I’m Back After Sheer Madness… And Now I’m About to GO CRAZY!

Ah, it’s nice to be back.

I missed you. 🙂

Many of y’all already know what happened. But for those of you who are unaware, let me enlighten you a bit…

My son, Cadence, was crushed by a 100-foot tree last month. It shattered his pelvis, mangled his legs, and severed his urethra.

You Can See the Wreckage Here>>

That’s the GoFundMe page that my dad was kind enough to set up for us. My dad, by the way, lives in Utah, and was unable to come visit us in the hospital because the hospital was on lockdown due to Covid-19.

Hell of a time to have a near life-ending injury.

And the incident really could have gone that way. A slightly different trajectory on the falling of that tree, and we could be having a very different conversation right now.

He was sitting in a rocking chair when the tree crashed through the roof and landed on his lap. He was rocking backward at that precise moment. Had he been rocking forward, who knows?

He was simultaneously the unluckiest and luckiest kid in town.

Still fucks me up to think about it.


We were in the hospital for a month and a half. I lived there with him… eating hospital food everyday (which ironically is some of the unhealthiest shit ever… I gained 10 pounds) and sleeping on a cot.

Cado was released with a catheter and a wheelchair. Slightly after release, his catheter clogged up and couldn’t be flushed. We live 2 hours away from the hospital, so I drove for 2 hours with him essentially screaming in pain, begging me for relief.

It was one of the single worst moments of my life.

Okay, fast forward to now…

He has a new, bagless catheter which is treating him well. He’s gotten a lot of mobility back. He’ll be able to bear weight on his legs very soon, and will start integrating a walker into his personal transport system.

Me personally? I’ve gone on a VERY strict version of keto (basically carnivore) and have gone from 250 pounds to 235 very quickly. So things are on the up.

I feel like I can breathe again for the first time since the accident.

And maybe… just maybe I can start marketing again.

About That…

Before the accident, momentum was very hard to come by. I was dramatically under-performing. And it was killing me inside. I finally grabbed myself by the junk and whipped my own ass into shape, going on a 10-12 hour per day work spree that was finally starting to turn my mood from despair to optimism.

I was working on the final piece of “Enter the Niche – Volume 2,” which was my DFY 21-day follow-up email series. That’s when the Sherriff rang my doorbell informing me that my son had been in a major accident.


I’d love to tell you what was going down before that happened. I had had a ton of drama forced upon me that really caused me to be in that slump in the first place. I’ll tell you that it was related to child custody, substance abuse, and a very serious legal incident…

None of which I was directly involved in. I’ve been 100% sober this entire year. 🙂

It had everything to do with the other parent and her new beau. But I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

Anyway, my life has been pretty damned brutal as a result. I was trying to turn everything around when it LITERALLY all came crashing down, through the roof of said beau’s 5th wheel trailer.

Okay, enough bitching.

There are just so many pieces to this puzzle, and I feel like I’m doing my own peace of mind a grave disservice by leaving too much out.

Getting Back On Track…

While I was in the hospital, I mentally constructed the ultimate make money online system in my mind. It was a lot like writing a song in the shower. 😉

And I’ve had enough success online to know that it will be highly effective.

I mean, it’s nothing NEW, in terms of the actual strategies and components. It’s just put together in a way that has a logical beginning, middle, and end. It all comes down to a number… thirty.

I’m Calling It “The Dirty 30” Method.

Here’s the gist…

  1. You embed other people’s videos on your blog (Breakfast Embed style).
  2. You change up the keywords using a special tool.
  3. You do simple on-page SEO.
  4. After each posting, you send FREE traffic to the post (optional).
  5. You load a corresponding email into your autoresponder.
  6. You repeat these steps 30 times.
  7. You use paid traffic to grow your email list to 30k subscribers.
  8. You do another set of 30 (30 posts, 30 emails, 30k subs), if desired.

I’ve actually set the home page of this site to go over these steps in a little more detail.

I’ve also created a 15-video training program that you can invest in, if you’d like to. I’ve not yet created a sales page or sales video. This is the course I gave away as a bonus to those of you who bought WP ProfiTent through my link last month.

Now I’m charging a mere $9.95. Complete money-back guarantee (30 days) if you don’t dig it. And I’m simply accepting payments (for now) at https://PayPal.me/leemurray/9.95

Just email me at lee@leemurray.com letting me know that you grabbed it, and I’ll shoot over the access link right away.

You Don’t Need It Though.

I highly recommend it, as it’s several hours of my actually putting my site together, sourcing content, monetizing everything, building out my menu, and all that jazz…

But if you just want to follow along with what I’m doing AFTER creating the course, I still have my own “Dirty 30” system to set up, and I’m documenting myself doing it right here on the site.

And yes, I do realize that before the accident, I said I was going in a different direction.

But hey, shit happens.

And it did.

And I really like this new plan a WHOLE LOT BETTER.

Why the Dirty 30 Method Kicks Ass…

The best traffic you can possibly get online is organic search traffic. That is, traffic that comes in 24/7, even while you sleep, and that was actually LOOKING FOR YOU. At least, they were actively searching for your content.

And the best thing you can do with this white hot traffic is to put them on your email list so that you can keep sending them back to your blog.

