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excitedAlright, amigo…

In my previous post, I set me a goal. And then I got wrapped up in pre-launch, launch, and post-launch lunacy.

Freakin’ exhausting.

That said, I’m thrilled with the way that Shiny Object Lemonade turned out.

The feedback has been insane (yes, crazy people have been telling me how great my book tastes), and honestly…

I couldn’t be more excited to use this system myself.

Which, incidentally, is precisely what I’m doing at this very moment. 🙂

The reason why I’m re-stating my goal is that I want to keep things a bit more succinct (for both of our benefits).

But also, I really want to work toward TWO goals at any given time.

* One goal to benefit my passive income aspirations.
* Another goal to keep an ever-growing flow of fresh visitors coming onto this site.

For my “Shiny Object Lemonade” students, this means that I will essentially be operating within SOL Models #2 and #3.

With That, Here Are My Two Goals:

Now, as I mentioned in my last “goal post,” I am committed to earning a totally passive income of $1000 per week as a Clickbank affiliate. But since that is an income goal (outside of my immediate control), then that will be considered more of a long-term goal.

What I’m going to do to GET to that point… that will be the type of goal I’ll be setting here.

In other words, while I absolutely will get to the $1000/wk. mark, I may need to reach a whole series of smaller goals to get there.

THOSE are the goals I’m interested in setting at the moment.

So let’s do it already!

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Goal #1 – 250 Product Reviews

I am going to outsource the reviews of 250 Clickbank products in a wide variety of niches. I have a generic product review site on which I will be featuring these product reviews.

At this particular moment in time, I have no aspirations of doing any SEO work. I am approaching this undertaking as a “throw a bunch of stuff against the wall and see what sticks” type of situation.

If, after all 250 reviews have been posted, I have fallen short of my $1000/wk. income goal, then I will examine the situation and see if it would be more intelligent to hire an SEO team to make some magic happen with this review site… or simply to employ an entirely different strategy altogether.

At the moment, I have no “shiny objects” helping me along with this goal. I will outsource the work at iWriter.com, and rewrite each review (at least lightly) so that it reads well and is enticing. I will basically be using these outsourced articles as “ready made research,” if that makes sense.

I will keep you posted regarding my progress with this goal.

Goal #2 – 25,000 Subscribers On My NEW List!

Remember, the bulk of my traffic to THIS site (LeeMurray.com) will come from my own email lists. At least, that’s how I THINK it’s gonna go down. Should I end up with huge search engine traffic, then I’ll take it… but that will be incidental. I’m not really doing any hardcore SEO work with this site.

So I repeat, the bulk of my traffic will likely come from my own email lists.

As such, it’s time to get to some SERIOUS effin’ list building. I mean I am NOT screwing around here. 25k subscribers is only the beginning, albeit a hell of a fine beginning. 🙂

So let’s do it!

I will get 25,000 subscribers by building a KILLER squeeze page and sending HORDES of traffic from a vast MULTITUDE of different sources. I will be focusing mainly on paid traffic because it’s much faster than free.

In fact, the thought of aiming for free traffic isn’t really all that inspiring to me, as the best ways I know of to get free traffic are ALL content-driven… and I’d rather save content creation for my “money site” (this site), and not for external traffic generation.

If YOU want to go with free traffic, of course, then SEO, YouTube, social media, guest blogging, blog commenting, and forum marketing are great. There are also many other methods, some of which I may explore… I’m just not certain yet.

For now, my sights are set on building out my lead capture funnel and sending paid traffic.

What’s rad about paid traffic is that, beyond it just being crazy fast, it is completely “offsettable.” And yes, I’m fully aware that this is not an actual word. 😉

The bottom line is that, if you have a quality lead capture funnel in place, then your new leads will be immediately presented with low-cost paid offers (either your own or, as discussed in “Shiny Object Lemonade,” an affiliate OTO funnel) with which to recoup any of your paid traffic costs… and maybe even put you in the black straightaway.

Ultimately, this means that you can GET PAID TO BUILD YOUR LIST!

Not only is this great for your pocketbook, but it ever expands the amount of paid traffic you’re able to acquire. If you put 100 bucks in and immediately get 200 bucks back… now you can put 200 bucks in and get 400 bucks back… and then 800… and 1600… and so on.

And remember, this is only just the beginning.

Once these folks are on your list, they become an ongoing, ever-growing traffic source that will enable your foundation site to grow like wildfire. Nothing at all wrong with that.

So yeah kimosabe, I’ve got a great lead capture funnel in mind.

I’m gonna repurpose my “7 Fast Cash Hacks” report and call it “How to Make $100 In Your Sleep… TONIGHT!”

That’ll be my lead magnet (aka giveaway report, aka “freebie”), with “Shiny Object Lemonade” itself being my OTO funnel.

Again, if you don’t already have your own funnel in place, just piggyback off of a WarriorPlus vendor as an affiliate. All of the criteria for picking a good affiliate OTO funnel is in the book (Shiny Object Lemonade)… read it again and again, if need be.

If you haven’t yet secured your copy, then click here to see what all the fuss is about!

So Here Are My Tasks…

Alright so for goal #1 – 250 product reviews…

  1. Outsource 240 more reviews at iWriter (I already have 10).
  2. Rewrite each article in my own voice.
  3. Submit 2-3 articles per day to my review site.
  4. Document my progress right here on my foundation site.

And for goal #2 – Build a 25,000 subscriber list…

  1. Create my lead magnet.
  2. Craft my welcome email.
  3. Finish up my SOL funnel (add downsell and finish video series).
  4. Repurpose my “7 Fast Cash Hacks” report to use as lead magnet.
  5. Link everything up correctly.
  6. Create a tracking campaign at ClickMagick.
  7. Start driving traffic. Use this awesome traffic resource to start!
  8. Document my every move (as well as my results) right here on this site.

So There We Have It!

That’s what I’m gonna be doing for the next – oh, however the heck long it takes.

I WILL reach these two goals. The fact that they’re really action goals makes it much easier to focus upon them… Adding reviews and subscribers to my life is absolutely within my control.

I’m excited to make this happen… and equally excited to share it all with you!

Please comment below, and we’ll talk again soon.

Until next time,



13 Comments on “Lee’s First Goal Post”

  1. Could you comment on the process of outsourcing reviews to iwriter….

    What would you pay for a review?

    Do you have to provide them with the product to use for reference?

    Do you dictate a set number of words per product review?

    Do you advise the writer to look up some of your reviews to
    try to match your style?

    1. These questions will be answered in future posts, Garry, as I document my process and progress.

      Sit tight, amigo! It’s comin’. 😉

  2. Hi Lee, I’m looking forward to following you as you embark on this journey. It’s rare to have the opportunity to see it all happen from the ground up, exciting times ahead!

  3. I really liked S.O.L. It has a lot of value. What’s up with that? Anyhow, are you going to do a review on the 13 Traffic Sources shiny object? Thanks.

    1. Sorry about all the value (sigh)… I will work on that. 😉

      I’ll document my own results. That’s better than a review.

      Thanks for the comment and question Jerry!

  4. Hey Lee… Wanted to thank you for these detailed posts… And also for SOL!!

    It finally gave me a clear roadmap to escape the crazed overwhelm fueled by all those blingy buys over the years.

    For the first time in too long I have a plan and how bubbling up inside!

    I appreciate your candor and willingness to let us take a peek inside your business. I will be following your progress.

    Thanks again!

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