My Top 5 “Make Money Online” Products… These Are HOT!

Welcome from Lee MurrayAs I stated in my previous blog post, I’m committed to creating lots of fresh, useful, ongoing content here on the ol’ blog-a-saurus rex.

So here I am. 🙂

Today, I thought I’d go ahead and share my top 5 IM/MMO products with you. I’ll explain why each one has made the list, and how it’s helped me with my own biz.

Sound cool?

I hope so, ‘cuz I’m doing it no matter what. 🙂

What This List Is Not:

No Get Rich Quick Stuff HereThis list will not include biz opps and/or affiliate opportunities. I’ll be creating a separate top 5 list for those.

Instead, this list will be standalone products that I’ve purchased for my own personal use.

These won’t be “get rich quick” products, either, as the bulk of those tend to suck ass.

If they didn’t, I wouldn’t be spending all of my time and energy writing this blog post… I’d be having a drunken threesome on a cruise ship. I’d be rich as hell, baby! 😀

But alas, here I am. And so we’ll have to keep our feet on dry land and get our damned heads outta the clouds… for now, anyway.

These Are Real Tools and Real Strategies…
For Real People!

Internet Marketing That Works for Real People

And by “real people,” I mean those of us who are willing to perform honest tasks online, in an effort to give others genuinely valuable experiences while filling our own bank accounts.

In other words, we’re willing to work.

If you’re not willing to work, then you have no business attempting to make money online.

  • This doesn’t mean that you need to constantly bust your ass like a freak.
  • It doesn’t mean you need to be a technical genius or someone with unlimited time and energy.
  • And it certainly doesn’t mean that you need to KEEP working.

My goal is (and yours should be) to create a passive income network that supports us and our families for many years to come.

Not for life, mind you. That’s unrealistic.

Who the hell knows what the state of internet marketing will be 5 or 10 years from now, let alone 20 or 30? Nobody, that’s who. And as such, we can’t hang our hats on IM to sustain us indefinitely.

What I am seeking to do is to create an absolutely ridiculous amount of investment capital that will take care of my family forever. So a few million over the next 2-3 years.

And hey, if the income keeps coming in beyond that, great! If not, no sweat. 🙂

So now that you get a bit of my own personal philosophy, and can hopefully dig where I’m coming from, let’s get into that top 5 list…

My Top 5 Favorite IM Products:

#5 – TubeTraffic Machine

TubeTraffic Machine

This is a semi-automated video blogging plugin. It pulls in video content from YouTube (via channels that we specify from within the tool) and automatically creates blog posts centered around those videos.

Of course, I’m not a fan of full automation because it seldom produces great results. And as such, I recommend that you actually go into your video posts, watch the videos, take notes, and actually use those notes AS your written blog content.


What’s cool is that the software actually pulls the video thumbnails, overlays a nice play button over them, and then uses them as featured images, thus populating the homepage of your site with gorgeous thumbnail images.

Even more badass…

This tool can send out Facebook messages, Tweets, etc. to your social following every time a new video is published. This gives you built-in, automated traffic!

Just go in and grow those social accounts, and let TubeTraffic Machine take care of the rest.

TubeTraffic Machine Video

Watch the Video Here>>

It’s a quality product that can save you countless hours over time. And the end result is visually appealing, can have you earning lots of free traffic, and provides your blog with great content.

Even better, this tool works in ANY NICHE!

Alright, moving along…

#4 – One Minute Traffic Machines

One Minute Traffic Machines Rhodes Brothers

This strategy resets the clock.

It makes “old-school” article marketing relevant again.

You can pull in lots of fast, high-quality traffic to any offer of your choice by simply writing short articles on a specific web 2.0 site.

Not only do the Rhodes Brothers reveal this free-to-use web 2.0 site, but they show you how to crank out great content in just a few short minutes per piece. The more of these little articles you write, the more money you stand to earn.

Here’s what’s really cool…

They show you how you can not only earn money from the web 2.0 site itself, but how you can also end up pulling in viral social traffic, and even growing your own social following without doing the whole “follow me and I’ll follow you back” thing.

