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Lee Murray Internet MarketingHey homies and homettes! (And any “tiny houses” who may be tuning in…)

It’s just dumb ol’ me again. No big whoop. But what I’m about to share with you is likely to be a big-ass whoop, indeed.

Have you ever had the experience of completely redefining your business… or anything in your life, really? It’s that inevitable endorphin rush that comes from making a fresh, new decision that you are CERTAIN will revolutionize your entire life.

I’m at that moment.

High five. 🙂

How Lee Murray’s Internet Marketing Is About to Evolve to a Whole New Level…

I’m working on my brand new book, “Shiny Object Lemonade.” In it, I reveal what I perceive to be the importance of crafting a home base for yourself. This is something that I call a “foundation site.” This site is your professional journal.

MY foundation site is right here. Lee Murray dot com, sukka! Welcome to it.


My objective with this site is to share my goals, and then to document my ideas and actual action steps throughout the process of attaining these goals.

But here’s the thing…

My stated goals won’t have much to do with this site itself. The revenues that I generate from this site via sales of my own products and affiliate offers is merely incidental.

What I’ll mainly be covering are OTHER undertakings. And all of these undertakings will most certainly be passive income models.

Listen, the three largest niches on Earth are health, wealth, and love. I have sites covering each of these. But at this point, my focus where passive income is concerned lies mostly with health, beauty, and fitness… and love (dating, seduction, relationships, marriage, etc).


Because the IM world changes FAR too quickly and dramatically to be able to hang your hat on any one concept or product for too long. If I were to do a product review for a certain IM product, and it earned me some nice organic traffic via favorable Google rankings… for how long do you think that there will be a search demand for that product?

With over 10 IM products per DAY flooding the marketplace, I liken IM courses to chewing gum. Tastes great and gives you a nice, fresh jolt of yummy minty chill for a few good minutes. Then, the flavor dissipates… and then disappears. Chew it too long and it falls apart in your mouth.

It becomes worthless.

Are people still seeking out my once famous “21 and Done” or “Health Market Gold” courses? While each of these releases were, at one time, highly revered and sought after… they may as well no longer even exist today.

Not so with other niches.

The Internet changes constantly. Business strategies come and go.

Human biology, psychology, and sociology, on the other hand… are pretty timeless.


These Are My Goals…

Lee Murray's Goal

Actually, I’m only going to focus on ONE goal right meow.

I am a firm believer in laser focus being the way to a new reality.

And I am honestly in URGENT need of a new reality. I’ll spare you the details, but I cannot even begin to express the anxiety of needing to make 500 bucks tonight, sending out a promotional email… and having next to NOBODY take you up on your affiliate recommendations.

The product creation, buyers list building, and active email marketing promo method is GREAT for nice bursts of cash…

But you really can’t rely on the model to produce that much-desired passive income that continues to hit your bank account month in and month out. The income that covers all of your bills and taxes. That’s what I need desperately right now.

Gotta have that peace of mind.

I’ll talk more about all of this in a future blog post. But for now, let me just get this goal out in the open so that I can begin working on it POST HASTE!

$1000 Per WEEK Via Clickbank


This will be a fantastic start. It’s $52,000 added to my current annual income.

It won’t turn me into a millionaire, but it will absolutely change my life forever.

So let’s do it!

The reason I want to rock Clickbank right now is that it pays every Wednesday. I’m used to daily pay, so it will be nice to actually receive bigger chunks of cash on a regular, weekly basis. Once I’ve reached my 1k per week goal, I will move onto other networks who have bi-weekly and even monthly pay dates.

But for now, I’m after that weekly cash injection!

By the way, in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve done nothing with Clickbank in the past three years. Here are my current stats…

Lee Murray's Clickbank Stats 8/26/2016
My current stats… sad, right? 🙁

I will do this mainly in the weight loss niche, but I also have a general product review site that I will contribute to regularly in an effort to enhance the numbers. 😉

So let me officially discuss each of the two ways in which I will reach this goal.

