Twitter List Building – How to Build Your Email List for FREE Using Twitter!

Email Marketing With TwitterAs you know, email list building is the single most powerful activity you can engage in online. The bigger your list, all things being equal, the more money you make for the same effort.

Using the power of Twitter to build your email list 100% for FREE is a good idea.

In fact, I recently stumbled upon a great video by Sean Anthony that will show you how to build your email list for free using Twitter.

I’ll share it with you now…

Make Money With Twitter

Twitter List Building – Watch This Video:

I hope you found the video to be both exciting and helpful.

In it, Sean covered the following steps to building your email list for FREE with Twitter…

Step 1 – Turn Your Profile Into a Landing Page!

You want to give people a reason to follow you, as well as to opt into your email list.

The very best way to do this is to make your Twitter profile look like a landing page. However, don’t come off as spammy or hypey. Come across like a real person.

People are less hesitant to follow someone who seems genuine and well-intentioned.

This means you want to use real photos of yourself. Don’t advertise!

Re-watch the video to see Sean’s profile.

In your bio, tell people who you are and how following you can benefit them. Keep it brief. Invite them to your squeeze (lead capture) page.

Finally, create a “pinned Tweet.” In it, tell more about your background, including your struggles and triumphs. Don’t be afraid to drop another link to your squeeze page!

Again, re-watch Sean’s video to see how he does it.

Step 2 – Create a Freebie

So this one can be tricky, as so many options abound. What I recommend, for the sake of simplicity, is to join my 100% FREE Passiveclass system, wherein you can have a squeeze page, lead magnet, and more RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE!

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Step 3 – Create a Tweet Schedule and Stick to It

Sean uses a tool called HypeFury to schedule his tweets. His philosophy is that “consistency is more important than volume,” especially on social media where people’s attention spans are at their lowest. 🙂

He schedules four tweets per day.

It takes him a maximum of 2 hours to schedule an entire week’s worth of tweets.

This, my friend, is truly the “2-hour work week!”

Sean, by the way, has made thousands and thousands of dollars from this one method alone. And his email list continues to grow, ensuring greater and greater success over time.

Clearly, not a bad way to go.

Alright, next step…

Step 4 – Have Themed Content:

For each of his four daily posts, Sean has a certain “theme” he likes to consistently utilize.

His first tweet, for example, is often just a thought-provoking question.

For his next two tweets, he typically shares controversial thoughts… or links out to some valuable free content.

His final tweet is most often a 1-liner (inspiration, quotes, etc).

It seems he doesn’t do much in the way of promotions within his tweets themselves, and moreso relies on sharing fun, valuable, thought-provoking content. He relies on his profile and pinned tweet(s) to bring people to his squeeze page.

I think this is a fantastic way to go, actually!

Okay, what’s next?

Make Money With Twitter

Step 5 – Use Tweetstorms

About once per week, Sean basically writes an article on Twitter, in the form of lots of little tweets that just continue on. Tons of small tweets equal one big article.

Watch his video for the details of what types of content he produces. Heck, go follow Sean on Twitter so that you can emulate him.

He obviously knows a thing or two about building your email list for free using Twitter. 🙂

Thanks for Joining Me!

I hope you’ve found this helpful.

If at any point, any of this information seemed a bit too advanced (which it is for lots of us), let me go ahead and walk you through a few of the basics.

What I’d actually like to discuss with you is internet marketing in general.

Here’s a little article I wrote for you… 🙂

How Internet Marketing May Just Transform Your Entire Reality:

Today, there are loads of online money-making methods. Whilst more than a few of the market’s income opportunities are nothing other than ineffectual distractions, online marketing is, without a doubt, the most dependable way to thoroughly improve the quality of your financial life.

“Internet marketing” is, truthfully, a bit of a generic term. All truth be told, IM isn’t actually a business model, in and of itself, but rather more of an overall occupation with smaller, more bite-sized business models included inside of it. Launch jacking, CPA media buys, and selling your own products would be examples of niched-down business models.

Settling on just one of these marketing undertakings, please understand, is absolutely not compulsory. You can definitely implement more than one of these options into a single web-based business plan at the same time if y can invest the energy. But it’s best that we just make things easy at this time.

I think we should first just discuss some of the many ways that web-based marketing can seriously transform your existence.

The Advantages You Can Experience Via Online Marketing…

  • Profit in your sleep. Your digital business never quits working hard for you, even after you do.
  • The world is your job site! You have the power to produce a fantastic income from anywhere that has internet!
  • (For parents of young children)No babysitter required! IM is a solution to the problems of not being present in your kids’ daily lives, while also shelling out the high costs of child care.
  • Cease to have jerks in your place of business. There will be no more having to endure a power-tripping team of higher-ups, unpleasant coworkers, dissatisfied customers, or any such people.
  • No commuting to work. Spend less on fuel, keep your vehicle’s mileage in check, and avoid the headaches associated with contending with traffic!

{Now listen, When it comes right down to it, digital marketing has the power to absolutely improve the quality of your whole life experience. I’m convinced that you will find true success when you give it a try.

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