Why I’ve Changed My Tune About MLM and Online Biz-Opps (Except One)…

Man, I’ve really done a 180.

As recently as three or four months ago, I was all about online business opportunities, aka “biz opps.” I touted them as the best way to get rich online. And I had my reasons…

  • They pay multi-tier commissions.
  • They’re honest. We know why we’re there.
  • We can build an army of producers under us.
  • Exponential growth will set you free.
  • They’re fun. Like a cult… but with lambos and beaches and shit. 🙂

I thought they were the bee’s knees. I thought they were the answer to all of my online problems.

It was my belief that an Army of affiliates would work 24/7 to earn themselves (and me) and amazing, self-growing, online passive income.

I thought that biz opps were the PERFECT thing to promote to one’s email list.

But after several months of involvement with them, I began to see a different picture…

  • 99% of the people under you have no clue how (nor a real, burning desire) to produce.
  • In order to gain traction, you can never stop recruiting.
  • You need to essentially become an online babysitter.
  • Managing teams can be labor-intensive.
  • The “products” are usually bunk. Just a smoke screen.
  • The programs are often not dependable.*

*It’s this last point I really wanna talk about here.

You see, I’m a fan of passive income methods. I encourage my students to focus on the same. The problem is, passive income is usually the result of evergreen promotional efforts. YouTube videos, blog posts, online courses, and automated email follow-ups are great examples of passive income sources.

They pull in organic traffic and teach folks about the biz opp at hand… whatever it may be.

But then the “guru” behind the biz opp goes and changes the entire system. The payout structure changes. The requirements for participation change. The upgrades change. Even something stupid (but that actually matters a lot) like site navigation changes.

And all of the sudden, all of that hard work you just spent days, weeks, or even months creating becomes damn-near obsolete overnight.

Or if you want it to become totally obsolete, just wait until one of these jackasses pulls the plug entirely, and just walks away with everyone’s cash. It happens. It happened to me right after the launch of my “Funnel World” course.

And then again shortly after a subsequent launch.

My products were rendered essentially ineffective, simply because another human being decided to make a unilateral move in a direction that didn’t benefit me or my customers.

Fine. Whatever.

It’s their program. They can kill it if they want.

But if I haven’t already told you, I have pretty serious anxiety disorder. I don’t like rapid change. Especially when my (and my customers’) income happens to be at stake.

This, combined with those other truths I discussed above, has brought me to the point of saying “screw it.” It’s just too stinkin’ volatile. My biz opp fanhood is trending downward. 🙂


There is one that still makes me very happy.

Can you guess which one?

Nope! You’re wrong. It’s…

My Online Startup!


Well I didn’t hear you say it. Maybe you were thinking it really loud.

In any case, MOS couldn’t be any more legit. In fact, it keeps getting better and better.

But instead of making you read a novel on what makes it such a winner, I went ahead and shot you a video.

My Online Startup Overview Video by Lee Murray:

Start for FREE! Then, watch Chuck’s “Become a Founding Partner” video. Click the button above!

Hold the Phone…
Check Out Their Lead Capture System!

Watch This BRAND NEW Video Update…

Join MOS and Upgrade to Founding Partner Here!

I know I’ve already kept you here a while.

I just wanted to let you know that I’m essentially scrapping MLGS and GDI. I’ll be reworking “Enter the Niche: Volume 1” to reflect these changes. I may even do away with my own Funnel Five program.

I’m just sick of the way that these programs have been making me feel lately. My Online Startup doesn’t just feel legit by way of comparison. But I’d assert that it’s more legit than just about anything else out there…

Including most “normal” WarriorPlus and JVZoo products.

It’s FREE, after all!

And the selling is done for you… and it’s done in an incredibly ethical way.

Chuck is very open and upfront, and his approach is quite refreshing, in my opinion.

So that’s why I’m still rollin’ with it. And I’m now even more charged up about it than I’ve ever been, as I love the new look and feel of the program… AND I can focus more of my energy on it, now that I’m scrapping the others.

Alright, I’ll shut up now. 😉

Go here…

And we’ll talk more soon.

All the best,


19 Comments on “Why I’ve Changed My Tune About MLM and Online Biz-Opps (Except One)…”

  1. Hello Lee. Yes Lee I am involved with my online start up. I especially like the lead generation Module. I have applied the strategies in this Module to Earn thousands in Affiliate commissions. Great article and Video on my online start up. Keep producing great content.

    1. I’m really glad to hear of your success, Karim!

      The best training in the world only works if the individual receiving the training actually does something with it. You clearly have. GREAT JOB!

  2. Hello Lee,
    First, take a doubt, it may seem ridiculous, but I’m relatively new in this niche.
    Are you and Matt Bacak the same person? Sometimes it seems to me to be the same person, sometimes I don’t stay in doubt, I hope I don’t offend you with this question. (hehehehe)

    MLGS really always seemed strange to me, but so many indicating, that I thought it could be wrong.

    I purchased your “Enter the Niche: Volume 1” and finished configuring the sending of emails last week, but I will modify that.

