MMO Niche, YouTube, Crypto, and More… Let’s Change the Game!

Howdy friends!

Just thought I’d drop a message to share a bit of what I’ve been up to lately, as well as my refined vision of what makes for a really solid online money-making strategy.

I feel like sharing. I feel like helping.

Hopefully, you find this interesting and useful. 🙂

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing my updated thoughts on…

  • Working within the IM niche.
  • Launching products.
  • Content marketing.
  • Solo ads (and other paid advertising).
  • Biz opps.
  • Crypto.

So let’s get crackin’…

Lee Murray - The Clickbank Kit

1. The IM Niche – A Good Place to Be?

For me personally, it’s still enjoyable… and ethical.


Because I know it. I’ve lived it for 13 straight years. I’ve enjoyed a decent level of success with it. I’m qualified to generally help folks within this niche. I consider this to be both a blessing and a curse.

A blessing because helping people is rad.

A curse because I’ve pigeonholed myself and have made it difficult to venture outward.

But what about for you? Do I recommend it to you?

Yes. But I think it’s unfortunate that I do.

Lemme ‘splain…

The IM niche is far and away the easiest niche to succeed within. There’s not even a close second-place. Almost by its very nature, it’s designed for you to succeed within.

In no other niche is it acceptable to do daily product reviews, send daily emails, form daily promotional partnerships, or launch daily products. In IM, these things are perfectly normal.

The JV opportunities at your disposal are unreal. The cross-promotion is endless. Your audience’s appetite is never-ending.

You simply cannot be as aggressive in any other niche.

At least, you can’t be as aggressive and have it make sense.

Even if you’re in the weight loss niche, there are only so many diet plans, workout routines, and supplements available. And if you’re promoting a keto diet one day, it would make zero sense to promote a plant-based diet the next.

Sub-niching doesn’t even solve the problem. If you’re in keto alone, for example, there are only so many keto diet products you can recommend before it becomes obvious that you’re just pitching for the sake of financial gain.

Non-MMO niches are far more delicate operations.

And the only way to truly get ahead is by becoming an outstanding content marketer. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s a really, really good thing, actually, as we’ll discuss momentarily.

But in most non-MMO niches, it’s a requirement… not an option.

In MMO/IM, it’s very much just an option.

I hope I’m making sense.

So at the end of the day, IM isn’t just a good niche… it’s arguably the best niche.

However, it comes with a massive and obvious downside. It’s a bit gross. It can be a bit spammy. And worst of all, it’s incredibly circular. I mean, it’s REALLY, REALLY, REALLY friggin’ circular.

What do I mean?

In the “make money online” space, most people teach “affiliate marketing” (which I don’t believe actually exists, but we’ll save that for another discussion). And what niche do most people teach you to operate within as an affiliate?

That’s right… the “make money online” niche!

And what’s the overall process?

Promote products that allow people to make money by promoting other (or the same) products that allow people to make money, which allow new people to make even more money by allowing other people to make more money by promoting products that allow people to make money by promoting products that allow people to make money.

Got it? 😀

Is this unethical? I kind of don’t think so. I’ve voiced this before. Anything that can genuinely help people to better their lives, I’m for. Even if it is a bit gross, dirty, and circular.

People have financial needs. Not everyone has what it takes to meet these needs online in ways more sophisticated than that which I just outlined. Sharing products that help people make money by helping other people make money is, in my opinion, a justified means to an end.

But it’s still gross. 🙂

That said, here’s where I actually do have a problem…

2. Launching Products – A Good Way to Start?

It’s probably the fastest and most surefire way to make money online.

But if you’re not already successful, then you have no business trying to launch products. If you haven’t yet earned a repeatable income online in some way other than product launching, don’t you dare launch a product!

NEVER ask people to give you their money if what you’re offering isn’t proven.

And if you’re slinging a piece of bullshit software that has no chance of actually making anyone money (or that requires them to jump through unreasonable hoops, such as building massive social followings), then shame on you, kimosabe.

