on the right track. Let’s just strive for more output. Really, that’s the name of the game in this business. More output. You got this, dude!

  4. Great post Lee. It’s a good lesson because from the outside looking in, people think the entreprenuer lifestyle is all roses. But for most, there are thorns thrown in from time to time that must be overcome…and you’ll do that well.

    1. At the end of the day, we’re all just people. Just because some of us have relatively well-known names or whatever doesn’t mean that we’re not subjected to the same rules of reality as everyone else. I don’t struggle because I lack income. I struggle because, by and large, I lack discipline.

      Then, when there’s a dip in income, shit hits the fan.

      Had I been smarter with my money… or had I focused more intently on passive income sources (rather than big hits), this blog post wouldn’t exist. But everything happens for a reason. And maybe this blog post was simply meant to exist. As a test to myself and an example to others.

      Thanks for your comment, Tony.

      P.S. I think if the income is high enough, you can afford to be irresponsible… as long as you’re doing so at a moderate level. In other words, you can have a GREAT life spending 100k a year if you’re making a million a year. But if you’re only making 100k a year, then you’re broke.

      I fall into the former category. My goal is to fall into the latter.

      And I absolutely will. 🙂

      I hope you will, too, amigo!

  5. Hi Lee,

    Enjoy the post your right focus is one key word is a must for anyone starting their business I see too many people focusing too many things instead of asking for help.

    They don’t realize they could outsource some of their projects.

    So Lee until next time all the best.

  6. Hi Lee,
    I know exactly where you are coming from as I have been in the hospital twice in the past
    2 weeks. (Broken femur in my left leg,and then a heart attack.) I hate the fact that I have not had more focus on my blog and I get distracted by the f**king shiny object syndrome. I am going to take the advice you have given in this post and run with it. Thank you for the great advice and I hope to meet you someday as I have followed you and purchased products that you have promoted for almost 7 years now. My time is coming 🙂

  7. Lee:

    Reading about your troubles in this post is almost like reading about myself. I have an 8 year old daughter and I am a single Dad with bills to pay. Got 30 years of marketing experience, but I can’t seem to get anything working like I did in the past. The skepticism in this niche is so thick, it’s almost impossible to cut through it. Not sure if blogging is the answer – it’s one of those things that worked great 10 years ago, but is much less effective today. I sent you a few emails and I have some ideas on how we can help each other make money. I need what you have (persuasion ability) and I have some things you may need. Take a look at my email and get back to me. And… Happy Father’s Day to you!


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