Minute Pop Review and Bonus

Time is of the essence for my Minute Pop bonus offer, as I’m only making it available for 12 hours.

…It’s that special.

So be sure to scroll down and check it out right after the review.

If you’re unaware, Minute Pop is an all-in-one DFY list building and email marketing tool that does virtually everything for you…

It even sends out the emails (with fresh, new content) on your behalf! Five (or more) niches, multiple lead capture funnels, and so much more await you.

When you see all that’s been done for you with Minute Pop, I have very little doubt that you’ll want to jump all over it today.

But before you do, just know that there’s a bundle discount, which if you take advantage of within the first 12 hours of this review going live…

Will get you the most incredible, literally life-changing bonus from me you could ever get… my TRK Ultra DFY infinite email follow-up series. More on that soon. First, let’s do the review. 🙂

But instead of including a traditional Minute Pop review today, I’ll simply share an email from the Minute Pop creator herself, Cindy Donovan.

Let’s start with that…

Minute Pop Review – Let’s Go!

2024’s Emails Written, Delivered & Monetized For You – In Under a Minute:

Want to tick one major task off your list, for ALL of 2024?

With Minute Pop you can step into 2024 with your entire year’s email marketing sorted – not just planned, but written, delivered, and monetized, all in under one minute.

>> See It In Action Here!

With Minute Pop you can have…

[+] Fully Written Newsletters Delivered Every Week:

Say goodbye to staring at a blank screen, struggling with what to write. Simply choose the audience you’ll be speaking to, follow the one minute activation and it’s live

[+] Automated Delivery:

No more scheduling hassles, Minute Pop does it for you. They’ll deliver like clockwork every week – set it up ONCE and it’s live all year!

[+] Trending, Evolving, Highly Relevant Content:

This is NOT a bundle of emails. These are created every week on topics relevant to your audience based on popular themes, trends and events happening in your chosen industry each and every week.

[+] Monetization Made Easy:

Your newsletters aren’t just packed with content, but set up to earn you cash after the simple one-minute setup. Choose a banner, the website address you’d like your sponsored ad traffic sent and it’s added to each newsletter.

[+] Simple Lead Capture:

Activate the WordPress plugin on your blog OR use the standalone script to generate an email optin popup that seamlessly matches your branding and signs people up to your weekly newsletter

[+] No Website? No List? No Worries!

If you’re just starting out, Minute Pop has you covered too. You’ll get a collection of fully hosted, designed, branded and automated lead magnet funnels. PLUS, they’re already connected to your newsletters.

So you can grow lists AND newsletters completely hands free…

No Messing Around!

>> Get it all set up, live, branded to you automated in under one minute!

This is more than just a collection of done-for-you resources.

You’ll also receive…

  • Step by step (no fluff!) training showing how to set it up in under one minute
  • Guided training showing you how to turn this into profits FAST
  • Exact strategies to grow your own completely custom newsletters you can SELL
  • Monetization guides and done-for-you ads
  • AI prompts and DFY resources to shortcut any learning curves
  • One-on-one mentorship support via chat system in your dashboard

This is by far, the most comprehensive package you can get your hands on as we enter 2024, kicking off what is destined to be a year of incredible newsletter-fueled growth for you…

>> Get Your Access Here!

Or if you’d like to skip the whole marketing funnel and access everything this entire Minute Pop package has to offer…

>> Explore The Bundle Here!

NOTE: The bundle offer is the best deal available and only open while launch is running, so if you want to get the ultimate asset growth advantage possible check it out today while it’s still open.

My Unmatched Minute Pop Bonus!

Okay, so this is where we really kick things up. That said, I won’t yammer. Just nuts and bolts.

Again, time is of the essence.

  1. Get the basic package (any of Cindy’s 3 options) today, and I will include lifetime access to my upcoming “TRK Forever” upgrade, wherein you will have access to my living, breathing traffic rolodex and ongoing case study.

    This will sell for $47, as upgrade #1 for “TRK Ultra” upon its launch in early January. There are some goodies in there now, but it will continue to grow over time, with new, fresh, updated traffic strategies and resources. You’ll always be on the cutting edge! 🙂
  2. Get the entire bundle within 12 hours of this writing (expires @ 7pm Pacific – 10pm EST on Tuesday, December 12), and I will also give you access to my entire TRK email follow-up series…

    Already loaded, edited, formatted, and monetized within the LeadsLeap autoresponder. One share code, one “find and replace” action, and you will have an infinite email series…

    This is 3 full years of DAILY email follow-ups in the “make money online” niche. You can loop the 3-year cycle to run infinitely.

    Basically, you will never have to write or load another email ever again!

    This is so new, that it’s still currently being built for you. I am on track to have it completed within the next 7-10 days. (I just completed my 4th week of ’round the clock work on it!) In the meantime, I’ll be including some great training, tools, and resources to ensure that you don’t skip a beat!

    Upon its release, this will sell for a well-underpriced $197!

So that’s the offer, my friend!

I hope this has been helpful.


>> Grab the Front End and my “TRK Forever” bonus here!


>> Grab the Bundle and my “TRK Ultra DFY” bonus here!

See you there,


P.S. By the way, my bundle bonus does also include “TRK Forever!” 🙂

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  1. Hey Lee,

    Do you have some other way I can pay you for your $12.95 High Ticket course? Reason I asked is I lost my third PayPal account and that’s how your processing is set up there.


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