FREE Twitter Traffic Video and More!

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Hey, welcome back to my amazing-ass blog! 😉

I’m so glad you’re here. Today, I’m gonna keep things short and sweet by sharing some (mostly) FREE information pertaining to getting lots of no-cost Twitter traffic. I do have one paid resource to share with you, simply because it is TOO GOOD for me NOT to share!

I’ll link to this resource below your free video, so be sure to check it out.

The first FREE resource I’d like to share with you is Marian Krajcovic’s 1000 Visitors a Day guide. Simply click that link and grab your copy while it’s still available. Do it now. It will open in a new tab, so you won’t lose your place here.

Alright, welcome back!

Are you ready for your free Twitter traffic video? I thought you might be. 🙂

It’s only four minutes long, but what is being shared with you is extremely powerful. I will leave some notes underneath the video to help clarify and reinforce the training for you.

Alright, let us commence…

How to Get More FREE Twitter Traffic:


Click Here and Watch the DEMO Video!

This link takes you to the paid Twitter traffic resource I told you about above. This is Autosoci, a software that basically runs your entire Twitter traffic for you on autopilot. You won’t believe what this thing can do for you. Don’t just watch the sales video… scroll down the page to watch the actual demo.

You’ll be SHOCKED!

Twitter Traffic Video Notes:

Twitter is one of the 100 largest sites in the world. That’s HUGE!

There are two ways that you can get more Twitter traffic FAST.

  1. Tweet your ass off! This is especially powerful if you have TONS of followers. Hundreds of thousands (or more) followers will bring you loads of traffic if you tweet regularly. 10 tweets a day is fantastic.

    Share your blog content! Set it up so that you can automatically send out tweets to posts using… this will allow you to cycle through your content over and over… all automatically. As you add new content, load up another tweet to send peeps to it.
  2. If you don’t have a ton of Twitter followers, write a killer 2000+ word blog post that helps and entertains people. It should be actionable. Then go to and type in keywords related to the article that you just wrote. BuzzSumo will sort out all of the similar articles and will list data for these articles, including the authors.

    Then, you simply click on “view shares” and find the people who shared these articles. Contact these sharers and ask them to share YOUR content. 20-30% of people will likely reply favorably.

    See his script in the video and just do something similar.

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Good stuff, right?

Again, to automate your Twitter traffic, shares, retweets, follows… everything, really, click here to view the paid resource (an amazing software program) I recommend. Do NOT just watch the sales video. Scroll down to watch the demo video too. You’ll be floored at what this thing does, guaranteed!

Alright, so back to the FREE stuff…


1000 visitors a day MarianSo I already shared this great FREE report with you.

I just wanted to remind you to go and pick it up, if you haven’t already.

It’ll help you get some good traffic to your squeeze page, website, videos, and anywhere else you want it.

This guide covers one free traffic source (bet you can’t guess what it is)… and one paid traffic source.

As for the second free traffic report you have an opportunity to pick up…

FREE Traffic Fastlane John CampbellFREE Traffic Fastlane is about… well, what the heck do you THINK it’s about? 😉


Sorry, that was rude. In “FREE Traffic Fastlane,” John shares with you five WHITE HOT free traffic sources that will get you the kinds of results that you currently only dream of.

It’s a short read (only 7 pages) that reveals an awful lot about what you can be doing to get more highly receptive eyeballs in front of your offers FAST. Click Here to grab FTFL now.

And with that, I’ll leave you with one final FREE video.

We’ll just do something fun and offbeat. Nothing IM related. How about something that warms your soul. With all the negative media and such an attraction to awfulness that most of us tend to demonstrate… how about we watch one of my favorite videos of people just plain being good to each other.

Maybe you’ve seen this before. Maybe not. It’s not at all new. But it’s still pretty damn great.

Here ya go…

I really hope you enjoyed that. 🙂

Talk soon,


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One Comment on “FREE Twitter Traffic Video and More!”

  1. Thanks for providing these videos and content man! Love your concept with freebie Friday Very useful and positive bro, thank you!

    I’m not so tech savvy as you know lol. I shared your business model on my fb page but just had to copy and paste the link to that post, after I liked it

    It’s great to see you posting lots of stuff on your site and is inspiring me to do the same! I have lots of ideas but sometimes let the formatting and look of it get me down, but I think I’ll continue on and add more than just my review videos – add real content and helpful stuff that I’ve figured out and problems that I ran into and how I solved it so other people can do the same.

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