    Unfortunately, today I am unable to join “My Online Startup” as a partner. But it really looks very promising.

    I hope your son gets better every day. I’ve been following your journey with him. And I’m looking forward to “Enter the Niche: Volume 2”


    PS. one thing that is irritating me in these new monetized videos (this new plugin that you indicated) is the impossibility of speeding up the video. I like it and I’m used to speeding up the video.

    PS2. sorry, but my English can be really bad …

    1. Haha! No, Matt and I aren’t the same person. And no, I’m not remotely offended. 🙂

      Christian, I have found MLGS to be the most ineffective thing ever, on the product side. On the opportunity side, it’s fantastic. But the product is worthless. So it’s the best and worst all rolled into one. But the lack of a true product honestly makes it nothing more than a ponzi scheme, in my eyes.

      Thanks for your purchase of ETN 1. After I get past the launch of ETN 2, I will go back and edit ETN 1. We’ll get some better, more ethical promotions going.

      Thanks for wishing my son well. He’s using a walker now. Able to take 4-5 steps with it. Very promising indeed. It’ll be great when they’re finally able to repair his urethra and we don’t have to rely on a catheter anymore. But the progress has been fantastic. He’s got youth on his side! 😉

      Oh, and about Affiliate Video Pro… I agree, unfortunately. The inability to both speed up the video and go full screen are definite, glaring downsides. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s worth it. Because I REALLY like the functionality. But the downsides are pretty brutal.

      I’ll talk to the creator and see if he can implement some type of workaround.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment, Christian!

  3. Hi,
    Funnel world and FW extreme customer here.
    Similar deal. Get my version set up and EEC goes MOS the 3 more Launches. (and FF changes etc.)
    Love MOS still. it’s honest as you say. Lotsa of excitement around it. MLGS and GDI, dropped them already)
    Thanks for the heads up on Funnel 5.
    Love this and appreciate your being here and being real.
    The Lee Murray “Embed” Methods are great.

    Awaiting Niche

    1. Yeah Alan, the changes and uncertainty surrounding these programs has grown very tiresome very quickly. I think that MOS is starting to settle down. I can deal with the changes, as Chuck has made it more and more ethical (and useful) with each update.

      I think it’s starting to match his ultimate vision. So I think we can start hanging our hats on its reliability.

      Thanks for the kind words, Alan.

      ETN #2 goes live this Thursday! 🙂

  4. I am with you 100% on MLGS. The clicks they report are clearly bogus!

    Have been with MOS based on your recommendation for about a year, but have not done much with it. So results have been nil. However, I will follow your lead. Going to re-edit the Top 5 Affiliate Program report on my site and replace MLGS and FF, unless you are going to put out a new version?

    Hope your son is doing better!

    1. Howdy, Rick!

      Yeah, those clicks aren’t off by a little. They’re off by infinity!

      The emails sent from their in-house mailer send precisely ZERO clicks with each and every email I’ve sent recently. Nothing. Not a single click. I’m trying so hard not to use the word “scam” here.

      I strayed from MOS, too, Rick. Chuck was changing shit so frequently that I just couldn’t keep up. But I’m glad he made the improvements he did. It is now such a well-oiled machine, I had to re-examine it.

      I recommend it with pride and confidence. And not only because of the compensation plan. I recommend it to all of my students when I’m too lazy to cover the basics of building an online business! Chuck’s training is great for this purpose. And nobody has to pay for it!

      I’ll be putting out a new version of ETN #1 after I’ve completed and launched ETN #2, which will be this Thursday. It shouldn’t take me but a week or two after that to have a new and improved ETN #1 available for everyone. 🙂

      Thanks so much for your comments and question.

      And yes, my son is doing much, much better. Baby steps (literally).

  5. Hello Lee,

    I watched the videos and read the post. What you shared makes perfect sense.

    I’m kind of kicking myself for all the time I’ve sunk into wanting to make GDI work, but if they would only update their hosting it could be sellable and could be useful to new people where they could blog and do squeeze pages and set up their whole system all in one spot.

    I think it’s time to pull the plug on GDI. Selling domain names for $120 a year is too much of an uphill battle. Could sell it just as an opportunity, but everything is just way too old. People want new…

    At least I have more experience putting together blogs, pages and squeeze pages.

    I think I can salvage some of the materials I’ve put together along the way and create my own squeeze and new blog centered around MOS. I just registered a new domain to develop.

    You’re right. MOS is a great opportunity and is a benefit to others – and not just another way to make a buck.

    Thanks for introducing me to MOS and thanks for all your guidance and coaching along the way.

    I really appreciate you!


    1. Thanks Christopher!

      I’m kinda bummed about dropping these programs too.

      But I just really need to downsize and focus on being of real value to folks.
      Times are just too trying right now to promote half-assed stuff.

