My 2019 Earnings… Not Impressive… But Totally Impressive!

2019 was my worst year as an internet marketer. 🙁

2019 was my best year as an internet marketer. 🙂

Lemme ‘splain…

It Was My Worst Financial Year Since 2012:

Bad Year

I’ve been clearing 6 figures like a mofo since my first product hit the market in early 2013, earning me “WSO of the Day” and resulting in over 10k in profits.

From there, I never looked back, launching dozens of products, winning 19 awards, and earning plenty of income… enough to support myself and my son… and have a whole lot of fun in the process.

I never looked back, that is…

Until last year.


What the Hell Changed In 2019?

I changedMe. I changed. Kind of.

I have almost debilitating social anxiety. I don’t like being in the limelight. I only do this shit because I have to. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sharing my experiences and helping folks… I really do.

My anxiety ain’t by choice, kimosabe. It’s not because I don’t “prefer” social interactions and people in general.

A part of me loves them.

Rather, it’s undeniably biochemical. No “negative thoughts” required. And no “thinking my way out of it” solves it. My stomach and chest are constantly locked in a state of “fight or flight.” It’s exhausting. It’s often debilitating.

Most days, all I want to do is curl up in a ball and avoid the world.

Even writing this blog post is an effin’ struggle. Especially since I’m sharing personal shit.

Luckily, I have a good disposition otherwise. A good relationship with self. A decent enough sense of humor. Smarts. You know, that kinda junk. 🙂

I'm Smart!

As such, I will myself to press forth, even if it goes against my biochemical wishes. Even if it makes me feel like freaking the freak out inside. Even if it makes me short of breath.

I’ve done pretty well in spite of my affliction.

But I started growing tired of the obligation to do so… of constantly fighting gravity. And so I decided to, at least partially, take myself out of the limelight. To stop wearing the hat of an online guru. To just be Lee…

But to maintain profitability.

In other words, I wanted to make a livable online income without having to constantly launch new products and badger my email subscribers, etc. I just wanted to profit, while still being quietly helpful.

Have I Been Successful In This Endeavor?

Have I Been Successful?

Yes and no.

I’ve taken a massive pay cut. In fact, I’ve often been worried about covering my monthly cost of living.

But I’ve willingly put myself in this situation, as I know it’s only temporary. I’m in a rebuilding phase. And I wanna do things smarter overall.

Let me share an industry secret with you.

Most product creators are stressed. We launch, enjoy a nice income, mail offers to our lists until they dry up, and then launch again. Our launches are full of affiliate recruitment (near-begging) and performing exhausting tasks…

  • Creating the product.
  • Creating the JV page and document.
  • Fishing for affiliate support.
  • Creating at least 3 OTO’s.
  • Creating sales pages for each offer (a HUGE undertaking).
  • Putting the offer together in WarriorPlus or JVZoo.
  • Creating swipes and resources for affiliates.
  • Advertising our launch on Muncheye, FB groups, etc.
  • Creating bonuses for ourselves.
  • Creating bonuses for our affiliates.
  • Putting together a backend (coaching, DFY, etc.) offer.
  • Creating all of the sales materials for our backend.
  • Running a prelaunch campaign with our own lists.
  • Running a launch campaign with our own lists.
  • Creating email lists for each portion of our offer.
  • Creating email follow-ups for each portion of our offer.

Like I said, exhausting.

And we do this for EACH AND EVERY LAUNCH!

Which would be fine if we were creating something with longevity. But we seldom/never are.

Within months (sometimes weeks), our products are in a virtual graveyard… only to enjoy a little pop here and there when a new affiliate finds them in W+ or JVZoo… or when we offer some “Black Friday” type of special in an effort to revive an older product for a few days.

Which is obviously pretty rare.

Otherwise, we bust our asses for a one-time income pop.

If we’re smart, we offer a recurring membership on the back end. But even then, we’ve essentially created a job for ourselves. Even if it’s outsourced, we still need to manage our team.

It’s never fully passive.

So I wised up. And yes, I took a massive pay cut in doing so. But I’m glad I did.

Breaking the vicious “launch cycle” was important to me.

Now, even though I do struggle financially, I feel more free.

And like I said, the struggle is temporary. In 2020, I’ll earn more than I ever have. 🙂

I’ll Still Launch… But With a NEW Focus:

A New Focus

If you’re familiar with my more recent works (“Gutter to Gold,” in particular), then you know that I’ve come to really enjoy the biz opp world.

