Legendary Marketer and MyLeadGenSecret… Could THIS Combination Make My 2022?

I Just Stumbled Upon Something Crazy

Legendary Marketer and MLGS

I just discovered that there are folks making pretty good money, in 2022…

With MLGS.

They’re doing so by creating multiple accounts, and using their own affiliate links to do so.

So think about this…

It costs $30 per month to receive 100 new leads per day. That is, until you receive one sale of MLGS through your affiliate link, at which point you’re boosted to 200 leads per day.

That’s 6000 leads per month!

How do you get that first sale? Well, most people get it by simply using the MLGS in-house mailer each day (to promote MLGS itself). Then, they’re using those 200 leads per day to promote whatever they want (Clickbank products, Legendary Marketer, MOS, MLGS itself, etc).


If you create a SECOND account for another $30 per month, and you buy through your own affiliate link from account #1, you fast-track the process… and now you’re earning 200 leads from account #1 and 100 leads from account #2.

Use your account #2 affiliate link to buy account #3, and now you’re paying $90 per month for 500 daily leads! Do it again with a 4th account and you’re paying $120 per month for 700 daily leads!

Crazy, right? I just heard from a guy who’s doing exactly this and has five accounts that he’s using to promote a single Clickbank offer. He’s had his accounts for almost two months now…

Watch His MyLeadGenSecrets Results Video…

If you want to try this, keep reading. The plot thickens…

These five accounts cost him $150 (minus the affiliate commissions he continues to earn from his own purchases), and bring him a total of 1000 leads per day. He used all five accounts to send MLGS promos via the mailer… all linking to his fifth account’s affiliate link. Make sense?

So now he’s pulling in 200 leads per day, per account.

Two months’ worth of service costs him $300 (again, minus his own purchase commissions) and he has, in that time, earned over $900 in Clickbank commissions! That’s a net gain of well over $600!

But check it out…

He’s only 2 months in, so he’s only mailing out to 2 months’ worth of leads. What happens when his 60,000 leads (his current tally) double to 120,000 in the next two months? Or soars to 420,000 over the next year?

What if he gets 20 MLGS accounts? What if he gets 50? Or 100?

I mean, how friggin’ big can this concept be scaled?

Another MLGS Video… This Guy’s Doing the Same Thing!

The way that I’m thinking is…

What if I get a crap ton of accounts myself, and send ALL of this traffic to my 15-Day Challenge funnel? I mean, what if I have 100 accounts, pay $3000 a month for them, and am pulling in 20k leads per day?

Firstly, are there even that many leads available? Secondly, if so, holy shit!

Could I make this a huge part of my list building strategy that I end up spending 2 hours a day on (sending emails to each account’s respective mailer)?

The fella I just shared with you is getting around 700 daily hops to Clickbank with his five accounts. Actually, more. Closer to 800. (Remember, he has 10 accounts, but is only using five of them to promote the CB offer.)

If I had 100 accounts, that’d be 20x that amount of traffic after two months. 16,000 daily hits to my funnel.

That’s ridiculous.

Even if my opt-in percentage were through the floor, I’m sure I could still get 1000 subscribers per day, minimum. What if 100 of them took the 15-day challenge? How many would go high-ticket?

Remember, I’ll have 1000 follow-up emails loaded into that funnel’s autoresponder, too.

This may just get freakin’ crunk. 🙂

I’m gonna try it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

If you wanna try it too, just get your first account here. That’s my affiliate link, and it comes with additional training and resources from my buddy Reed Floren, as well as a bonus from me (see details below).

But don’t use my affiliate link again for your additional accounts. Use your own! Use affiliate link #1 to buy account #2. Use affiliate link #2 to buy account #3. And so on. Make sense?

I just re-activated my dormant first account. I’ll do some good, solid marketing in order to afford a few additional accounts. I’ll grow both slowly and responsibly. I don’t have a ton of investment capital at the moment… but this is what I really want to invest in right now!

Seems like a pretty badass experiment. 🙂

Again, I’ll keep you posted.

My Legendary Marketer & MLGS Bonus:

I’m about to put together a pack of 30 emails promoting Legendary Marketer to my MLGS mailers (among other places), and will gladly give it to you as a bonus to use in your MLGS mailer(s) too, if you…

  1. Get your Legendary Marketer account through me.
  2. Get your first MLGS account through me.

Email me at lee@leemurray.com to let me know that you’re in. I’ll send those DFY emails right over, the moment they’re ready to use. 🙂

Legendary Marketer only costs $7 to join, and comes with an affiliate program that can pay you up to $2000 per sale! It’s super high-quality training (some of my favorite) and has a fantastic value-ladder that can get you paid bigtime.

And this MLGS hack may be a fantastic way to get yourself TONS of new Legendary customers!

Time will tell, right? 😉

Anyway, I’d better get back to work.

I just wanted to share that.

Please leave your comments and ask any questions below.

Talk soon,


P.S. For the sake of total transparency, let me just say that I chose to stop receiving leads to my first MLGS account because the mailer wasn’t reporting accurately. I did make a few sales here and there, but nothing to write home about. But overall, I wasn’t thrilled with what was happening.

I’m giving it a second chance right now, and cannot speak for its current effectiveness, except for second-hand accounts from people who may or may not be sharing their honest results (I personally believe they are). People in Reed’s group, for example, are sharing some very nice results… from just single accounts.

The idea of promoting my 15-Day Challenge funnel via multiple MLGS accounts has gotten me extremely curious, in a very exciting way. So I must share this plan with you. 🙂

I cannot guarantee your results, as I can’t even guarantee my own. If you choose to participate in this experiment with me, you do so entirely at your own risk.

I’ll definitely report my honest results as the experiment goes on.

All of That Said, Here’s Why I’m Excited…

MyLeadGenSecret Results 1

My Lead Gen Secret Results 2

MLGS Results 3

MyLeadGenSecret Results 4

My Lead Gen Secret Results 5

MLGS Results 6

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