New (Better) Partnership Structure… and EMAILS GALORE!

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Let’s talk about email marketing. Actually, first let’s talk about having me and my affiliates do all the marketing for you, while you just sit back and watch your bank account grow…

Day after day…

Week after week…

Month after month…

Year after year…

With absolutely zero work required from you!

Then, we’ll move on to what you can do (if you’re unable to jump on my opportunity today) to make EASY money online, with as little effort and brainpower as possible.

Sound good? Let’s roll…

Launching With Lee Revamped!

Launching With Lee Revamped

Alright, once my first installment of LUCK (Lee’s Ultimate Content Kits) goes live on December 6, so too will my new “Launching With Lee – 6 Months of LUCK” partnership.

This opportunity is the best thing I’ve ever offered online, without a close 2nd.

Here’s how it works…

For a 1-time investment of $2k, you’ll earn significant, passive, never-ending revenue in 5 different ways…

  1. 30% “never expire” JV contracts (3 of my 9 partners per launch)!
  2. Passiveclass list building and rotator marketing!
  3. Buyers list rotator links!
  4. My blog banners!
  5. My ongoing traffic, including YouTube, solo ads, and future launches!

30% JV Contracts (These Never Expire!):

I’ve got room for nine “Launching With Lee” partners per 6-month stretch. I’ve already got eight for December 2021 through the end of May 2022. So only one spot remains!

I had originally planned to create 10% rev share JV contracts for each partner, per launch. This is because WarriorPlus allows me to pay out up to 90% of any given offer’s profits to my JV partners. So obviously, nine parters at 10% rev share each gets us to this 90%.

However, in the process of setting things up, I unfortunately came to discover that I’m only permitted to create three contracts per offer… not nine.

So what I’ve decided to do is cycle through my nine partners, three at a time, creating 30% rev share contracts for each, rather than 10%.

… So the first group of three parters will (each) earn 30% of all LUCK #1 profits.
… The second group of three partners will (each) earn 30% of all LUCK #2 profits.
… The third group (each) earns 30% of all LUCK #3 profits.
… Then we’re back to the first group for LUCK #4.

These contracts never expire! So if you’re a 30% rev share partner on LUCK #1, then you’ll keep earning that 30% on all sales of LUCK #1, even 20 or 30 years from now!

And because LUCK is a product line, where people are encouraged to order as many packs as possible, then your LUCK #1 (and LUCK #4, and LUCK #7, etc.) packs will be promoted to people ordering LUCK #57, for example!

Yes, your partnership ends after 6 months…

But all that this means is that you won’t be participating in new launches (or affiliate rotators, explained below) after that 6 months, unless you reinvest with me.

However, all of your existing JV contracts will still remain active forever!

I hope this makes sense.

And to make sure that all partners are earning on each launch, I’ve recently added additional income streams, along with more earning sources. These are detailed below.

I think you’ll see that this is a far superior way to go.

I turned lemons into award-winning lemonade here, amigo! 🙂

Lee Murray Launching With Lee - 6 Months of LUCK

Alright, so let’s explore some of the other ways you’ll get paid…

Passiveclass List Building and Rotator Marketing:

Lee Murray Passiveclass

For each LUCK pack sold, my flagship “Passiveclass” system will be promoted via both the product access pages AND the follow-up email sequence (aka BUYERS LIST).

Well, each and every time that it is, it will be promoted via a special rotator link that cycles through all nine of my partners. Each partner link will actually lead to a squeeze page that I have built FOR YOU!

I’ll just need your autoresponder code, and you’ll be set!

This will build your list, promote all Passiveclass upgrades via YOUR affiliate link, and put people into my Passiveclass email follow-up series, which promotes select products of mine via – you guessed it – more affiliate rotators, with YOUR money links included!

So you’ll be getting…

  • Lots of QUALITY email leads, including many buyers!
  • Lots of passive upgrade commissions (I do all of the work)!
  • Lots of select affiliate commissions (I do all of the work)!
  • Access to all Passiveclass upgrades yourself (a $200 value)!
  • This includes 100% commissions on all upgrade sales!