Here’s why…

  1. It’s honest. We all know why we’re there. We’re helping each other profit.
  2. You can build a team that continues to build your team.
  3. Your business/income can grow without your participation.
  4. Your commissions are recurring. Your income is predictable.
  5. Biz opp creators advertise FOR YOU!
  6. You needn’t fulfill any customer support or delivery.
  7. There are high-ticket implications. 🙂

But on its own, biz opp isn’t enough.

There’s still the “little” matter of traffic generation.

And surely, traffic generation isn’t passive… right? You’ve gotta work (or pay) for your traffic… right?

Well yeah. But…

Would you rather always have to actively drive traffic… or build traffic machines that continually drive traffic for you for years to come… long after you’ve stopped working?

Yeah, me too. 🙂

Enter: Blogging.

Blogging is the key.

And while I will still, as I mentioned, launch products (it’s too valuable of a tool to scrap completely)…

And while the products I do launch will largely be centered around biz opps…

Blogging has FAR more longevity than do product launches. I already explained that launches provide you with short-term bursts of traffic.

But a blog gives you forever traffic.

2 blogsSo, as I’ve stated in previous posts, I’m building two blogs in 2020.

1. The one you’re on right now…

2. And a non-money blog, in the ketogenic diet niche.

I’ll be sharing my process and results with you here on the site!

But as I already set things in motion in 2019, I’d like to share my initial results with you.

After all, that’s what this particular blog post is really all about.

So I’ll go ahead and share my 2019 income with you, as some of this income was generated from blogging… and a very LARGE portion of it was generated with biz opp. This is very exciting stuff, amigo.

Just remember, it’s a huge pay cut I’ve taken. 2019 sucked compared to my previous 6-figure years. But it’s the start of something new, so I’m cool with it.

My 2019 Earnings…

I’ve been earning a passive income from multiple sources…

  1. Aweber affiliate program
  2. GetResponse affiliate program
  3. Global Domains International
  4. My Lead Gen Secret
  5. Moolavine
  6. Covert Commissions
  7. My Online Startup
  8. 5iphon Reloaded
  9. Funnel Franchise
  10. My own products
  11. Google Adsense
  12. Clickmagick affiliate program
  13. Clickfunnels affiliate program

I won’t show you earnings from each one of these individually. I will for some, if they’re standalone income sources.

But if a few of them can be found in the WarriorPlus marketplace, for example, then I’ll just show you my total WarriorPlus stats and tell you which products are represented.

Also, these stats won’t cover coaching revenues, which is 100% active income.

Alright, here we go…

1. The Aweber Affiliate Program:

Aweber affiliate program earnings

$248.70 Total

2. The GetResponse Affiliate Program:

GetResponse affiliate program earnings

GetResponse affiliate results part 2

$1998.11 Total

3. Global Domains International:

Global Domains International GDI earnings

$1499.88 Total

4. My Lead Gen Secret:

$1701.00 Total

5. and 6. Moolavine and Covert Commissions:

Moolavine Earnings Covert Commissions Earnings

$1108.30 Total

7. My Online Startup:

My Online Startup Results

My Online Startup Earnings

*Clickbank stats only allow you to check back 3 months for individual sales, but just about everything I’d earned via Clickbank last year was from MOS. I can think of no exceptions. Also, I’m gonna add $1000 because I had two upgrade commissions of $500 each which were paid to me directly via PayPal.

$2491.33 Total

8. and 9. Funnel Franchise, 5iphon, etc. on W+:

5iphon Earnings, Funnel Franchise Earnings, WarriorPlus Earnings

$10,340.93 Total

10. My Own Products:

Lee Murray Products

*This figure isn’t accurate, in terms of what I actually pocketed. Remember, I have hundreds of affiliates to pay… both via commissions and leaderboard winnings. If I were to guess how much of this 31k I kept for myself, I’d say between $8000 and $10,000… let’s say $9000.

$9000 Total

10. Google Adsense:

Earnings negligible. Maybe 20 bucks. 🙂

11. ClickMagick Affiliate Program:

Clickmagick Affiliate Program Earnings

$1765.95 Total

12. Clickfunnels Affiliate Program:

*This was all earned in 2019.