Don’t ever do that. Please.

The market is overstuffed with this kind of unethical nonsense, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Now, if you’re operating in a niche outside of MMO, then go for it, provided you’ve got enough expertise in your field to warrant charging for your solution. But even then, please don’t charge people for information that they could have otherwise gotten for free on YouTube.

That’s wack. Don’t be wack. 🙂

If you’re gonna charge people money, then please offer something special for said money. Your customers deserve nothing less.

What I typically provide my customers with is DFY content, generally in the form of emails. I create and sell 30-packs of specialty follow-up emails. These are, in fact, in the “make money online” niche. Again, it’s the easiest niche for most people to find success within.

And I want to make life easy for my customers…

From my Clickbank Kit, which promotes some of the hottest and best-paying products in the Clickbank marketplace…

The Clickbank Kit by Lee Murray

To my High-Ticket Kit, which promotes only products that can earn my customers hundreds, and even thousands of dollars per sale…

Lee Murray - High Ticket Kit

To my Recurring Income Kit, which has my customers earning repeated commissions on one-time sales, effectively building an ever-growing passive income…

Lee Murray - The Recurring Income Kit

I put my 13 years of successful online marketing experience to work for my customers. And that’s because they deserve nothing less. I stand behind my products. They’re really good. 🙂

But I didn’t START earning my online income by launching products. I started by promoting Market Health products on Craigslist, writing and submitting hundreds of articles to EzineArticles and Squidoo, writing articles for people on the WarriorForum, building my email list with solo ads and sending daily emails…

I put in lots of time and gained lots of experience (and made good money) before I got started in the launch game. So when I did finally start creating products, I could share my strategies from a position of genuine authority.

Again, NEVER launch products if you’re not already successful.

So how can you become successful?..

3. Content Marketing – For a Special Type of Person!

I’m doing content marketing right now. That’s what blogging is.

I’ve also just invested a whole lot of money into a home YouTube studio, which I’ll begin using once the brutal heatwave we’re currently experiencing in the Inland Northwest subsides. Like most folks in this region, we have no AC (typically unnecessary), and my new studio is on the 3rd floor of my townhouse.

No bueno.

In any case, my new YouTube studio includes professional lighting, 4k camera, soundproofing, a new high-powered PC with giant monitor, a desk that adjusts from sitting to standing with the push of a button, and a treadmill. 🙂

Yep, I’ll be shooting all YouTube videos while walking on a treadmill!

I could stand to lose a few dozen pounds. And I’ll be doing that bit-by-bit, on the daily… while y’all watch. I’m excited to transform my body and my life, hopefully inspiring a few folks along the way.

So once the light turns green, you’d better believe I’m going all-in with content marketing.

But it’s most definitely not for everyone. And if it’s not for you, fret not. You have many alternative options, especially if you’re in the “make money online” niche.

For example…

4. Solo Ads and Other Paid Traffic – Worth It?

The truth is, content creation isn’t for everyone. Some folks don’t have the skills. Others don’t have the will. Some don’t have the time. Others don’t have the confidence.

Listen, shooting/editing YouTube videos and writing articles isn’t the only game in town.

That said, I do still believe that FREE traffic is, by and large, higher-quality than paid traffic. Even if this means answering questions on Quora… and/or niche forums. Or simply participating in conversations, despite your ability (or lack thereof) to provide solutions…

***With forum marketing, you can simply add a hyperlinked signature to your profile, then praise others for their insights, while unassumingly pulling in traffic that way.***

But let’s be honest…

FREE traffic takes WORK!

A faster, more scalable alternative is obviously paid traffic. Among the most popular sources of paid traffic is solo advertising, wherein you essentially rent out another marketer’s email list for a mailing of your own.

You buy an agreed-upon number of clicks for an agreed-upon price, and it’s as simple as that.

