Shuffler Review – Does Bryan Winters’ New Shuffler Live Up to the Hype?

Bryan Winters Shuffler review

Hey y’all!

I just got my hands on Bryan Winters’ Shuffler app, and I must say, the fella’s really outdone himself this time.

Now, before we even get into this Shuffler review, I must warn you, Bryan is something of a mad scientist. His ideas are not really simple ones, per se.

His mind works in a one-track way, granted. He’s all about VIRAL traffic and sales. But the schemes this man comes up with are a sight to behold. Let’s just say you’ll need to watch his Shuffler training video more than once.

Lots to grasp.

But allow me to do my part, and clarify for you what this viral list building system entails, and what makes it SO MUCH DIFFERENT from anything else you’ve EVER seen.

Bryan Winters' Shuffler is even GREATER than this?As many of you know, I’ve been at this online marketing thing since 2008 (longer, if you count that Don Lapre vitamin fiasco in ’05, haha) and was fortunate enough to quit my job and go full-time online back in March of 2013.

I’d pretty much seen it all…

Until Shuffler came along. 🙂

This may honestly be the most feature-packed marketing product I’ve come across in my 12+ years doing this stuff. So feature-packed, in fact, that it’s honestly just a weeee bit confusing at first glance. So I’ll watch Bryan’s video again so I can do this explanation justice.

Or if you prefer, a video…

Grab Shuffler and My Bonuses Here>>

Beyond that, let me do my best to articulate this via the written word…

Shuffler Review — What the Heck Is Shuffler?

Simply put, it’s a mix n’ match lead capture system with tons of viral features built right into it.

Viral traffic, viral list building, viral sales, viral upsells… sheer lunacy.

But let’s start at the beginning…

First and foremost, it’s a monetized lead capture system.

You’re presented with a squeeze page builder, which is linked to various products (namely, Clickbank offers) which are linked to various headlines.

In other words, a squeeze page headline that reads “NOW HIRING: Make Up To $200 Daily With Simple Online Writing Jobs…”

Will be automatically linked to a Clickbank offer all about writing jobs.

But here’s where it gets pretty doggone interesting…

Image for post

(A look inside my own personal Shuffler back office.)

With Shuffler, you’ve got yourself a “Shuffle” button right alongside your squeeze page builder. And once you click this Shuffler Shuffle button, everything changes. You’re presented with…

  • A new color scheme.
  • A new background image.
  • A new headline (and corresponding Clickbank product).
  • A new call to action button.
  • A new animated arrow pointing to said CTA button.

Everything changes… unless you tick one or more of the “Freeze” buttons. In that case, whatever you’ve frozen stays the same, while everything else changes. So let’s say you freeze the background image.

Because… you know, you’re into lambos or whatever…

And then you hit the “Shuffle” button.
a607″ Everything else changes. The headline and corresponding product. The hover box. The call to action button. The color scheme. Everything but the lambo.
d099″ Or whatever.

You keep testing different combinations until you’ve stumbled upon the “perfect” squeeze page, which literally nobody else in the world has, as there are billions of possible combinations.

Of course, there is full autoresponder integration via the top players (Aweber, GetResponse, etc.) so that you can capture leads and email market your fool head off. You know the drill… it’s good ol’ list building!

But that’s only the beginning.

We’re Not Even Scratching the Surfboard.

That’s a saying, right?

I think that’s a saying.

Pretty sure. 🙂

The truth is, there are viral implications at every turn with Bryan’s Shuffler app.

I love to write, and even I don’t know if my poor fingers can handle revealing everything that this friggin’ beast does.

But my heart…

My heart friggin’ HATES my fingers.

So let’s talk about the mighty BONUS PAGE!

In addition to being able to change out any of the featured products (for which your freshly-acquired leads have opted in to receive), you can also toggle on the Shuffler bonus page. An exciting page, it is.



Here’s my Shuffler squeeze page…

Ain’t she purdy?

And here’s the bonus page, in parts…

This is where it gets SUPER interesting. Each of these four envelopes represents another Shuffler Pro member’s email list. Your new subscribers are incentivized to join four other Pro members’ lists. And if you yourself participate, you’ll be among those who receive this viral traffic! Of course, this is only bonus 1 of 2…

Image for post

So this incentivizes your subscribers to purchase the very product that they expressed an interest in in this first place.

In other words, the “Get Featured Offer” button takes them to the sales page (through your affiliate link) of the product that they opted in to see…

You know, the one that your squeeze page teased ’em about. 🙂

And that second offer? The “Continue” button? Why, that’s just a random-ass offer (also linked to via your affiliate link) that the system generates for ya.