And a blog is the best place to send your email subscribers to because you can monetize it eight ways from Sunday (whatever TF that means) and free yourself from the need to make sales (you can monetize with Adsense, other 3rd party ad platforms, CPA, PPL, toolbar downloads, etc.) all under one roof.

A blog is ALSO the best place to send your email subscribers to because it actually provides massive value to your list. They can watch enlightening videos, read your content, visit previous posts, and just fall in love with you, your content, and your brand.

A blog is ALSO the best place to send your email subscribers to because it will tell Google that your site is popular, that people like it, and that they should probably favor your content in their search results.

A blog is ALSO the best place to send your email subscribers to because you can end up pulling in more and more viral traffic as people link to your content from other sites, share your stuff on social media, and even get you ongoing “word of mouth” traffic from friends, family, and colleagues…

Whoa, I actually spelled that word correctly first try! 😉

But I digress…

Dirty 30 Gets You That Eventual SEO Traffic… But It Also Makes You Money NOW!

With each post, you’re loading a corresponding email into your autoresponder’s follow-up series. Then, you’re building your list using solo ads, PPC, YouTube Ads, and/or any other paid traffic of your choosing…

Using good list building strategies (always aiming to immediately break even on your ad spend).

As you’re manually building your list, your new subscribers will first be presented with an offer designed to offset your advertising costs, and possibly even put a few extra bucks in your pocket straight out of the gate.

Then, of course, they’ll begin receiving your daily emails, which will take them back to your site under the promise of sharing a cool new “video of the day” with them.

Of course, once they’re on your site, they’ll be presented with ads, affiliate offers, and any number of other monetization options you’ve set forth.

I teach you all of this in the video course.

Again, just send $9.95 to https://PayPal.me/leemurray/9.95 if you’re interested. Then hit me up at lee@leemurray.com and I’ll send you the link to the course.

I’m not officially selling this to the public yet because I have to give launch priority to “Enter the Niche.” I just don’t have the time to set up a sales page at the moment.

I’m SO Excited About This Method!

I love it because it combines the best of all worlds. Guaranteed “right now” traffic and revenue, as you’re using paid traffic (guaranteed) to build your email list. But it also has the potential to eventually earn you a CRAZY-ASS income once the SEO starts to kick in a few months down the road.

Also, multiple streams of income, including sources which don’t even require sales to be made in order for you to get paid.

But the MOST exciting thing, once again, is that number. Thirty.


I designed this system to provide you with some much-needed light at the end of the tunnel. When we don’t know how many times we need to complete an action, it can seem too big and daunting.

As in, neverending.

30 is a special number. It’s the number of days in a month (30 daily emails equals a month of follow-ups). It’s what many SEO experts agree is the sweet spot for number of posts needed to make Google start to view you as an authority in your niche.

And 30,000 subscribers will very likely earn you five-figures per month, especially when you’re following along with the Dirty 30 Method. 🙂

Anyway, I Hope You’re Staying Safe… And Thanks for Reading!

I do apologize for my absence. I would especially like to ask the forgiveness of my Enter the Niche launch partners who may have really needed the money that the launch would have produced for them. It’s still going to, by the way. Just give me a day or two to set a launch date.

This coronovirus shit has clearly turned our world upside-down.

In terms of health, it has proven absolutely devastating. In terms of peace of mind and financial well-being, it has be truly brutal. Listen, I’ve felt it too. I’m broke as a joke right now.

But I won’t be for long.

I have online assets. They’re there for me to utilize, provided I’m doing so responsibly. And by that, I mean, as long as I TRULY AM helping you fine folks to acquire online assets of your own.

That’s my job. And I’m constantly seeking to get better at it.

I believe that “Dirty 30” is the best I’ve ever done.

In a day or two, I’ll send out another email linking you to the first day of what will prove to be an ongoing case study. You can simply follow along with me and we’ll fill our pockets together!

Now, more than ever, having the ability to make money online is HUGELY powerful.

I’ve been doing it since 2008. But I have yet to do it at the levels I’ve remained committed to.

Follow along with me, though. And I’ll make it happen right before your very eyes. 🙂

Anyway, comment below. Share this on social.

And we’ll talk more soon.

Always a pleasure,


Visit Cado’s GoFundMe Here (Thank You)>>

Go to PayPal.me/leemurray/9.95 to Buy My New Course>>

(If you don’t have the money, please don’t part with it. Look after yourself. Thank you.)

3 Comments on “I’m Back After Sheer Madness… And Now I’m About to GO CRAZY!”

  1. Hey Lee, I contributed to your Go Fund Me, I can not even imagine what you guys have gone through!

    I also bought your New Course, but nothing has come to my email to see the product.

    Payment sent to Lee Murray
    May 3, 2020 at 5:21:17 AM PDT
    Transaction ID: 9KE844255X393082S
    Payment Status: Completed
    Payment Type: Goods and Services
    Gross amount
    -$9.95 USD

    Hope to hear from you. 🙂

    1. That was so nice of you, Cindy!

      Thanks so much. 🙂

      We really appreciate that. I sent you an email with access details.

      I hope you received it. Please let me know.

      Thanks again!

  2. Lee I h ave been a follower since you first started and
    have purchased many a product. Thanks for sharing,
    I have always thought along the same lines as you have
    using the blog as “one stop shop” in a marketers
    master plan. It keeps the marketing leaks to a minimal.

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