Other paid methods aren’t quite so simple. Display advertising and pay-per-click ads often require more planning. You’ll need to know how to do things like…

  • Keyword research
  • Demographics research
  • Interest targeting
  • Ad compliance
  • Landing page relevancy
  • Retargeting
  • Graphics marketing
  • Ad copy

You’ll also need to monitor your daily budgets, perform constant tweaks, adapt to ever-changing platform rules, stay up-to-date on market innovations, etc.

It, in and of itself, can become work. Solo ads, on the other hand, are stripped down.

You pay a list owner to send out an email on your behalf. They do so. You get traffic. Boom!

In the world of speed and simplicity, it’s hard to beat solo ads. In the world of quality leads who will be loyal to your brand and continue investing with you long-term, it’s extremely easy to beat solo ads.

Solo ads suck in terms of quality.

However, what they lack in quality can easily be made up for with quantity. But you’ve really gotta build up to that point, and you need to be willing to lose a lot of money upfront… before your email list is large enough to start pulling in a full-time income.

For me personally, I’m over it.

I built a list of 8500 subscribers using solo ads, and I’m lucky to get two sales per email.

Of course, if I were to keep going with it, and build my list to 85k or 850k, then that would obviously mean that I was getting 20-200 sales per day, if the numbers pan out.

But I can do those kinds of numbers with the same-sized list built via content marketing and product launches. And it’s a much richer, warmer, and more savvy audience.

Solo ads traffic is mean, and dare I say, unsophisticated. I constantly get nasty-ass replies to my emails… and the whole thing just feels kind of gross. I can only imagine multiplying that negativity by 10 or 100 by continuing to build out my list via solos.

I don’t like the thought.

So I’ve moved away from this form of traffic generation.

I’m sticking to free traffic generated by helping folks out in incredibly meaningful ways. I’ve got that skill set. I’ve got the will and desire. I’ve got the time and energy.

Not everybody does.

And if you don’t, then your only real option is to buy your traffic, build your email list, and let your follow-up emails set you free.

Need top-quality follow-up emails?

Try my own DFY solutions, “The Clickbank Kit,” “High-Ticket Kit,” and “The Recurring Income Kit” (the links and banners are all presented to you above). Also, I recommend grabbing Matt Bacak’s 61K Swipes, where you can get your hands on literally the very same 219 emails that earned him over 2.2 MILLION dollars!

Yep, $2,200,000! Grab it here.

There’s truly no easier way to make money online than by loading up emails, sending paid traffic to your squeeze page (I’ve included DFY squeeze pages and thank-you pages… along with full training… inside of each of my “Email Kit” packages), and letting your emails do all of the ongoing work for you.

Like I said, with a list of 8500 people (built exclusively with solo ads), each email I send typically brings me between 1 and 3 sales. Above, I said I’m “lucky” to get two sales, but upon further reflection, two is actually pretty standard. Sometimes three. Rarely just one. And almost never zero.

So if you can build your list to 10k with solo ads and have my and Matt’s emails loaded into your autoresponder, you’ll have hundreds of follow-ups working for you each day. And if each email brings you two sales, for an average total of $30 in commissions…

Then eventually, when you get to 100k subscribers, that should turn into $300 a day.

Of course, when you’re making that many sales, and each day begins compounding upon the other days, and people start buying high-ticket products (from my High-Ticket Kit) and buying all products within their respective funnel (called a “funnel buyout,” meaning they buy the front-end PLUS all of the upgrades)…

There really is no limit to how much money you can make!

It’s important for you to understand that my walking away from this model has nothing to do with its profit potential. You can become absolutely rich with this. Look at Matt!

I just don’t like that type of marketing. I’m more of an educator. I like to be very hands-on with my audience. So I simply favor a different, content-heavy approach.

Different strokes for different folks. 😉

Now, let’s move onto the next topic at hand, which happens to be…

Biz-Opps – Am I Still a Fan?

This is a tricky one.