Your spot in my Passiveclass and product rotators will be active from December 6, 2021 through May 31, 2022. This is, of course, unless you decide to reinvest in another 6 months on June 1.

By the way, your 2k participation fee will be grandfathered in, even after the big price increase happens in June… see below.

Okay, next benefit…

Buyers List Rotator Links:

Buyers List Rotator Links

In addition to your product rotator links being added to the Passiveclass follow-ups, they will also be promoted directly to my own buyers lists (over 20,000 customers), as well as my other email lists.

This perk alone is worth MORE than $5000 for your 6-month participation. But it’s just one small piece of the overall pie when you grab my final “Launching With Lee – 6 Months of LUCK” partnership spot for 2k today. 🙂


My Blog Banners:

Lee Murray's BlogYou’re on my blog right now.

So are many others.

All banners and promos on this site are done via affiliate rotator links, which I am now giving to all nine of my “Launching With Lee – 6 Months of LUCK” partners…

And to nobody else.

This blog is found via both my own marketing efforts and organic (passive) search traffic.

Passiveclass is also promoted here on this blog, which gives you the list building and passive income perks discussed above.

And finally…

My Ongoing Traffic (Including Future Affiliates):

Lee Murray Traffic

You get launch profits and passive affiliate commissions based on my own efforts…

  • Broadcast emails
  • Follow-up emails
  • Product access pages
  • YouTube videos
  • Blog posts
  • Solo ads

WarriorPlusBut you’ll also earn a GREAT income from the efforts of my affiliates, including WarriorPlus themselves! In fact, you’ll probably make MOST of your money, either directly or undirectly, from these affiliate efforts.

This is especially true because LUCK is an evergreen product line that can make a TREMENDOUS difference in the quality of people’s lives. I’m not just selling junk software… or strategies that nobody will ever use.

I’d go so far as to say that LUCK will be the greatest product that’s EVER been offered to anyone online!

Bold… and true.

>> See My Previous Post to Learn More!

The bottom line here is that traffic will be coming in from ALL OVER THE PLACE, including word of mouth. The product is unique, effective, and will keep working forever!

But not only will the traffic come in from all over the place… so will your income!

JV contracts, affiliate rotators, list building, Passiveclass upgrades, and future promotions… just to name a few. So please consider becoming my final partner, if this sounds like a winner. 🙂


Starting June 1, 2022… This Goes to $5000!

Launching With Lee Goes to $5000 June 1, 2022

As a final note on my “Launching With Lee – 6 Months of LUCK” opportunity, the price will more than double to $5000 for future partners. After all, I’m actually losing a lot of money doing this at only $2000.


All current partners will be locked in at $2000 from here on out, should they decide to reinvest in June.

I suspect most will. 🙂

So if you’d like to lock in at the $2000 participation fee, simply reply to the email that sent you here, or reach out to me directly at!

“But Lee, How Much Money Can I Make From This?”

How Much Money Can I Earn From Launching With LeeI’ve run “Launching With Lee” partnerships in the past… $2000 for a single product launch. The deal was “You invest $2000 now, I’ll put you in as a 30% rev share partner, and your contract will expire once you’ve made $2500.”

In many cases, the partner made their $2500 within the first 24 hours.

Please don’t expect this kind of result, as I’m no longer as aggressive as I used to be in terms of recruiting affiliates. But what I am saying is that if your result is only 1/5th of these numbers, you’ll be making many times your money back within our six month partnership.

Also, with those past partnerships, I didn’t offer affiliate rotators, Passiveclass perks, or ongoing promotions of any kind. Also…

Had each contract not expired once the partner reached $2500…

Said partner would have earned much more.

Your contracts (plural) never expire!

See the power here?

But you’ve gotta get in now. Like, today!

Again, I’ve only got one spot left for December 6, 2021 – May 31, 2021.

