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Day 1 - The Flow... Our Seven Income Systems:

1. List Infinity | 2. Infinity Processing System | 3. Power Lead System | 4. Multiple Income Funnel | 5. MyLeadGenSecret | 6. List Lion | 7. Traffic Domination (OLSP)

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Let's Take a Look at Each of Our Systems...

1. List Infinity:

This one's pretty obvious, and makes the absolute best lead capture system I've seen. It builds your list virally, pays you instant commissions (HUGE), and is monetized with multiple streams of income, including Lead Lightning (Power Lead System).

Cost to upgrade List Infinity - $125

Cost to upgrade Lead Lightning - $7 (plus Power Lead System upgrades, if desired)

2. IPS:

This is the natural and obvious progression, as it can actually have you earning $300 instant commissions. Yep, just like LI, IPS pays you instantly! And $300 is no chump change. Just think how easy it's going to be to earn any advertising costs back...

And then some.

This is why both List Infinity and Infinity Processing System should be at the top of your funnel, as your lead-in offers. Instant cash means that you can activate/upgrade all the rest of our offers both quickly and easily. It also means faster traffic turnaround for far more exponential growth than you'd experience if you had to wait weeks to get paid.

Definitely go for the $300 package, if you can.

Lots of great perks and training, beyond the $300 instant commissions. We'll be doing an extremely thorough deep-dive of IPS starting on around Day 20. For now...

3. Power Lead System:

PLS has been around for a good, long time... and they're still going strong. This is one of our central income systems, as your earning potential is through the roof. You can earn recurring commissions, high-ticket commissions (over $1000), and multi-tier commissions. It's always nice to be rewarded for other people's work! :)

Not only that, but Power Lead System is integrated into both List Infinity (as Lead Lightning... its entry-level "gateway" offer) and our next, high-ticket system.

The PLS product, by the way, is a series of in-house site building and email marketing tools and functionality. I personally don't use their tools (I just already have my own system in place). But their training is very good. 

We'll begin our PLS deep-dive on around Day 25. In the meantime...

Once you've done that, log in to your account and upgrade to PLS "Gold plus Affiliate." Explore the site. Watch every video you can. Learn about their compensation plan.

It's epic!

4. Multiple Income Funnel:

Speaking of epic, here's a system that's earning people millions. It includes four income streams which must first be "unlocked" (a fancy way of saying "purchased") before you can earn from them. This system is almost entirely "pay to play," but don't let that deter you!

Each unlocking gets you something valuable, including HUGE amounts of traffic.

Not only that, but one of your four income streams is Power Lead System! This means that you're already part-way to a fully monetized system! This is making people rich online, and including it in your own Freaky Funnel may help you to join them.

5. MyLeadGenSecret:

This will serve as one of our entry-level traffic sources, sure. And we'll be talking about it in that regard very soon.

But MLGS also comes with a 5-tier affiliate program! You earn $5 per month for each customer you refer.

Make just five sales in a week, and you get a $100 bonus! And there's no limit. Make 20 sales per week, earn $600/wk.

But as your customers promote MLGS (and they will if you're giving away your Freaky Funnel... more on that later), you earn $4 for each sale they make.

For each sale their referrals make (which they will if they're giving away their Freaky Funnel), you earn $3!

This is monthly recurring income, my friend.

And again, it goes 5-levels deep. $5 tier 1, $4 tier 2, $3 tier 3, $2 tier 4, $1 tier 5. Do you see how this can become magical? And all you have to do is follow my lead.

Wanna learn more about MLGS?

Full walkthrough coming soon. 

6. List Lion:

This is another fantastic way to monetize your funnel by providing real-world value to your funnel members.

With this, you get free recurring leads, clicks, and some truly dynamite traffic training.

There's a monthly upgrade option, or a lifetime upgrade option.

Full walkthrough coming soon.

7. Traffic Domination (OLSP):

If you've never heard of Wayne Crowe, you're in for a treat. The man is a machine. A highly successful entrepreneur, traffic vendor, teacher, and income system creator.

This may be the most impressive ecosystem I've seen online, and there's all kinds of great FREE value to be had here, as well as some extremely significant earnings.

Your income is contigient upon sharing (via your Freaky Funnel and/or any way you wish... maybe try MLGS!) something called your "Mega Link."

Once you've brought someone in (for free) via your Mega Link, they're cookied to you for life. And this is a moving, breathing infrastructure. Not stagnate at all. New products, traffic packages, and webinars being released constantly.

All of the ongoing marketing is done for you, even years from now! And you will ALWAYS earn extremely nice commissions from your referrals... for life.

Full walkthrough coming soon.

Start Small... It's Not a Race!

You don't need to upgrade everything right now. You're welcome to, if you've got the budget for it and you want the best possible results in the shortest period of time.

But you absolutely don't have to.

For most people, with modest-to-moderate budgets...

Start by upgrading List Infinity, Lead Lightning, and Infinity Processing System.

Since Lead Lightning is featured in List Infinity, it's a good idea to upgrade it as much as possible, well into the Power Lead System program. But these upgrades get pretty expensive, so just do what you can and call it good. :)

Infinity Processing System is more of a priority than Power Lead System. In fact, it's not even close.

Instant commissions give you exponentially more leverage than having to wait weeks or months to get paid. It allows you to keep reinvesting quickly...

Reinvesting in additional upgrades (including Power Lead System), and reinvesting in TRAFFIC! If all that List Infinity and Infinity Processing System do are break you even on your paid traffic costs, you're rich. Of course, they should do much better than break you even. But again, hear me loud, breaking even means that you're rich!

At that point, your traffic is free. Every other income system we're promoting via Freaky Funnel is now getting hordes of free traffic to it. This includes Power Lead System and Multiple Income Funnel! See how powerful this is? It's honestly everything.

So upgrade both List Infinity and IPS as quickly as humanly possible. Upgrade Lead Lightning for $7 (one time). If you want to, at that point, upgrade into the Power Lead System, feel free to. It's already getting exposure via List Infinity, so it's prudent.

Prudent, just not your top priority.

List Infinity and IPS are.

Make sense?

Bottom line:

Build a little now, send traffic, build more later, send more traffic, build more later, etc!

Use your profits to grow your operation. And there are no better profits with which to do so than those which are paid to you instantly!

Today's Free Gift:

The Millionaire Shortcut

by Jeff Lerner

I will never share or rent your information. You're in good hands. I'm only here to help. The more proficient I am at helping you to succeed, the more my own success grows. I've been a well-known marketing coach for over a decade now. I didn't get here by being unethical.

*As with any business undertaking or investment opportunity, never invest more than you're willing to lose. No income guarantees can or will be made. You may make a life-changing fortune. You may make nothing. You may make something in between. Your own work ethic, implementation, marketing skills, time allotment, and budget may all play a role in your results. Of course, events outside of our control, such as the market itself or dumb luck, may also factor into both your success... and my own. One never knows, but as someone who has earned his full-time living online since 2013...

I can tell you that I'm mighty confident in this proven process!

**Neither myself (Lee Murray) nor Freaky Funnel (my site) is associated with Facebook, Traffic Authority, TikTok, Instagram, Traffic Domination, MyLeadGenSecret, Udimi, ClickMagick, Thrive Themes, GetResponse, List Infinity, or any other program or tool covered throughout the duration of this 60-day coaching program. This program is for educational purposes only.

I am unable to provide refunds for any traffic or upgrades you choose to purchase. All refund requests must be presented to individual system owners.

I am merely an affiliate... and a very willing participant... just like you're about to be, should you decide to take advantage of this amazing process! :)

Thanks for being here today. Let's rock this!