My Plan for 2020… Wanna Join Me?

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Happy New Year 2020


I’ve got a few new tricks up my sleeve for 2020, and I’d love to have you join me in making this the most profitable year either of us has had yet!

Here’s what I’m doing…

They say that the three most powerful markets you can get into are health, wealth, and love. So I’m doing all three! Let me break it down.

I’m Running THREE Blogs/Businesses In 2020!

  1. This blog (
  2. A brand new low-carb diet blog
  3. A dating/relationship blog, with a focus on “red pill” thinking

I’ll be building throughout the entire year. I’ll be building my diet blog for the first six months. Of course, this leaves the second six-month stretch for my relationship/dating blog.

Each of these three projects/businesses will have a corresponding YouTube channel and social media presence. If you don’t want to take it that far, no worries!

Just blog a little each day. Follow my lead.

Eventually, you should be able to pull in some extraordinary, passive, 100% FREE search engine traffic!

Here’s My Schedule…

Make Money Online ScheduleI will work 6 hours per day, 5 days per week. Pretty standard schedule; nothing remotely grueling.

I’ll split my days directly in half… 3 hours for my money-niche business, 3 hours for my health/relationship business.

Easy math. I like it. 🙂

I don’t feel that I necessarily need a “specific time of day” schedule, although I have been working very hard at becoming a morning person.

In fact, it’s 8am where I live, and I’ve been up for about three hours at this point.

2020. Go me.

So I think that I’ll work on my IM/MMO stuff in the very early morning (say 5am-8am, no breaks)…

Then, take a 2-hour break and work from 10am to 1pm, building out my diet blog for the first 6 months, and my relationship/dating blog for the second 6 months.

Included in my 3 hours for the MMO/IM niche will be the following tasks…

  • Providing you and the world with the best content I can right here on this blog.
  • Building out Funnel Five and creating massive success stories.
  • Promoting WarriorPlus and/or JVZoo products to my email list and blog visitors.
  • Creating and launching new products.
  • Coaching.

I may designate coaching for a separate time slot, actually, as I should probably use my 3 hours to generate new income, and not work for payments I’ve already received. So yeah, no coaching during my 3 hours.

Just pure future-building. 🙂

And as for My Diet Business…

  • I’ll document my own 6-month journey with a low-carb diet.
  • I’ll do this via daily blog posts, and occasional videos.
  • I’ll research and answer specific questions via posts/videos.
  • I won’t let a day go by without hitting “publish.” 😉

For both businesses, I’ll be building email lists and sending my email traffic back to my best blog posts. I’ll let my blogs do all of the product promotion for me. Rarely will I direct-promote to my lists.

I find that using the power of email marketing in conjunction with the relationship-building and multi-monetization aspects of blogging to be the best possible combination.

Your list will appreciate you much more, and you can make money even if you’re not making sales (via ad revenues, CPA, PPL, and the like). This is definitely the way to go, which is why I’m going this way. 😉

So WHAT Will I Be Doing… Specifically?

Well, to be honest, when it comes to blogging for the sake of organic traffic, I’ll be following the Project 24 process. I’ll also be injecting my own “King of the Internet” strategy as well.

(KOTI is my upcoming product release.)

Of course, I will be employing different strategies for my IM business than I will be for my diet business. They’re just two completely different animals… I’m already well-established in the MMO/IM space, and I plan to use that to my advantage at every turn.

So the real test will be the diet biz, where I’m not a “guru” or whatever. I’m just some overweight jackass who’s gonna share himself getting lean over a period of six months. 🙂

Diet Niche

I’m definitely gonna be sharing my ongoing results (in BOTH of these niches) with you right here on! Because it’s good for you to see the truth, and to clearly see, in real time, that there is a big difference between the IM niche and all other niches.

Huge difference.

For me personally, I’m breaking these two niches into two different categories. The IM niche will cover my cost of living (including leisure/enjoyment) as well as my future income… while the diet blog will be focused almost solely on financing my future.

“Right Now” Money vs. “Tomorrow” Money:

Let me make a declaration…

If you need money NOW (or sooner than later), then go into the IM/MMO niche.

Nothing else is even close to as fast when it comes to making money with your blog.

Here are 5 reasons why…

  1. You can “launch jack.” This means that you can blog about brand new products that hit the market (or that are about to hit the market) that have almost ZERO competitiveness in the search engines (Google and Youtube).