If you want it, you’ll need to act fast. 🙂

Lee Murray Launching With Lee - 6 Months of LUCK

Alright, moving along…

The Best Way to Make Money Online…

The BEST Way to Make Money OnlineIt should come as no surprise (especially if you’ve been around the industry for a while… and especially if you’ve followed my work) that list building and email marketing are king.

Building an email list and consistently following up with them can turn you into a millionaire.

The big problem?

Most folks don’t mail out consistently. As such, they don’t make any money. And as a result, they quit building their list because it feels like it’s not worth it.

After all, 0 results times 1000 effort (English much?) still equals 0 results (aah… math), right?

Obviously, that’s dumb. 🙂

More emails equals more chances to make money. This is why I keep REPEATEDLY hammering the point that you want to have HUNDREDS of promo emails loaded into your autoresponder. There’s no limit…

908 emails can earn you more than 907 emails can.

By adopting this mindset, you can put in a good, solid effort now… and then keep making money even if you take your foot off the gas. I mean, I know better than anyone that sending out emails on a daily basis can get a bit monotanous.

Hell, sometimes there’s simply nothing good to promote.

And I refuse to recommend bad products to my subscribers. As should you.

But if you have hundreds of emails loaded into your autoresponder, you can win big in two different ways, without constantly needing to find something new (and good enough) to promote.

And what are these two ways?

Firstly, your content can be what I call “specialty emails.” These are messages that directly promote industry-leading, evergreen offers (like GetResponse, Clickmagick, Udimi, etc)…

Secondly, you can load up generic, inspirational-type emails with basic calls to action (“Click here for something exciting,” “See today’s recommendation,” “See if this can help,” etc)…

Each hyperlinked with an affiliate rotator link*.

*You can use a software like ClickMagick to create a link rotator.

Link RotatorSimply grab 5-10 affiliate links for some products that you genuinely believe in. Add these links to your rotator. The rotator will cycle through your affiliate links.

Make sense?

So when you hyperlink your calls to action in your generic emails, you do so with just one main rotator link. Each time that link is clicked on, a different offer will display via your affiliate link. I hope this is clear.

Why this is such a great strategy is that you never have to go into your individual emails to swap out the links of dead or outdated products with new ones. Simply go into your rotator, remove the “bad” link, and add in a “good” one.

Or just add in a new link for a new product you’re excited about… and don’t remove any old ones, if they’re still good and viable!

The bottom line here is that the links in your emails will always be fresh and exciting, yet you never have to go into your individual emails to make that happen. All you ever need to fool with is a single rotator. Easy!

And in the case of your specialty emails, it’s a pretty safe bet that those direct product promotions will be viable for many years to come. I don’t see Aweber or Hostgator, for example, going anywhere any time soon.

Know what I mean?

How to Get Hundreds of Emails…

Hundreds of DFY Email Swipes

Luckily, you don’t have to write them all yourself.

Heck, you don’t have to write any of them yourself!

In addition to all of the DFY emails that I’ve personally created and sold (you can find many resources on this blog… see my sidebar), and all of the DFY emails included in all of my future LUCK launches, I’ve got an additional recommendation.

But first, what I don’t recommend…

I don’t recommend using vendor swipes, as these are typically very specific to the offer itself (and say things like “My good friend Ronny just released ____”)…

When you don’t even know who the f*** Ronny is! 😉

And these offers are generally “here today, gone tomorrow” types of endeavors, so it’s just a bad way to go.

As such, I definitely recommend my own emails, as they’re either generic, and ready for your rotator link, or they’re specialty emails promoting BIG BRANDS that have stood the test of time, and are very unlikely to become obsolete any time soon.

But I also recommend taking a look at this…

Matt Bacak 16k Swipes

Matt has made millions from email marketing, and he’s specifically made over 2 million from these DFY emails alone. This will add another 219 emails to your arsenal!

Remember, the more, the better!

1038 emails can make you more money than 1037 emails can.

Think without limits. 🙂

But How Can You Get Traffic to Build Your List?

How to Get Website Traffic to Build Your Email ListI hate answering this question.

The reason why is that I think people are always hungry for something NEW.

