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Glynn Kosky Traffikrr Review by Lee Murray:

TraffikrrToday, I’m doing a Traffikrr review for you.


Look around this site. I’d hardly call it a product review site.

In fact, the only time I ever really do full-on product reviews is when something comes along that HUFFS AND PUFFS AND BLOWS MY MIND OUT OF MY SKULL.

Pretty sure I screwed that up, but whatever dude. 🙂

The reason why I’m doing this Traffikrr review today is honestly because I believe this may be the most powerful online tool EVER CREATED. Not “one of” the most powerful. This may literally be my new all-time favorite IM product.

I got my grubby little paws on the front end AND all of the upsells, and I’m here to tell you, THIS (and probably nothing else I’ve ever seen) is a complete biz in a box.

And by that, I don’t mean your typical, lame-ass DFY squeeze page, funnel pages, emails, sales and promotional materials, and all of that nonsense that NOBODY ever REALLY uses.

No, amigo.

Traffikrr is much, much different.

This is a complete content generation, traffic generation, and INCOME GENERATION tool that you can absolutely set and forget. In fact, let me explain each of these three things to you in detail…

Traffikrr Review, Part One – Content Generation:

Traffikrr Review - Content
Content Is King

Obviously, I wouldn’t be nearly as crazy about Traffikrr if all it did was send traffic. I mean, we clearly need ongoing, highly-engaging content to send this traffic to.

Traffikrr automatically puts fresh content on your blog… over and over and over again.


Automated YouTube video embedding (of which you already know I’m a fan).

Now let me be perfectly honest here. This feature is nothing particularly new, although when you’ve got the built-in traffic and monetization in your corner (discussed momentarily), you will be FAR more likely to actually put this into motion. And it’s the things that we’re willing to act upon because we can vividly imagine them working successfully for us that really tend to change lives.

But I digress.

As I said, this is a glorified auto blogging function. Like one of my favorite tools, Video Jeet, this automatically pulls videos from YouTube and adds them to your blog as your own content. Simple enough.

What’s cool is that you get to choose the channels that this plugin pulls from. This means that your videos can all be extremely niche-focused. And by the way, this means ANY niche. Money-making niches are FAR from your only options.

Traffikrr pulls fresh videos from your chosen channels as they are published.

Enough said.

Traffikr Review, Part Two – Built-In Monetization:

This is where Traffikrr really comes to life, and starts setting itself apart from other tools I’ve seen.

The concept is so freakin’ simple.

You enter urls (affiliate links, your own products, or anywhere else you want to send your blog traffic) into the Traffikrr software, perform a few simple tweaks to make your overlay ads look and display the way you want ’em to, and viola!

Traffikrr automatically overlays your ads over each video!

This means that each and every video on your website is monetized with highly relevant ads that will get you paid! This is, of course, in addition to any other monetization that you happen to run on your blog (sidebars, headers, contextual ad links, 3rd party ad placements, etc). 🙂

Of course, as profoundly cool as this happens to be all on its own, none of this would mean a damn thing if you weren’t getting traffic.

Traffikrr Review, Part Three – Autopilot Traffic:

Since this is a Traffikrr review, it might be nice to know how this sucker lives up to its name, right? In other words, does Traffikrr really work to get you traffic?

And yes, I am keyword stuffing. Thanks for noticing. 😀

So how does Traffikrr bring you autopilot traffic?

Social media.

As pictured above, it automatically posts new video links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr accounts. If you don’t already have these accounts, nor do you know where to begin in terms of getting set up and building your following on these social networks, fret not. I have a bonus offer for ya. 😉

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

At the end of the day, your only real job is gonna be to grow your social media accounts. The software does everything else for you. And growing social media accounts is one of the easiest damn things you can do online.

In a Nutshell, Here’s What Traffikrr Does…

  1. It builds your website by automatically posting new, niche-specific videos automatically.
  2. It monetizes each post by placing YOUR overlay ad on each video.
  3. It automatically sends traffic back to your site from the hottest social media sites online.

And that’s just the front-end offer.

The upsells include a theme custom-made for the Traffikrr process, an additional plugin that allows you to use an opt-in form as your video overlay (just enter your autoresponder details into the software… this is HUGE), advanced training, and much more.

I got all that shit! 😉

I recommend that you get it all, as well.

Traffikrr is among the most complete systems I’ve ever seen. Where else can you solve all of your content, monetization, list building, and traffic needs all with one single software system? I haven’t seen it.

NOW do you see why I did this Traffikrr review?

Now do you see why I’m calling this the absolute best investment you can make in 2017?

It should be pretty clear.

But it gets even better…

Traffikrr Bonus From Lee Murray:

It took me less than a minute to decide what I would offer as a bonus to this product.

I have two domains that I’ve decided to use this software/strategy with. And because I’m documenting a different traffic generation strategy here on, I won’t be sharing my Traffikrr process here.

But then I thought even further about it.

And I decided not to share this process with the public AT ALL.

I’ll only be sharing it with an exclusive group of people who already HAVE Traffikrr. And of course, you’ll have to buy Traffikrr through my link in order to gain secret access to this underground documentation.

You’ll get a front-row ticket to watch me build out TWO websites in two radically different niches, using ONLY the Traffikrr system and software. I will also be monetizing these two sites and performing a little extra voodoo on them using some additional tools.

You’ll get to see EVERYTHING I DO. Nothing left out.