Method #1: Weight Loss List Building

Alright, so I’m actually going to “work in reverse” with this.

The first thing I’m going to do is load up my autoresponder with a couple months’ worth of emails. Probably 30 emails set to go out every other day. These emails will promote a variety of different Clickbank products. They’ll be rad, cuz rad is what I do, yo.


What I’m going to begin doing immediately following the loading of my autoresponder is putting together a consumer report on the “Top 5 Weight Loss Diets Online.” Of course, each diet will be a different Clickbank product. 😉

Once this consumer report is finished, I’m going to craft a kick-ass squeeze page and thank you page. (I’ll share the details of these in a future blog post).

Then, I’m going to drive TONS of traffic – from an absolutely MASSIVE pool of sources, both free and paid (covered in a future post) – to this squeeze page… and ONLY to this squeeze page.

This, by itself should take me to well over $1000/wk with Clickbank. But I like to keep my goals tight and achievable.

And for the second method?


Method #2: My Product Review Site

This is quite simple. I’m just outsourcing product reviews and adding them to an authority site.

Niche is irrelevant.

I’m not even building a list for this. It’s all just organic search traffic. Eventually, I will probably add YouTube videos into the mix.

I want to keep this simple, since it’s not my only undertaking.

Again, I like to keep my goals achievable.

For my review site, I believe that having 250 product reviews can, all on its own, get me to the $1000/wk. mark.

Also, you’ll notice that I’m rockin’ a few Clickbank affiliate banners right here on this blog. For example…

Get Paid Taking Pictures

There’s no shame in my game, nor would I enjoy it if there was.

So that’s goal #1 – $1000 per week as a Clickbank affiliate.

And at this moment, reaching goal #1 gets 100% of my focus.


Please leave your comments below!

Talk soon,


21 Comments on “Lee Murray: Internet Marketing NOW!”

  1. Good on ya, Buddy! I agree, the roller coaster of intermittent income can be nerve wracking indeed. I will be watching your progress and enjoying the journey with you. I wish you the best!

  2. Lee, have you ever considered self-publishing fiction? I know your focus has and probably always will be non-fiction, but as a fiction writer myself and a long time fan I honestly think you’d be really good at writing fiction. Utilizing the list building skills you already have, building a massive audience ( via Nick Stephenson’s 10k readers course) should be a snap for you. I can definitely see you absolutely killing it in this field (hell you could even stick to non-fiction if you wanted to!). I’m sure you must have considered and likely rejected this option, but just thought I’d throw it in there anyway.

    (I know you’re after passive income and aren’t afraid of hard work to make it happen, you’ve also got more than your fair share of creative writing talent, which is why I believe self-publishing would work for you)

    Good luck with this. You are my favourite marketer so anything i can do to help you achieve your goals I will happily do.

    1. Hey Dee!

      I have considered it. Not sure I’m great with storylines… but I’d really like to give it a go. I have written a few pieces of fiction. They were good, but not quite as believable as I wanted them to be. That said, practice makes pancakes. Or something. 😉

      I REALLY appreciate not only the compliment, but the encouragement. I do believe you have planted a seed, and I am ever grateful to you for having done so.

      Thanks a TON!

    1. Don’t know how much help I’ll be able to offer Roger, other than to simply document the steps I’m taking!

      But you can absolutely do this. I know I can, and I’m a freakin’ IDIOT! 😀

      Thanks brother.

  3. Yo, Lee! Good luck with your goal achievement (I see you there already). I love the new blog set-up. It’s really nice and clean IMHO. Looking forward to hearing more as your journey progresses. – E

    1. Thanks Edgar! It’ll happen… guaranteed. I’m currently using Pinboard Theme. I do enjoy it, but gravatars don’t seem to work at the moment… will need to find a solution or change themes. I’m excited to have you along for the ride, amigo!

