How to Make Money With Clickbank? I Just Made Some! Check This Out…

Before we begin, please check out my previous post, Clickbank Affiliate Marketing, if you haven’t already. Thanks!

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How to Make Money With Clickbank…

How to Make Money With Clickbank

When it comes to making money with Clickbank, it’s the little victories. And I just had a few of those. In this “How to Make Money With Clickbank” guide, I’ll show you how I did it.

Let’s be honest…

A $26 commission is pretty exciting. For many of us, that likely represents our very first money made online. In fact, that’s EXACTLY how much my very first affiliate commission back in 2008 was for. Pretty sweet.

I remember the feeling well.

But it fades, amigo.

And the more success you’re able to enjoy online, the more success you crave. Honestly, $26 commissions are still kinda nice, but whenever I make one these days… I simply focus on when my next one’s a’comin’.

Here are my Clickbank affiliate marketing results from my previous blog post…

Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate MarketingMind you, these commissions did not come in from my review site. I’ve only been able to rock a grand total of ONE post on that sombitch thus far.

I’ve been having pretty horrific health issues (peptic ulcer) all week… I’ve done zero work.

Couldn’t focus.

This is my first break from the agony, so just know that those results did not come from my proposed source.

They won’t necessarily be passive in nature, though that last post of mine (on THIS site) is getting some pretty good organic search traffic, so never say never…

But the point is, the way that I made that money on Clickbank was through a combination of blogging and email marketing… not just one or the other.

And I did it on this, obviously an IM niche, site.

Do with that what you will.

But the bottom line is that I made money. Where it did or didn’t come from doesn’t make it any less spendable, kimosabe. So I call it a victory.

And if you want to earn Clickbank affiliate commissions the way that I just did, then I’m certainly happy to highlight my process…

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How to Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing:

In order to replicate (or surpass) my results, you’ll need a few key things…

  1. A self-hosted blog
  2. An autoresponder service
  3. An active Clickbank account (duh)
  4. An ever-growing email list
  5. Time, patience, and consistent effort

“Well, Lee… It’s Been Fun, But I’m Effing OUTTA Here!”

Cool. Peace out, girl scout.

Those of you who aren’t willing to work to earn your living are basically just lottery-players. You’re hoping for that magic button that will lead you to the riches with little to no intervention on your part.


People who feel this way don’t belong in my industry, where those of us who do enjoy our success have sacrificed so much (I lost my family… and apparently developed an ulcer) to make this happen. Y’all push-button pushin’ mofos can bounce, and never come back.

If you’re still reading this, then I’m gonna assume that you’re someone who’s willing to roll up your sleeves and create YOUR OWN magic button.

make money clickbank affiliate

So it’s really simple. It’s not EASY, mind you. But it’s simple.

All you’ve gotta do is practice the fundamentals repeatedly.

Heck, there’s a part of me that doesn’t even wanna do my review site… and that just wants to make not just my PRIMARY focus… but my SOLE focus.



And that’s because I very, very strongly believe in the power of practicing the fundamentals on a daily basis… and kinda putting all your eggs in one basket until each of those eggs spits out $100 bills over and over again.

Damn, that metaphor broke down fast! 🙂

But I digress…

If you really want this… if you really want to make money with Clickbank (or any other affiliate platform, for that matter) on a full-time basis, then here is my advice…

Create a niche blog and marry that bitch.

If you want to make life REALLY easy, then make MMO (make money online) your niche.

Build your list with either small product launches on WarriorPlus or JVZoo… OR via bonus spot offers on the download pages of other vendors’ offers… or via a lead magnet on a squeeze page… OR all of the above.

As you’re doing this, create rad new blog posts (like this one) and monetize the motherhuggin’ piss out of ’em. I’ll share some monetization tips with you shortly.

But first, I thought I’d share a “How to Make Money With Clickbank” video with you, just because we’re cool like that, baby 🙂 …

So I’ve got no skin in the game where this particular method is concerned… but it seems pretty cool, so I thought I’d share. Seems like a pretty honest approach, really. You simply find popular YouTube channels in the niche of the product you’re promoting, and ask them to drop your affiliate link in their description.

It’s not rocket gynecology.