You know, for extra money and stuff.

Shuffler Review — Those Are the Basics!

We covered most of the important stuff (but not all).

  1. You create a customized squeeze page using your “Shuffle” button.
  2. You invite folks to check out your new page.
  3. They opt in to check out an offer, and are redirected to the bonus page.
  4. The bonus page gets them to opt in to four other Pro members’ lists.
  5. All other free and Pro members do the same, and you get THEIR traffic!
  6. Your subscribers are incentivized to buy the product they opted in to get.
  7. They’re offered a second product.

Shuffler Review — Free vs. Pro Members:

This is a pretty important distinction…

When you click this link and buy Shuffler today, you will be a PRO MEMBER.

This means that you actually get to build squeeze pages, get those viral “traffic pool” (the four envelopes) leads, and earn commissions on both of the offer buttons on the bonus page. Pretty sweet, right?

The people who opt in to your Shuffler squeeze pages will be FREE members. They won’t be able to create their own squeeze pages. Rather, YOURS will be passed down to them. So don’t be a dick… create LOTS! 🙂

Moreover, they have to BUY the featured product in order to earn featured product commissions when THEIR subscribers land on THEIR bonus page(s).

That’s the incentive we spoke of. 🙂

You don’t have to buy it. As a PRO member, your commissions are activated, on both the featured product and “Continue” product.

But check THIS out…

No matter what, that “Continue” button is ALL YOURS. The free members you bring in (aka your subscribers) won’t be earning commissions on the offer that the “Continue” button leads to… YOU will!

Let me try to spell this out a bit more clearly…

Scenario 1…

  1. Bob opts into your list because he’s interested in Product A (featured).
  2. Bob doesn’t buy Product A.
  3. Bob, as a FREE member, sends traffic to his new Shuffler squeeze page.
  4. Sarah opts into Bob’s list.
  5. On Bob’s bonus page, Sarah buys Product A (featured) and Product B (Continue button).
  6. YOU earn affiliate commissions on BOTH of Sarah’s purchases.

Scenario 2…

  1. Bob opts into your list because he’s interested in Product A.
  2. Bob DOES buy Product A.
  3. Bob, as a FREE member, sends traffic to his new Shuffler squeeze page.
  4. Sarah opts into Bob’s list.
  5. On Bob’s bonus page, Sarah buys Product A and Product B.
  6. Bob earns the commission for Product A.
  7. YOU earn the commission for Product B.

Plus you get all of that “four envelopes” traffic. 🙂

Shuffler Review — Do I Recommend Shuffler?

Hell yeah I do!

I thought that was pretty obvious. 😉

Coolest damn thing I’ve seen in a good, long time.

I recommend buying it through my link here.


Emails, baby. I’m giving you emails.

Lee’s Exclusive Shuffler Bonus:

I don’t believe in offering bonuses just for the sake of making more sales with my affiliate promotions.

Sadly, many in my profession do.

They call it “bonus stacking.”

It’s where they overwhelm you with so much bullsh*t, you forget what the main product you bought was all about.

I know you know what I’m talkin’ about. 🙂

Listen, at its core, Shuffler is a LIST BUILDING SYSTEM.

You’re going to be building your list, both with your own efforts as well as with the efforts of other people. Just a little elbow grease, and your list can grow like absolute mad. You’ll end up with ridiculous amounts of subscribers.

You’re gonna need emails.

I just so happen to be a DFY email provider, with hundreds of those sons of guns under my belt. And when you order Shuffler through my link today

I’m gonna give you EVERY done-for-you email I’ve EVER written…

Including all of my brand-new ones and even UNRELEASED ones!

All of ’em.

You will NEVER need to write another email EVER again!

Just load ’em up, add in your affiliate links, and get all kinds of paid.

Shuffler Review — My Conclusion:

This is a list building system with so many USEFUL bells and whistles, that I can honestly put it among my favorite IM products of ALL-TIME.

I believe that if you pick this up and start applying it, you can enjoy some very nice success online. The viral traffic and monetization baked right into this product are pretty impressive. And Bryan Winters gets my vote for President.

Pick Up Shuffler and My Bonuses Here!

Thanks for reading. 🙂

– Lee Murray

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  1. just read your blog post after seeing your youtube review and wish I had not already bought Shuffler a few days ago.
    your style of blog writing is awesome…I am going to sign up for your free course and hope to get close to your standard…I wish you all success.

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