$545.60 Total

GRAND TOTAL – $30,698.85

Like I said, crappy year. Absolutely horrendous. Totally awesome. 🙂

31k is better than nothing. Hell, some folks work 40-50 hours a week and don’t earn that much. I made this money essentially coasting. Launched a couple of products with next to no affiliate support.

Shot out a few emails here and there.

I mostly just focused on trying to renovate my mental health. I still have a LONG way to go in that department. I was mostly pretty lazy though.

In 2020, I’ll be anything but.

And I expect to pull in many times 2019’s numbers. 🙂

So What’s the Very Next Step?

Well, I’ve got bills to pay. I’m sure you can’t relate.

So I do need a nice income pop. I can’t play in the kiddie pool right now. Gots ta go deep, kimosabe.

I need a quick 4-5 grand.

So right now, I’ve gotta go with what I know… what got me here in the first place. And that’s launching products and mailing offers to my list.

So for the next 7-10 days, I’m gonna go hard.

I’m creating two products: “Weight Loss Niche Domination 2” and “King of the Internet.” I’ll also find the best new products on the market and promote them to my customers and subscribers…

Two emails a day.

Yep, it’s aggressive, but sometimes you just gotta be aggressive.

But Then, It’s All About Blogging!

In truth, since “King of the Internet” is all about blogging, I’ll be killing two birds with one stone by actually building my blogging businesses on camera.

Hint: Always seek to accomplish multiple goals with each action you take.

My next few posts here will be good’ns. Really good.

I’ll be blogging about launching products in a way that almost anyone can do, even if you’re not an expert. I’ll also be showing you the ULTIMATE keyword research strategy.

Moreover, I’ll be showing you how to share next-level content… very, very easily!

It’s all coming soon, my friend. So keep your eyes peeled. 🙂

Wanna Help Me With My 5k Goal?

I thought so. You are pretty sweet… and you look incredible. 😉

But for real, if you’d like to help support my efforts here, and you’re looking to make yourself a fortune in the process, I do have a DFY offer for you to check out. Very good stuff!

Watch the Video Here>>

Thanks for stopping by.

Please comment below. Suggest a topic you’d like me to cover and/or let me know if you’re incorporating blogging into your own online money-making endeavors this year.

Talk more soon! 🙂

15 Comments on “My 2019 Earnings… Not Impressive… But Totally Impressive!”

  1. Thanks for your earnings post, Lee! I appreciate you being so transparent and honest. I see it not very often these days… I wish you you earn much more in 2020! (me as well :))

    1. Hey Marian! Thanks for the well-wishes… I have my own for you. As of this moment, you and I are in full control of our destinies. May as well show up to the future with some fat stacks of cash, right? 🙂

      I appreciate you, brother.

  2. Goodbye to “launch lee” and hello to “blogger Lee” I’m sure you’ll do really well with your new blogs. You write some awesome blog posts, they’re informative, entertaining and have a personal touch.
    I’m looking forward to follow this blog, maybe I can get some ideas for my own blog.

    May the force be with you

    1. Thanks Stefan!

      Goodbye to launch DEPENDENT Lee. I’ll still do a few launches here and there. Nice, big income pops are always nice. I very much appreciate the compliment. I hope I give you tons of useful ideas!

    1. Shit, man. It was honestly pretty easy to do. Take a look at, see if that helps.

      The thing is, you need a kickoff event to give yourself some initial leads. A product launch would be great. I’m about to do a blog post talking about product launching. Maybe it’ll interest you.

      Thanks for the comment!

    1. You know I always appreciate you, Kam. And I know that you know what’s up when it comes to the vicious “launch cycle” game. Thing is, while launches are valuable, we really can’t afford to treat them as the end game. They’re just another (and perhaps the best) form of lead acquisition.

      Cheers to you, brother.

  3. Awesome blog post,

    I am subbed to your list now and looking forward to learning more about launching and blogging for biz opp leads in 2020..

    This strategy could work out great for me, as I have experience in SEO and want to get into the MMO space.

    Thanks for keeping 100% with us Lee.

    Daniel Douglas

  4. Hi Lee, super awesome breakdown of everything.

    31K really ain’t bad, more so seeing as how you weren’t really going all out.

    And btw just a question; I was thinking of putting more focus on YouTube, but I see you stated you’ll be doing it with blogging. Will YouTube also be in your strategy?

    About Keto niche, that’s an awesome one. And a buyers market. Saw fair results with it during 2019, with 1% effort.

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