And my answers tend to disappoint in that respect.

I don’t believe in “new.” I believe in “time-tested.”

(There are always exceptions… I’m not irrational!)

But honestly, there are only five ways that I personally get traffic. They work very well for me.

My 5 Traffic Methods Are…

  1. Blogging (free)
  2. YouTube – mostly launch jacking (free)
  3. Product launch affiliate support (free)
  4. Solo ads (paid)
  5. Word of mouth, reputation (free)

Nothing else really compares, in my opinion. Social media gets a lot of people a lot of traffic, but I can’t stand it. I’m not interested in “relationship building,” honestly. I believe in helping people.

I Don't Like Social Media MarketingTo me, all of that social relationship-building nonsense is nothing more than pandering. “Let me pretend to be your friend so that one day you’ll buy something from me.”

Screw that. I’d rather be honest from the jump.

I’m a business person. Sure, I’m an ethical fella who genuinely wants to help folks in a big, profound way.

But I’ll do that by conducting business, and not by pretending to be your buddy.

I’m happy to be your friend, if it happens organically.

I’m not a jerk. 🙂

But I won’t pretend to be something I’m not in order to earn your business. Hopefully that makes sense.

And that’s, for better or worse, how I view social traffic.

But perhaps you enjoy social media.

Maybe you already spend lots of time on one or more of those platforms, and would love to monetize said time. Nothing at all wrong with that. It’s just not my jam.

I used to use niche forums and Craigslist for traffic also, but found them to be extremely time-consuming for such a short-term effect.

If I’m gonna work for my traffic, it’s gotta have lasting effect!

Blogging and YouTubing are great for this, especially if you’re not just launch jacking (doing product reviews of new, “here today, gone tomorrow” types of products).

Some launch jacking is great!

But try to incorporate some rankable evergreen content into your world, too.

The Traffic Strategy I Recommend…

Without hesitation, I tell you that my own “Breakfast Embed” and “Shiny Object Lemonade” systems are the best for most people. They’re both blogging systems that can be run concurrently, on the same blog.

In a nutshell, the “Breakfast Embed” strategy is…

  1. Find a good YouTube video in your niche.
  2. Use Ubersuggest or Ahrefs to find rankable keywords related to the video.
  3. Embed it into a blog post, ideally on your own self-hosted WordPress blog.
  4. Using your rankable keywords, write content pertaining to the video*.
  5. Optionally, add a few of my LUCK mini articles to beef up word count!
  6. Link to your squeeze page, as well as to various related affiliate offers.
  7. Add a short little email to your follow-ups, promoting this post.

Then, simply repeat these steps until you’ve got 30, 60, 100, or more of these blog posts created, with an equal number of emails loaded up to promote each one!

*The content can be as simple as providing your readers with a recap of what was said in the video. If you do have some original thoughts and opinions of your own to add, by all means, do so!

But do NOT simply transcribe the video. That’s lame as balls. 🙂

The “Shiny Object Lemonade” strategy is…

  1. Find a product that you’re super excited about.
  2. Day by day, document yourself testing it out.
  3. If it works for you, great! Promote it. 🙂
  4. If it doesn’t work for you, great! Promote your squeeze page (or another offer).
  5. Once the post is concluded, add an email linking to it to your follow-ups.

It’s really that simple. It’s basically launch jacking on steroids.

And because you’re actually TRYING the product out (what a concept), you may end up making money both as a product user AND an affiliate for the product!

It’s a very authentic, ethical way to go.

Lee Murray Kitchen Sink 2021

And We’ll Leave It There for Now!

I hope you’ve found today’s post extremely helpful.

I’m sure that I’ve reminded you a lot of things you already know. But you already know them for a reason! That reason is that they’re the things that work.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

If you’d like to pick up Matt’s DFY emails, click here now.

And if you’d like to be my 9th and final “Launching With Lee – 6 Months of LUCK” participant, and experience real success with virtually zero effort, then reply to the email that led you here, or simply contact me at

Thanks so much.

Talk soon,


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