It’s a truly great course, in my opinion, and I recommend it to anyone who’s willing to crank out lots of short little articles and get paid in a number of ways.

By the way, I recommend using this traffic to promote Funnel Five (

That can set your income on fire!

If this sounds like a winner, then click here to check out OMTM now!

I’m sure you’re gonna love this one…

Especially if you don’t like paying for traffic, creating massive articles, shooting videos, launching products, or waiting forever to start earning an income. 🙂

Alright, ready for my third-rated product? It was created by a seriously good-looking, smart, funny, and ultra humble human being. I mean, you’re gonna absolutely love this freakin’ guy.

Here goes…

#3 – Gutter to Gold (Full Funnel)

This is my own product (totally humble), and I recommend it because the strategy it teaches is not only a winning one for immediate income, but is LOADED with passive, recurring, and VIRAL implications.

How would you like to have an ARMY of people (who never met you or heard of you) earning YOU a vast multitude of passive income streams 24/7, even while you sleep?

In fact, what if this army of people didn’t just send you new sales and customers… but they also HELPED YOU TO CONTINUALLY BUILD YOUR ARMY? This is a big, big deal.

Building your own business online is liberating. It’s magical. Having hundreds or thousands of other people building it for you is just… plain… unbelievable. But it’s true.

And I show you precisely how to do it QUICKLY inside of the Gutter to Gold system.

To make matters even better, I’m currently running a special where you can pick up the entire funnel (including upgrades) for one very low price. And just my “Breakfast Embed” upgrade alone can change your life.

This is a very special system, if you don’t mind my saying so…

And I highly advise you to pick it up here. 🙂

Lee Murray Gutter to Gold

So what on Earth could be better than my own product?

How about a somewhat expensive, absolutely massive blogging course… and a WordPress plugin?

Let’s go…

#2 – Project 24

Project 24 Income School

The only reason I rank this one higher than my own is that this is literally the ULTIMATE blogging course on the web. I’ve never seen anything more complete, with creators/vendors who care so damned much.

It’s almost creepy how much these guys care.

If you check out their YouTube channel, you could become a wildly successful blogger just watching their free videos. So just imagine what they give you as a paid member.

With support, blog critiques, niche ideas, a 60-part course checklist, and tons of additional resources that NOBODY else is offering, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another training program on the internet that can even touch Project 24.

It’s the most professional system I’ve ever seen. Hell, it even kicks Wealthy Affiliate’s ass, in my opinion!

The best part is that it’s realistic… and real-world.

It’ll have you taking consistent action. And Jim, Ricky, and the gang will be with you every step of the way. They even share their own sites/niches with you. They 100% practice what they preach, and have created MASSIVE incomes with this stuff.

If you follow along with Project 24, I have no doubt that you can be pulling in a healthy five-figure PASSIVE monthly income within the next 24 months.

Project 24

Watch Jim’s Video Here>>

So this is my all-time favorite training program.

It’s just that good.

But my favorite overall product is actually a WordPress plugin.

Let’s check it out…

#1 – WP Auto Commissions

WP Auto Commissions

This monetization plugin is just amazing. Absolutely freakin’ amazing.

And I almost never use the word “amazing.” 😉

Here are just a few of the things it does (I have the Pro version, which I highly recommend. You can pick it up as OTO1)…

  • Create popups (ads, list building, video, etc.)
  • Create exit pops (with images, video, etc.)
  • Create slider ads
  • Insert Clickbank ads
  • Insert Amazon ads
  • Create your own image ads
  • Create two kinds of in-content ads
  • Create text ads
  • Create top header ads

Heck, I can’t even do this right now. It does too freakin’ much, and I’m doing you a huge disservice just listing crap off and expecting you to comprehend the power you’ll have.

So let’s just watch the demo video… 🙂

WP Auto Commissions Demo Video

Pick Up WP Auto Commissions Here>>

Remember, if you can afford the “Pro” version upgrade, get it!

After your initial purchase, you will be presented with the opportunity to do so, as well as a new demo video.

Totally worth it. 🙂

And That’s That, Amigo!