From my very first Traffikrr installation to earning respectable amounts of ongoing cash, this bonus will give you something to truly follow along with. You can join me every step of the way as we build our Traffikrr businesses together!

I hope you’re half as excited about this crazy Traffikrr bonus as I am. If so, you really need to click this link and get started now. I’m telling you, this will likely be the BEST investment you make in 2017… if not EVER!

More Traffikrr Bonuses:

Now, I am honestly of the opinion that if a product needs a bunch of bonuses to earn your or my sale, then the product is probably either useless, or you’ll never actually get to using it because you end up lost in a sea of garbage bonuses.

Whenever I see someone offering a “Review Plus $49,000 Worth of Bonuses,” it makes me cringe hard.

Do these people think we’re friggin’ idiots?

No way on Earth those garbage bonuses are worth 49k, 10k, 1k, or $100. They’re not even worth your valuable time, in most cases.

That’s why my bonus is the best. Just being real.

To purchase a product for which the bonus is to watch a motivated, six-figure marketer actually USE the main product on a daily basis… and turn it into a great side income (I will do just that, mark my words)… is about as relevant and valuable as it gets.

It’s one thing to invest in something and then be distracted by tons of shiny objects that push the actual thing you invested in back into the background, never to be seen or used again (or ever)…

But when the bonus is simply an ultra-powerful EXTENSION of the main offer, and in fact, helps you to actually USE the main offer to maximum effect…

That’s something entirely different.

With that said, Glynn has given me a few pretty sweet extras to pass your way when you order Traffikrr through my link today…

Bonus #1 – The Affiliate Advantage

Bonus #2 – WP Viral Click

Bonus #3 – WP Image Plus

Bonus #4 – WP Video Attention

I won’t go into these too heavily, but to say that all four of them are WordPress plugins that you may find some use for. I don’t want them to distract you, so I’m downplaying them a bit. But both WP Image Plus (which allows you to access over a million royalty-free stock images for FREE from within your WordPress dashboard)…

And WP Viral Click (which creates some pretty sweet social sharing pop-ups and widgets for you) are two that you and I may have some use for. The other two? Less likely.

Look, I’m just keeping it real with you. Distractions be damned. We want to USE TRAFFIKRR to make ourselves as much money as possible. We don’t need the distractions.

But if you have another site and wanna rock all four of these sweet-lookin’ plugins, be my guest. At least you’ll have ’em.

Of course, IT’S MY “DO WHAT I DO AND MAKE A FORTUNE WITH TRAFFIKRR” BONUS that’s really gonna change the game for you. I’m gonna be your tour guide, in real time, in a real-world capacity.

You’re welcome. 🙂

Traffikrr Review – Conclusion:


As you can see, this review is NOT unbiased.

Why the hell would I waste my time reviewing something that I only felt lukewarm about? I have better ways to earn a living than that.

I’m sharing this with you because Traffikrr has success implications that blow my mind.

  • It creates niche blogs for us using fresh video content.
  • It monetizes our blogs and builds our lists.
  • It drives AMAZING traffic to our blogs as it grows!
  • ALL of this happens automatically.
  • All we have to do is grow our social accounts (easy).
  • This works in any niche!
  • Anyone can do this, regardless of experience.
  • The included training is top-notch.
  • I, Lee Murray, will personally show you how to get shit done!

You can’t beat this offer.

Don’t buy anything else. Seriously.

This is a bit more expensive than the typical $9.95 WarriorPlus or JVZoo offer.

But this is money very, very, very well invested, my friend.

Let’s rock this together!

Grab Traffikrr Here Right Now!

Enjoy Traffikrr, seriously consider the unbelievable upgrades, USE MY BONUS TO MAXIMUM EFFECT, and finally make the kind of money you’ve been itching to make… more easily than you may have suspected.

I’m excited to have you join me. 🙂

Talk soon,


P.S. Two disclaimers: I was asked by Glynn to promote this offer. I was not asked to review it. I decided to review it because it impressed me so doggone much. Also, I obviously receive affiliate commissions when you buy through my link. My kiddo and I appreciate your support, but please know that this monetary compensation in no way detracts from my genuine excitement over this product, nor does it raise your costs in any way.

P.P.S. Order Traffikrr through my link now. In your JVZoo Purchased Products library, you will find my link. It should read something akin to “Lee Murray’s Traffikrr Case Study Bonus.” Thanks and good luck!

3 Comments on “Traffikrr Review and Bonuses”

  1. Hey there Lee,

    I’ve been on your list at least a couple of years now (maybe even 3) and I totally agree with you – you don’t do reviews very often.

    AND…Because of that I HAD TO READ your entire review of Glynn Kosky’s Traffikrr.

    AND because I read your ENTIRE REVIEW I decided I better buy the product and put it into action. Your bonus is the icing on the cake and I really look forward to seeing those Case Study emails rolling in – Very Exciting Stuff!

    Thanks for putting together such a great review and I will carry on keeping an eye out for other products that you’re promoting…



    P.S. I’ve stayed on your list so long because you come across as genuine and you don’t promote EVERY product that’s going. I like that. You only promote the ones you really believe in – that’s a big tick in my books. Cheers Again!

    1. Super nice of you Jacqueline.

      Thanks for checking it out. I just wrapped up Video #4 of the bonus. About to upload my day’s work for you to follow along with!

      My best to you and yours,


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