What I think is pretty special about this concept is that, if you’re ambitious AF, you can really cover a vast multitude of products and niches. This can be scaled like freakin’ mad, it would seem. And if you REALLY think like a boss, you can outsource all of the communications to a trusted individual or team.

Seems solid to me. I may just have to give it a try.

When I do, however, I’ll do things just a liiiiitle bit differently. Pay attention…

  1. I’ll register a new domain and setup WordPress. The domain will be something super generic (not niche-focused) like or some other made-up nonsense. 🙂
  2. I’ll install the “redirection” and/or “Pretty Link Lite” plugin.
  3. Making sure that my new site’s “Permalinks” structure is set to %postname%, I’ll create a new redirect (cloaked link) for each affiliate product. So for the “3 Week Diet” example, my link would be It will obviously redirect straight through to the affiliate offer.
  4. I’ll follow his traffic strategy.
  5. When one product really starts making good sales, I’ll create a squeeze page (Down and Dirty List Building style) and change my redirect link to lead ’em to my squeeze page. This way, I won’t have to contact these YouTubers to change any links.
  6. I’ll build out a sweet-ass funnel and capitalize passively… and long term.
  7. I’ll continue this process with other niches/products that are performing well.

Will I Really Make Money With Clickbank In This Way?

I dunno. Like I said, I’ve been very, very, very effing sick. In bed… horrible pain… horrible mood… zero concentration on anything other than the pain. It’s been the worst three weeks of my life.

But I’m on my third day of a juice fast. And I’m beginning to feel optimistic. The pain is subsiding radically, and I may just have to regroup and see where I’m at in terms of a business plan.

As I’m sure you know, one of the toughest things about marketing is not that nothing works… but rather, that too many things work! It can be very tough to see one thing through amid the excitement of the others, and so on.

I’ve got a few ideas. I need to formulate a more rock-solid plan.

Which I’ll most certainly do.

And I will reach my $1500 per week passive Clickbank affiliate income goal. I just will.

You’ll see, amigo.

You just will. 🙂

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Please do leave me a comment below. Do you want to learn more about how to make money with Clickbank affiliate marketing? Are you already successful and wanna share a few tips with me and/or my readers? Please chime in!

Thanks and talk soon,


P.S. I know I promised to share monetization tips with you. Let’s do that in the next post. I’ve got some very yummy goodies lined up for you, including a more detailed view of how I intend to use THIS site to pull in even more great Clickbank commissions. Thanks!

11 Comments on “How to Make Money With Clickbank? I Just Made Some! Check This Out…”

  1. Reading this has been very enjoyable and hits home for me in a number of ways.
    I’m a complete newbie ONLY in one respect i.e. “actually making money”. I have
    made “a career” of finding out just how many idiotic mistakes one person can make
    on the internet and frankly I’ve been VERY good at that career :-).

    Anyway enjoyed your post and the timing of reading it today is synchronistic. I am
    sorry for your condition – I have cancer among other things and certainly relate to
    your pain and feel for you. I’m just going to pass this info on to you because it has
    been life changing info for me (there is no money to be made here – no affiliate no
    nothing) I’m just sharing.

    Anyway – thanks again will be watching your future posts.


    1. Clarke,

      Thanks for your kind words, as well as for the resource. I am sorry to hear of your ills, as well. Speedy recovery to us both. 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I’ll be sure to keep them coming. I can tell you that if you want to make money sooner than later, list building is the fastest and most surefire way to get there. With a quality email list, you can do so very much. It’s traffic on demand, and you can send that traffic to wherever you please… affiliate offers, blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook pages… the world’s your oyster!

      Thanks again, Clarke.

  2. Glad you’re starting to feel better.
    Do you think that there could be a way to make money from Click bank the way you’re intending to but outside of the MMO niche?
    I prefer the health and/or fitness niches.
    Also do you still think money can be made from
    Looking forward to your thoughts on these.
    Regards Polly.

    1. Thanks Polly! I can feel this juice fast starting to change my outlook dramatically.

      I think that it is possible to become a successful blogger, list builder, and product reviewer in ANY niche. It’s easier in MMO because there are more direct traffic avenues, especially product launches, bonus spots, solo ads, and joint ventures.

      That said, these things are also available in health and fitness, just to a much lesser extent. Your list building traffic is more likely to come from YouTube videos, PPC advertising, offline advertising, SEO, and others.

