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What Is LUCK #1?

Simple. I'm giving your followers 30 DFY emails promoting 10 of the top-converting Clickbank offers in the "Online Business and Online Marketing" niche. I'm also including a lead capture system, tailored to one of these products... and full setup and traffic training... all for only $12.95!

Remember, I'm not just a service/content provider... I'm a 13-year internet marketing veteran who has earned a great income online. I know how to create funnels and emails that get actual results. This is an important distinction, and it's why you can feel good about recommending CBK to your audience. :)

I really appreciate you deciding to promote this to them, as I believe it will help them unlike anything else. I've priced it extremely low, and have even included an action plan in the training that will enable them to run this business almost entirely for FREE, if they happen to be on a restricted budget.

What's In It for You?

Front End - LUCK #1:

OTO1 - Email Club Liquidation:

OTO2 - Kit Fourplex:

OTO3A - Mega Pack Duo:

OTO4 - 100% Funnel Commissions:

OTO5 - 7 Funnel Bumps:

$12.95 @ 100% Commissions

$47 @ 50% Commissions

$47 @ 50% Commissions

$67 @ 50% Commissions

$97 @ 50% Commissions

$197 @ 50% Commissions

  • Email Club Liquidation includes 70 DFY rotator emails (evergreen) plus high-converting lead capture set.
  • Kit Fourplex includes 120 DFY specialty emails (high ticket, Clickbank, recurring, traffic products).
  • Mega Pack Duo includes Email Slick, Email Slick 2, Enter the Niche 1, Enter the Niche 2, and more.
  • 100% Funnel Commissions bumps all OTO commissions in the LUCK #1 funnel to 100%*
  • 7 Funnel Bumps provides 100% commissions through the funnels of 7 additional offers.

$1000 In Leaderboard Prizes!

1st Place: $500

2nd Place: $300

3rd Place: $200

No teams please. Contest based on total revenue, so push those upgrades!

Must earn the prize amount in commissions. Otherwise, winners' commissions will be matched.

View contest here. Thanks so much, and good luck! 


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Subject: All the Content You'll Ever Need...


Hi, welcome back! :)

Listen, we all know that content

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But writing blog posts and emails

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Outsourcing is expensive, and most

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Lee has been earning his full-

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As you'll see, it's not your

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This is different.

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Subject: No More Shiny Objects!


Shiny objects serve nobody.

They only distract.

There's only one true way to

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Build an audience and provide

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This is not just another shiny

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Subject: Here's Your REAL Push-Button Solution!


We all know it by now...

"Push-button profits" equals utter crap.

There's no such thing. If software peddlers could push a button to make themselves a fortune, why would they sell it?

They wouldn't.

However, Lee Murray has been on a mission to bring folks to as close to "push-button" as possible...

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This could be the fast, easy, and 

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Listen, Lee Murray just launched his

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