  4. Hey Lee,

    Thanks for sharing your goals and thoughts here, on your “foundation site”. “Online home” sounds better though. 😉

    Looking forward to watch your journey on CB. The truth is that even if the IM world went mostly to JVZoo/WarriorPlus for instant commissions, I’ve always had a crush on CB.

    About the IM moving fast, let me differ a little. Internet Marketing is still based on psychology and sociology. On human nature. The marketing principles still hold. What changes fast are the tactics. But like you said in your other post, our biz is based on finding an audience and offering value.

    I’ll admit that the flooding in the IM market is getting pretty crazy though.

    Let’s evolve.

    P.S. Maybe you should put a widget on the sidebar with the recent posts. 😉

    1. Hey Christian! Thanks a ton for the comment amigo.

      I definitely look forward to sharing my progress. I hope it serves as an example of awesomeness.

      I think I misspoke when referring to IM moving too fast. I was really referring to the ability to maintain organic search rankings via product keywords, as IM products seem to come and go at such a rapid rate. Whereas in other niches, this is less of a problem.

      I got that widget up, by the way. Good lookin’ out. 🙂

  5. Yes indeed Lee. Looking forward to following this. Interested to see your traffic results – something which frustrates the hell out of me right now 🙂


  6. Well wishes on your journey, Lee. As a former student, I know w/o a doubt that you will reach and surpass your goal. You certainly have the skill, smarts and motivation to make it happen. I’m looking forward to reading of your progress. This post is masterful and lends itself toward success. I know you will DO IT!

    1. SHARON! How on Earth ARE you lady? So nice to hear from you! 🙂

      Your encouragement is awesome… and highly appreciated.

      Thanks, and please keep tuning in!

  7. As a newcomer to IM I find this very interesting and having just purchased Shiny Object Lemonade makes me think that this was meant to happen. For the first time in 2 and a half years I have some direction to help me on my way.

    1. Keep tuning in Steve. The direction will become clearer as we press forth.

      Thank you for the comment. I hope to hear of your successes along the way. Employ SOL… it will give you your BEST chance at success.

  8. Hello Lee – and thanks! For what …? well, just for being who you are and sharing all the crap – ahh, information – that you’re sharing. I just purchased SOL and I love it!!

    And, oh ouch! it hits home!

    Something about your funky writing has hit a chord in me and stirred up the ‘ok, time to get excited and DO this!’ button within. I shall leave my desperate for money and scared to take action feelings by the side of the road and get this vehicle into action!

    Yep! Guess I’m drinkin’ the Lemonade (just don’t be purple koolaid!!) Look forward to following you – and following me, too. 😉

    Cheers! Janet

    1. Atta girl!

      I like that you added in that last bit about following you.

      I’m just some dude trying to make it like anyone else. You can’t count on me (or anyone else) for your success.

      But I am THRILLED to share what I’m personally doing to make good things happen.

      I’m glad you got inspired. STAYING inspired is the tricky part. I’ll do my best to help you with that.

      Thanks Janet!

  9. FINALLY going through SOL after purchasing it on the 12th. This is how I originally wanted to set up my site but was going about it blindly!

    I’m going to finish it up here the next day or two & then get my site in line for my first project!

    1. Hey Sandie! That’s what I like to hear. Please feel free to keep us updated in future posts… and keep linking back to your site so mofos can check it out! 😉

      Great things are coming your way. Thanks for the comment.

  10. Lee,

    Love your products, love your attitude and definitely love the vision that you bring to newbies in the Internet Marketing world. Currently I am racing through “Shiny Object Lemonade” after having just read “Breakfast Embed”.

    I encourage everybody who is struggling to make their mark in the IM niche to read your material.

    Just wanted to know that there is someone out here rockin’ to your beat! 🙂


    MT Bofunk

  11. Hi Lee,

    Revelation….Loving your productive way to harness my chronic shiny object addiction.
    Power to your pencil for adding much value. Big Thank You.


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