      But at the end of the day, if you have an email list chock full of interested people… and you send them to well-monetized blog posts and targeted product reviews, I think the end result should be the same, regardless of niche.

      Money can definitely still be made from Market Health!

      Thanks for your questions, Polly.

  3. Lee…first and foremost man – I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering through such horrible pain, that’s awful bro! I hope you are on the path to wellness…

    I’ve been following along, eagerly awaiting your posts – and I can’t wait for more!

    I’ve actually been building my list according to your outline man – and it works!
    – launches on w+ and jvZ
    -contact creators for a bonus spot
    -created a case study bonus that I offer as a lead magnet

    I have about 60 subs added to my list – prob 15 or so each launch with a bonus spot.

    After reading your post I’m thinking that maybe I should be going after smaller launches to have greater success…?

    Plus I’m going back over your email slick 2 and ddlb2 this weekend to get more ideas as to what I should be doing as far providing content and establishing credibility. I’ve got this small list but haven’t done much with it so I’m using this weekend to load up my GetResponse.

    I most DEF wanna learn more about making money with clickbank – I’ve wanted to get into the dating niche as well as health niche and figure clickbank would have a lot of opportunities for me.

    Thanks for the awesome content and providing that video as an example man! Hoping you feel like yourself soon my friend

    1. Thanks for the well-wishes Chris!

      I appreciate you taking the time.

      Just keep hustling, dude! You’re on the right track. Don’t be one of those guys who does the right thing for a little while, comes thiiiis close to making a real push to the other side, and then gets disheartened by his lack of SERIOUS results and moves onto the next thing.

      60 subs can become 6000. Load your autoresponder up slowly. Don’t try to teach. Be authentic. Just behave like a fellow freedom-seeker would behave. Point your people in the direction of cool new things you’ve found… via your affiliate links.

      That’s all you’ve really gotta do from the email marketing perspective. If you feel like you do, in fact, want to teach (because you’ve got stuff that you really WANT to say… and this should never be forced), then do it on your blog. And lead your email subscribers to your latest blog posts. 🙂

      In other words, don’t be too focused on establishing credibility. Be more focused on being yourself, and being honest.

      A good example is of this is Kam Jennings (Kam Fatz).

      Good dude with total transparency.

      By all means, go over Email Slick 2 and Down and Dirty List Building 2. I didn’t write ’em for my health (and if I did, it obviously hasn’t worked!). I just want you to understand that you’ve already got what it takes inside of you, as Disney as that may sound.

      But you really do. Your personality, honesty, struggles, uncertainty, skepticism, self-doubt… these can all be virtues in this business. It’s called being relatable. Besides, the most powerful “trick” you can really use to establish credibility and authority with your list… is really the most honest thing of all. And that is simply to make mention of your subscribers. Like this…

      “Yesterday, one of my subscribers asked me _________.” or, even in a more playful sense, “Out of all of my subscribers, you’re my favorite because you’re the easiest on the eyes.” Stuff like that. You’re not bragging about how many subscribers you have (that would actually seem weak). Instead, you’re just speaking in a natural, presuppositional way.

      Dude, am I writing a book right meow? 😉

      Thanks again, Chris. Keep at it mister!

      1. Thanks for taking your time to reply to me Bro – seriously that was the most authentic, solid advice i’ve ever gotten! I meant to reply to ya that day…

        I am totally following with what you wrote and have noticed a change in my frame of mind – getting more confident and not letting my inexperience hold me back. It’s tough at times and I procrastinate some nights, but overall I have shifted from just consuming tons of info and a little progress – into taking tons of action. I’ve been coming up with ideas for a product and content for my list. I created the product and am working on the sales letter…it’s just crazy how a switch flips and it’s just on =)

        Thanks again Lee, you rawk!! \w/

  4. Lee, I’m not sure whether I feel more sorry for your ill health or the juice cure you’re suffering.
    I always enjoy your quirky posts and you’re actually the only marketer whose emails I look forward to.
    I’ve noticed you’re using native ads on your blog. I’d love to use these too but where do you get your images from? I’d hate to have Mr Gerry chasing me.
    Anyway, keep up the good work and the juicing, Tonto.
    Best wishes

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