For anyone who needs clarity, a biz-opp is essentially a system to which you drive traffic, which rewards you on a multi-tier referral basis. Each one is a little different from the next, but the basic flow is…

  1. You “pay to play,” as there’s a participation fee.
  2. Once you’ve paid, you encourage others to do the same.
  3. You’re rewarded with multiple streams of income.
  4. You’re also rewarded with commissions on others who “buy in.”
  5. Automated email marketing is often done for you by the company.
  6. There’s often a multi-tier affiliate commission structure.

By and large, there’s an MLM aspect to many of these biz-opps. At least to the tune of a two-tier affiliate program. I’ve seen as many as five tiers (GDI, MyLeadGen Secret, 5iphon, etc.) in play.

This clearly turns many people off.

Historically, I’ve been pretty bullish on such programs though. My reasoning has mostly been that if they can make people money in a viral way, why not? Also, I’ve always encouraged people to take the exact same approach to biz-opps as they would to any other affiliate program…

Build your email list, promote these programs to your list.

Nothing to it, really. No extra work… but many extra rewards.

My tune hasn’t fully changed. But I’m less bullish.

And the reason why the allure of biz-opps has been diluted is because, over time, I’ve seen how short-term they really are. Just like most products that you’d promote as an affiliate, biz-opps lose their shine over time.

There’s tremendous buzz at launch, the community does what it can to hold public interest, but then the next shiny object comes along and the project is yesterday’s news.

Many of these are still viable, and can be promoted to your list just like any other offer or opportunity you’d promote. So that’s why I still embrace a few (or at this point, one) of them.

However, I no longer believe in promoting anything with an ongoing pay-to-play structure. I closed my GDI and MLGS accounts. I stopped upgrading my Legendary Marketer affiliate account. I’ve no interest in being financially married to anything. I’m downsizing… and I feel much freer to promote that which I truly believe in.

So at the end of the day, the only biz-opp I really promote anymore is My Online Startup, and my reason for doing so is that it’s a GREAT, 100% FREE educational resource for anyone who wants to learn to do successful internet marketing from the ground up.

It just so happens that you can also upgrade your account and earn multiple streams of income by sending folks to MOS… again, to provide them with great, FREE education.

The way it works is that, by becoming an upgraded member (called a “Partner”), and sending folks to the free training, whenever an individual you send over takes the teacher, Chuck, up on any of the essential tools (autoresponder, hosting, etc.) recommended in the training…

They’ll be doing so via your affiliate links!

This is extremely powerful, as many of these essential tools (which every online business actually needs in order to function) come with recurring monthly billing. This means that you’ll be earning an ever-growing passive income from multiple sources.

It’s made a tremendous difference in my life, and all I have to do is send my subscribers to a 100% FREE training program that can help them improve their financial world. Everyone wins!

Oh, and the FREE training, while it does promote the Partner program from time to time, is really applicable to non-MMO niches. It’s not circular. People can use Chuck’s training to enter the sushi niche, the summer swimwear niche, the tinnitus niche, or succeed in any market of their choice.

This is huge… and it’s refreshing.

But it’s still very much a biz-opp. 🙂

Anyway, you can check it out by clicking here.

These days, it’s really the only one I stand behind.

Okay, ready to close this out? Let’s talk about…

Crypto – Am I Insane?

Crypto is a very risky investment.

But you know what they say… with big risks typically come big rewards.

I don’t invest much. Just what I can afford to lose. If I send an email to my list and it makes me $500, I might throw $100 into a cryptocurrency, as I know that it’s possible to become filthy rich at some point in the future. Not guaranteed. Far from it. But the “maybe” is good enough for me.

Is it a gamble?

For sure.

Is it the same as putting all of your chips on “Black 29” at the roulette table? Is it the same as buying a lottery ticket? Is it the same as flipping a coin?

Nope, not even close.

It’s not even close to that level of gambling. And this is simply because you don’t need to go in blind. You can research your chosen project ad nauseum, and if there’s anything about it AT ALL that you don’t like… don’t invest!

But if you see true potential, you come to like and trust the team around it, the general buzz is optimistic for good reasons (not just a bunch of hype and hot air), then you may wish to consider it.