    If you “review” just one or two of these new releases each day (which should only take a couple of hours max), you can quickly begin pulling in great search traffic almost overnight, and earning commissions just as quickly.
  2. You can launch products on WarriorPlus and/or JVZoo. This will allow you to build your buyers list immediately. Each day, you can send these buyers back to your new blog posts (reviews or otherwise) and start making life-changing income post haste.
  3. You can build a freebie list rapidly. Moreso than in any other niche, there are a plethora of ways to build your email list in the IM/MMO space, including (but not limited to) solo ads, giveaways, launch bonuses, My Lead Gen Secret, safelists, PTC sites, and much more.

    As with your own product launches, building an email list allows you to send people back to your blog daily. And remember, the quality of the leads doesn’t have to be top-notch, especially if you’re monetizing your blog with ads, in addition to affiliate offers.
  4. You can promote VIRAL biz-opps! This is MAJOR. And while it doesn’t necessarily lend itself to the speed of your initial earnings, it can clearly accelerate the speed at which your income absolutely explodes.

    Promoting programs like MLGS and Global Domains International can have other people building your business (and income) for you… even while you sleep!

    I’m currently earning around $700/mo. passively with these two programs, not even lifting a finger… while other people continue to do all of the work. I’ve done almost nothing. With my daily blogging and email marketing schedule of 2020, I intend to grow this passive income to 10k per month in the next 12 months.

    Go to to get signed up. I give you full video tutorials inside. 🙂
  5. It’s a “people helping people” niche. It’s very easy to form partnerships in the IM/MMO space. When everybody has the goal of making money, you may find yourself forming very lucrative partnerships. Product developers, Facebook groups, solo ad vendors, forum participants…

    If you’re in any niche other than IM/MMO, you don’t get this. People are trying to help you (and each other) lose weight, or get laid, or improve your golf swing, or whatever. Only in IM/MMO are people trying to help each other make money.

    This is especially true when you’re involved in multi-tier affiliate programs, like those mentioned above. But even in standard internet marketing, you’ll just find JV partnerships and other lucrative opportunities falling in your lap, provided you’re putting in the work.

As you can see, it’s easy to shortcut your success manyfold when you operate within the “make money online” space. And if you’re doing it right, and blogging like a boss, you’ll still be able to enjoy long-term, passive search engine traffic as well.


It ain’t all good.

I don’t perceive the long-term implications of IM/MMO to be NEARLY as powerful as those of many other niches. And there’s one predominant reason for this…

This Niche Moves REAL DAMN FAST!

There are dozens of new products hitting the market DAILY.

Methods and technology that’s hot as hell today will be obsolete and frowned upon tomorrow.

Most of the “launch jacking” products you review today will only be searched for in Google for 2-3 weeks tops… then, they’ll die.

Things just change so fast in this space, it can be difficult to confidently hand your future over to it.

This is why, while I’m certainly gonna do everything in my power to achieve longevity (i.e. Google rankings) with this blog, I also realize that a touch of diversification is in order, which is why in 2020 I’ll be building two additional blogs in two additional niches.

Diet is pretty timeless. Dating and relationships are, too.

Sure, things change in these niches, as well. But not nearly at the same rate. And not nearly as dramatically.

I mean, to be fair, IM is still the same at its core… create amazing, well-monetized content, build a large, highly-responsive email list, send your list to your content, and Bob’s your uncle.

But it’s loud. Very, very loud.

Domain flipping. Arbitrage. Offline. Consulting. Fiverr. PLR. Membership sites. Paid subscriptions. MLM. CPA. Amazon stores. Dropshipping. Teespring. Surveys. Blogging. YouTube. Web 2.0. Social marketing. Direct mail. Traffic exchanges. Solo ads. Guest posting. Product reviews. Product creation. Launch bonus traffic. Giveaways. Pay-Per-Call. Pay-Per-Click. Pay-Per-Lead. Pay-Per-View…

Exhausted yet?

I almost threw up typing all that shit. 😀

With diet, it’s simple. It never changes.

  1. Decide if you wanna eat animals or not.
  2. Cut out processed nonsense.
  3. Drink more water.

From that point, it’s just a matter of harnessing your psychology and making your healthy changes habitual… and ideally, permanent.