My top 5 overall internet marketing products on the market today. I hope this has helped you to make a beneficial decision about where to invest your money.

I realize that not everyone can afford all of these, and most people won’t be willing to shell out $300 for Project 24.

As such, I’d really like to help you figure out what to do if you happen to be on a budget.

Hell, even if you’re not on a budget, this should help immensely.

And by “help,” I mean it should result in an income.

That’s why we’re here, after all. Right? 😉

Here’s What You Should Do…

  1. Start a WordPress blog in the MMO/IM niche.
  2. Monetize the hell out of it with WP Auto Commissions.
  3. Promote Funnel Five for passive, viral income!
  4. Pick up my GTG special offer and follow OTO1 (included in offer).
  5. Follow the One Minute Traffic Machines free traffic plan.
  6. Send the OMTM traffic to your video blog posts (taught in step 4 above).
  7. Use TubeTraffic Machine to semi-automate your blog.
  8. (Optional) Follow P24 if you want your posts to rank in Google!

It may sound like a lot, but it’s really just a medium amount. Remember, we’re being realistic here. You’ll never get something for nothing. You’ve gotta put yourself out there.

The above action plan is THE BEST WAY I know of to do just that.

But If You’re Hopelessly Lazy…

  1. Send One Minute Traffic Machines traffic straight to Funnel Five.

And don’t even bother building a blog of your own.

Just write tons of short little articles and post to their “secret” web 2.0 site following their strategy. I can see this being quite effective, actually. Straight to the point. 🙂

Anyway, I Hope This Has Helped!

I want you to make money online.

I really do.

What I’ve just given you is the best way I know to do this outside of launching products. If you follow one of the two action plans laid out above, I have no doubt you’ll do well.

Possibly very well.

Maybe even “early retirement” well, if you hustle.

I’ll let you know when my “top 5 affiliate opportunities” list goes live.

Thanks for being here. 😉

– Lee

P.S. Please comment below, you little so and so.


5 Comments on “My Top 5 “Make Money Online” Products… These Are HOT!”

  1. Hello Lee,

    Thanks so much for putting this list together, it is much appreciated… just a quick question regarding earnings online – I understand that it all comes down to ‘putting in’ and to continually persevere with one’s plan and you have given us all a good start with that, but realistically what would an appropriate time frame be for one to earn dollars online, provided continual effort is made? Is it 3 months or 6 months or is it a year? What about aspects such as building an authority website whereby consumers may be more likely to buy from you that has most of the right aspects, such as: Great layout, a good niche, good keywords, good SEO and back links and all that techno stuff – this can be a little daunting in the beginning – I’d be very interested in your response,

    Regards, Graeme

    1. Hey Graeme!

      There are always things that you can do to shortcut your success. Launching products of your own will get you there in the quickest, most dramatic fashion.

      And remember, “products” don’t need to be info products or softwares. PLR works GREAT!

      I’ll be writing a new blog post about it in the coming days. But basically, you can simply launch a product on WarriorPlus and/or JVZoo, recruit a few affiliates, build a buyers list (and make a few bucks in the process), and then send your list to your latest blog posts.

      Rinse and repeat… until those Google rankings start bringing autopilot traffic into your business. Follow the Project 24 blogging pattern. If you can’t afford (or simply choose not to invest in) Project 24, then go to YouTube and start watching their videos (Income School).

      I’ll be embedding/sharing plenty of their videos right here as I progress.

      For the Google rankings, it can take approximately 6 months, provided you have plenty of posts and they’re all of really good quality.

      For the product launches, it can take… well, as long as it takes you to launch a product! 😉

      I hope this helps, brother. And thanks so much for the comment.

      1. As to your question about the specific aspects of an authority site that make it pop, that’ll be another post I share here in the coming days. Stay tuned! 😉

      2. Hey Lee! Thank you for your quick response… for some reason I hadn’t thought of PLR, as my own product and I do have some good quality PLR ‘pieces’ on my hard drive gathering dust, so I could do that, but would need some sort of process to work by – I’ll therefore look forward to your blog post about it in a few days or so.

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