As with a lottery ticket, the payoff you receive for even a miniscule investment can be staggering.

With most traditional investments, you would be extremely lucky to earn 10%, 15%, or even 20% per year on your money. In crypto, within that same year, you can 5x, 10x, 100x, or even 1000x your money!

Hell, some projects (aka tokens… or, if they’re on their own blockchain, coins) can even have you seeing returns of 10,000 times or more within a few years. Dogecoin recently went 3500x. In its early stages, Shiba Inu was trading at $0.000000000056 (yes, that’s TEN zeros!), only to reach an ATH (all-time high) of $0.000038!

That’s a mind-boggling 678,571x return!

If you bought $100 worth of SHIB at its all-time low and sold it at its all-time high, you’d have turned your hundred bucks into $67,857,100! A thousand bucks, and that’d be 670 million dollars!

Obviously, had you bought $10k worth and sold at its ATH, you’d be a multi-billionaire right now.

But let’s not cry over lost opportunities…

Because in crypto, these kinds of opportunities exist everywhere, especially when it comes to low-price, low market cap projects. Yes, these are the riskiest of the bunch. But you only need to pick one winner to change your life.

And like I said, you don’t have to go in blind.

You can research the project, the team, and the overall sentiment of your project.

Here’s a Great Crypto Strategy…

  1. Research a few NEW, low-price, low-cap projects that you like.
  2. Pick the one you like the most, and invest $100.
  3. Cross your fingers (it is a gamble) that it doubles.
  4. Once it does, cash out your $100, and leave the other $100 worth invested.
  5. With the $100 cash you withdrew, reinvest in another project.
  6. When that project doubles, pull $100, leave $100 invested.
  7. Rinse and repeat.

The beauty of this strategy is that it’s the perfect combination of short-term and long-term. With each hundred bucks worth of tokens that you leave invested, you’re increasing your chances of hitting a blockbuster that makes you filthy rich.

But because you’re constantly pulling out your initial investment, you’re not going out of pocket to invest in new projects. Kinda slick, right?

Of course, it won’t always work this way.

You’ll pick a few losers that simply don’t double your initial investment. In these situations, go ahead and invest another $100 out of pocket. It will, provided the crypto market as a whole doesn’t crash to death (not likely), ultimately come out in the wash.

I recently learned this strategy in Aiden Corkery’s new Crypto Cowboys course, which I highly recommend. When you grab it through my link, I’ll also include my bonus “Passive Income Crypto,” which will show you how I’m earning COMPOUND INTEREST on my crypto investments! 🙂

Total game-changer.

What’s great about Crypto Cowboys is that it walks you through the entire process, even if you’re a crypto newbie! You’ll learn the exact steps to take to not only buy and trade crypto, but also to set up your wallet, minimize your risks via stop-losses, and all kinds of things to protect you and your investments to the highest degree possible.

It’s literally the best crypto training I’ve ever seen!

You can pick it up here.

Alright, let’s finish this up…

My Overall Recommended Strategy…

We’ve covered a lot today.

I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

At the end of the day though, simplicity is still gonna win out. You’re not gonna read a long-ass article full of tips and tricks… and then take the actions required to actually change your life.

I really don’t want this to be your fate.

So let me do my best to spell out your ideal process, succinctly…

  1. Set up a funnel. Try my Passiveclass for FREE!
  2. Load up as many emails as possible. Options have been provided above.
  3. Do content marketing (if you can) or buy solo ads to bring traffic to your funnel.
  4. ALWAYS be building that list. Never stop!
  5. To your list, promote quality offers (again, my and Matt’s emails do this for you).
  6. If you’re brave, pick up Crypto Cowboys and invest some of your IM profits into crypto.
  7. Launch products of your own once you’ve enjoyed some success. (Optional)
  8. Once your crypto investments make you rich, quit IM and go live your life! 😉

This is what I’m doing, anyway.

Let me know in the comments below if you plan to join me.

Always a pleasure,


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