      I’m working on refining my Dirty 30 process to be as follows…

      1. Create a video blog.
      2. Monetize the blog with ads, affiliate offers, etc. BUT…
      3. Make your PRIMARY offer My Online Startup.
      4. As a founding partner, take advantage of the lead capture system with the 164 follow-up emails. BUT…
      5. Your PRIMARY lead capture system should still be your own.
      6. Send your PRIMARY subscribers back to your video blog posts on a daily basis.
      7. Let your posts promote MOS.
      8. Let those 164 follow-up emails from Chuck promote other opportunities (CB University, Super Affiliate System, 12 Minute Affiliate, WA, etc).
      9. Send 100% of your traffic (paid traffic, ideally, as you’re already working so hard on your blog) to your PRIMARY squeeze page.

      Eventually, SEO will take over and the whole system will run itself.

      Wait, why am I commenting this? This is a fantastic blog post idea! 😀

      See you there, buddy.

      And thanks again.

  6. So, let me get this straight.

    What you’ve publicly admitted (between the lines of your cleverly-worded witticisms) is that you’ve known for months that the products that you’ve been recommending us to buy have been total crap, but you continued recommending them to us so that you could keep on feasting on the savings of the uninformed dreamers who trusted you with their money.

    Too harsh? Tough shit. Look in a mirror.

    Obviously, I expect this comment to have the half life of a tse-tse fly, but maybe some, at least, will read it and realize what you’ve just freely acknowledged.

    1. Negative, ghostrider.

      I’ve admitted that the products aren’t that great. But the money-making
      opportunities are incredible. Not just for myself, but for anybody who hustles.

      But now, I’ve grown tired of the disparity between the high-quality
      money-making systems and the low-quality functionality of the products.

      MLGS has gotten worse. I went from getting decent traffic to okay traffic
      to shitty traffic to no traffic. I was never impressed with GDI’s services,
      and have admitted as much all along.

      I promoted these exclusively for the business opportunities.
      Over time, I reconsidered. MOS helped me in that regard, as
      it’s an example of a great product AND a great opportunity.

      “Too harsh? Tough shit. Look in a mirror.”

      When did I say it was too harsh? You’ve got
      a real serious attitude problem, dude. I’d
      “look in a mirror” if I were you.

      But I digress.

      I never promoted these for the products. I promoted them
      for the business opportunities. I told people as much.

      And shit man, people can STILL make money with them, if
      they want. I’m just saying that I don’t wanna no more.

      They’re still TOTALLY VIABLE in that regard, which again,
      has been the cornerstone of my recommendations in the first
      place. I’ve just decided to go in a different direction.

      “Obviously, I expect this comment to have the half life of
      a tse-tse fly…”

      Why would you expect that? Stop acting like you know me.

      “But maybe some, at least, will read it and realize what
      you’ve just freely acknowledged.”

      If I freely acknowledged it, then why on Earth would I
      not want people to “realize it?” There’s no maybe about
      it. I want people to know what’s up.

      Your accusations are bizarre, man.

  7. I see that my comments won’t even show up until you approve them.


    I mean, why the hell have the truth come out if you can squash it before its publication?

    Truly an IM bottom-feeder technique.

    1. I manually approve comments to cut down on spam.

      Your comments aren’t spam, but rather the misguided,
      accusation-laden ramblings of a wannabe watchdog.

      I allow those.

      1. By the way, I’m not saying I’m perfect.

        I admit that I’m not. My hands aren’t totally
        clean, and there is an essence of truth to what
        you say… but it’s not that I knowingly promoted
        shitty products to people that’s the problem.

        Because I didn’t.

        I knowingly promoted promising biz opps to people.

        Huge difference.

        But here’s where I’ll own up to some wrongdoing…

        I promoted them without knowing how well they’d work
        for people who were just starting out.

        I assumed that if I could make it work, anyone could.

        And while that may be true, I realize that not
        everyone has the same assets that I have (buyers
        lists, website, etc), nor maybe the marketing chops.

        In that sense, I feel like I probably did some folks wrong.

        However, doesn’t that really go for anything
        related to making money online? I can recommend
        all the tools and resources in the world…

        But if folks don’t have the assets, tools,
        knowledge (or the desire and hustle to acquire
        these things) to make them work… they won’t.

        So yeah, maybe recommending these to people
        who may not have the skill or the will to make
        them work isn’t the most ethical thing ever.

        But the alternative is probably to just quit
        marketing within the IM space altogether.

        Maybe that’ll be my next move. 🙂

        But probably not. I still want to reach those
        who are willing to grind, fail, dust themselves
        off, and then grind some more.

  8. Hi Lee

    Is it essential to have GetResponse for MyOnlineStatup?

    I use Active Campaign as my Autoresponder & don’t want to change. I used GetResponse in the past, but for me Active Campaign is cheaper and has better delivery.


    1. Hey Paul!

      Sorry, I stepped away from marketing for a bit. Just saw your question.

      “Essential” would be a strong word. You can see the email swipes from
      within your Partner members area. You are free to copy them and paste
      them into your Active Campaign follow-ups.

      But there are over 160 of ’em, so you’ll be at it awhile. 🙂

      GetResponse is the platform they use to auto-load everything.

      You can always contact Chuck and/or his team though. They may
      be willing to work with you.

      Hope this helps.

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