Thank You! Here's Your Legendary Funnel & Tutorials...

Please access this from a computer, and not a mobile device.

Nice job, amigo. You've got my new funnel, which I'll be pulling in 2 million bucks with in 2022, if I have my way. :)

To get started, access your funnel by simply clicking this link. This will open up a zipped folder containing three zip files...

  1. Legendary Start New Life
  2. Legendary Optin
  3. Legendary Invite

You'll then follow the tutorial on how to import Thrive pages. Start by importing file three (Legendary Invite). Inside of your page editor, be sure to hyperlink the buttons with your Legendary Marketer affiliate link.

If you don't yet have one, you can get one by becoming a member. They want you to be a member before you become an affiliate, so that you can speak on their service intelligently.

It's only $7 to get started (and I believe there's a downsell). There are no recurring fees, so once you're in, there's nothing more to buy, if you don't want to.

>> Sign Up for Legendary Marketer Here!

It's really some of the finest training I've ever come across, and they even have real life coaching built right in. So get in there, get your affiliate link, and then hyperlink your buttons in page 3.

**THEN, MOVE ON TO PAGE 2 (Legendary Optin).**

In that page, you'll need to enter in your autoresponder code. I recommend GetResponse. Here's how to integrate...

Don't have Thrive, and don't wanna get it?

While recreating the pages is a bit more difficult, it can be done using your autoresponder service. These videos will show you how to do it in both GetResponse and Aweber...



Be sure to set your post opt-in target URL to your page 3 (Legendary Invite) page. Then, save your work, grab your page 2 URL, and create a new page named "Start New Life."

Publish that page, import your "1-Start-New-Life" page, and hyperlink the button with your page 2 URL. Save.


As I mentioned in my video(s) above, it is extremely vital that you change my personal images and information with your own. Don't tell my story on your page. That won't serve you. Your conversions will suffer, as people will see right though you.

Also, add your own video to page 3, for higher conversions. :)

Anyway, we're done. Please hit me up at if you have any questions or need any assistance.

Thanks again!

- Lee