In this niche, you can find a product or diet that you believe in, and blog about it for YEARS. Or, at least, blog about it for months, resting assured that your information will still be useful, relevant, and in-demand for years.

The same applies for dating and relationships. Be nice, but not too nice. Be loving, but never needy or clingy. Keep things fresh and exciting. Put yourself and your purpose first. Walk away from those who pull back from or leave you (never chase a disinterested person).

This will never change.

Am I Making Sense?

Sure, with these non-money niches, you don’t have all of the “right now income” advantages afforded to you in IM/MMO… but you may have more longevity.

And your content can be less motivated by financial gain, and more motivated by actually caring about something arguably deeper.

Of course, weight loss and dating/relationships aren’t your only alternatives. Feel free to blog about whatever moves you, provided (obviously) that there’s money to made within that space.

Hobbies that you have a personal interest in can end up making AMAZING niches!

Consider Things Like…

  • Cooking
  • Athletics
  • Music
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Motorcycles/RVs/etc.
  • Woodworking

Basically anything that you’re really into… or really want to get into… is fair game.

The main point I’m trying to get across to you is that with IM/MMO, you can pay today’s bills. With other niches, you can pay tomorrow’s bills. Of course, if you use your IM/MMO blog to promote Funnel Five, then you get the best of both worlds in a BIG way.

But even still, I recommend adding at least one additional niche to the equation, if you’ve got the time and energy for it. And remember, you can always outsource content, too! 🙂

We’ll leave that for another day though.

My purpose in creating this post is simply to let you know what I’m up to, and to invite you to follow along with me and build out a niche site or two of your very own, using my process as inspiration.

I know I’ve said a mouthful here. And I’ve perhaps been a bit “all over the road.”

So let me summarize and reign this in…

My 2020 Game Plan:

  1. Publish a new diet article daily. Follow Project 24.
  2. Share my process and any new discoveries right here on the site… daily!
  3. Send a daily email to both my customer list and MLGS leads (each email leads to my latest post).
  4. Send a daily email to my weight loss list.
  5. On July 1, 2020… switch from weight loss to dating/relationships.
  6. Continue sharing my process/results here on the site… daily! 🙂
  7. Create & launch at least 4 new products.

And that’s it!

If you’re not already a member, I highly recommend that you take a look at Project 24. It’s not cheap, but it’s easily the best training you’ll ever receive when it comes to creating a realistic passive income…

Without there being a close 2nd.

It’s the best I’ve ever seen.

By the way, any purchases you make through my affiliate links help me to keep this ball rolling. It also helps me feed my kid, which is good, because I freakin’ HATE the sound of crying. I do appreciate your support. 🙂

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Thanks so much for reading. It’s great to be back here at, and like I said, you can expect this to be a daily thing. I’ll be posting here daily, sharing my process, results (both failures and successes), thoughts & feelings (awwww), and so much more with you.

I’ll also be doing videos. Cuz I know y’all wanna see a white boy. 😉

Please comment below. Let me know that you’re in for 2020!

Thanks again,


P.S. Be sure to check out my top 5 products of 2019 list here.

Thanks and enjoy!

5 Comments on “My Plan for 2020… Wanna Join Me?”

  1. Thanks for sharing your plan with us, Lee!
    I like how you see things for 2020. Simple, yet no-nonsense and sounds far more effective than other people want us to think!
    You sure make me want to do more with my own blog.
    I love the idea of sharing more through my blog then send my people there. I used to spend countless hours writing emails trying to convince people to buy… No wonder I don’t feel to write blog posts after that and I don’t see “incredible” results as expect! Blog posts last far longer than emails!
    Thanks again Lee 😉

    1. Absolutely, Stephanie!

      Email marketing combined with blogging is so, so powerful… especially if you’re also monetizing with ads. 🙂

      Blogging keeps fresh leads coming in. Email marketing keeps those leads coming back. Perfect combo!

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Loving the content and strategies Lee,

    I am building out a non-MMO Authority Site using the Authority Hacker Pro training but started launch jacking and building a personal brand in the MMO/IM space to get some now money, plus I enjoy the speed it moves at.

    I am publishing a daily YouTube video with the intent to have them transcribed and edited to be repurposed as blog posts for Pinterest and Google SEO traffic.

    Super keen to see your sites grow and watch you leverage your content as value-based emails for your subs.

    Blogging For Biz Opps in 2020…

    All the best

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