Launching With Lee (Last Call) and My Clickbank Biz Progress…

foundation-1Welcome back to this, my foundation site.

Don’t know what I’m talkin’ ’bout, Willis? Peep my last blog post here.

Today, I just wanna make a couple of announcements for those of you who may be following me on my quest to establish a $1000 per week passive income via Clickbank.

Firstly, however, I must make a very important announcement…

Launching With Lee – Last Call!

The time for another Lee Murray product launch is upon us, and I am looking for one lucky person to partner up with me.

If I don’t get a new partner within the next 24-36 hours, I will gladly launch this puppy on my own. I enjoy sharing the glory, but I totally don’t mind not sharing it, either!

The product is called “Shiny Object Lemonade,” and it’s seriously poised to be the single greatest training program on the market when it comes to giving aspiring Internet marketers TRUE direction and purpose. It’s the “macro” training that will serve as a whole new filter through which people view “micro” trainings, aka “shiny objects.”

It’s cool, yo. 😉

If you want to be a part of it, I will:

  1. Put your name on the book cover!
  2. Mention you in all pre-launch promotions!
  3. Let you keep 30% of all launch profits for the first 14 days (no cap)!
  4. Let you keep the buyers list! (the biggest payoff of all)
  5. Introduce you to my JV partners!
  6. Promote a future launch of YOURS… and get big affiliates on board!
  7. Help you craft winning emails for your new buyers list!

As you can clearly see, I won’t leave you hanging in any area.

You will become a known quantity. You will make some cash. And most importantly, you will get a brand spankin’ new buyers list!

If you’re interested in such things, simply use the contact form on this site – or email me at and we’ll get you set up straight away. I usually charge $3000 for this unique opportunity, at which price it is beyond worth it…

But I’m offering a full $1000 discount to the right person. Hit me up, kimosabe.

Alright, so let’s move the damn thing along…

My $1000 Per Week Clickbank Goal:

Lee Murray Clickbank

Unfortunately, I cannot yet go balls to the wall with this business.

If you remember, I’m going to be earning this money via a combination of weight loss list building & blogging, general Clickbank product reviews, and placing banners on this site, as I so shamelessly did above. 🙂

What’s really cool is that I actually did get a sale from my last blog post…


As you can see, I earned myself $16.61 without directly promoting anything.

A few strategically-placed banners got the job done, it would seem.

So that’s cool. A little confidence booster.

In any case, the BIG, ongoing commissions will likely come from my other two undertakings, which I will certainly document as we proceed.

Be sure to stay tuned for that! I’ll share everything.

For now, however, I really need to finish writing “Shiny Object Lemonade,” get the JV page up, and start attracting some affiliate attention.

If you’d like me to document this process, let me know in the comments below!

As a matter of fact, I think that I’m gonna cut this blog post short so that I can hop to the afforementioned projects immediately.

The sooner I get through this launch (September 12, 2016), the sooner I can begin working on achieving my 1k per week goal.

In Closing…

I am very, very, very freakin’ excited about the direction in which my business is headed right now. I want this passive, weekly thousand bucks so damn badly that I can taste it. I love the hunger. Makes me feel alive.

So I’m gonna show you mofos how it’s done.

Remember, weight loss and these other, potentially more obscure niches are NOT within the realm of my comfort zone. I have no pre-existing success to speak of. No known brand, reputation, lists, or websites. I’m hitting this as a newbie.

But make no mistake. I don’t have a newbie’s mindset.

I’m a boss. And I’m gonna show you how a boss tackles shit.

Let me serve as your example. I’ll be a good one, I assure you.

Okay, so now I’m gonna have you taking some action…

Your Assignment:

  1. If you’re interested in my latest “Launching With Lee” opportunity, contact me immediately.
  2. If you haven’t already, watch Kam Jenning’s cool-ass video and buy his new book here.
  3. Comment below. Let me know if you want me to document my latest product launch… or just the Clickbank stuff.

And that’s it for now!

As always, I sincerely appreciate you tuning in.

Leave your comments below, and we will talk again very soon.

To our mutual success,


10 Comments on “Launching With Lee (Last Call) and My Clickbank Biz Progress…”

  1. Hey Lee,

    Congrats on that first (of many, many) commission. 😉

    Well, as this is you journal online, please go ahead and let us know how you launch your new product.

    Oh, the assignment:
    1. Congrats to the one that gets the partnership. I’m sure it will be worth it. Tight spot for me at the moment. Maybe the next one. 😉
    2. Got it. Really interesting stuff from Kam.
    3. Done. 😉

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