Twitter Traffic, Coaching, and Launching With Lee

Wait, what are you doing here? Did someone handsome invite you?

Awwww, thanks. 🙂

Welcome back to my blog! It’s been awhile. But I tell you what, the time has finally come for rapid-fire posting.

It has taken me a hell of a long time to get to this point, but I’m finally ready to do what I’ve been saying I’m gonna do for countless months… build a passive $1500/week Clickbank income.


Well, I’m going to be driving maddening amounts of traffic to my other site. My non-marketing “home-based income” site. I’ll link you to it a bit later, if you’d like to check it out. It’s coming along nicely. As of this writing, it looks almost identical to this site… but they’ll both be getting makeovers soon. 🙂

I will be using this site ( to document my traffic-getting efforts. I’ll be starting the process on this very blog post. In fact, I’ll be sharing my very first video with you shortly. Please do watch it, as it will likely benefit you immensely.

Then, keep checking my emails, as I’ll be bringing you back here to watch my progress.

You can follow along with me as I drive this traffic, doing the exact same things that I’m doing and hopefully enjoying the same results that I’m committed to enjoying…

But even if you don’t wanna use the same traffic source that I’m using (revealed shortly), just the fact that I’m going to keep following through UNTIL I reach my $1500/week goal should INSPIRE you to stay the course.

I really hope that this is the case. 🙂

Quick Announcement Before We Proceed:

Lee Murray The Traffic Triangle

I’ve got a new product on the horizon. It’s called “The Traffic Triangle,” and it will absolutely be my crowning achievement. I will launch it… and then continue driving hordes of traffic to it for many years to come. I will sell thousands upon thousands of copies.

Believe that.

I just wanted to announce that I’m bringing back “Launching With Lee” for this one. But this is FAR superior to any previous opportunity. Let me explain why…

For starters, the lucky individual who participates with me gets all the same great benefits as always… 40% of all profits throughout the funnel, 100% of all buyer leads (yes, you get to build an awesome buyers list), your name on the product and sales copy (for that all-powerful branding), etc.

But unlike my previous opportunities, this one has a SERIOUS WOW FACTOR… My one and only participant will have two participation level options.

Option #1 – The “FREE MAKEOVER” Option:

When you participate with me using this option, you are guaranteed to continue receiving both revenue share AND buyer leads until you’ve earned your investment ($3500) back in full. This means that your buyers list and branding will have been acquired for FREE!

I’m a lunatic, right?

But it gets better…

Option #2 – The “Forever” Option:

For only $1500 more ($5000 total), you are my partner forever. Even after you’ve made your investment back, and have filled up your autoresponder with juicy-ass buyers… the fun continues!

Remember, “The Traffic Triangle” will be my cornerstone product. I will ALWAYS promote it. It will be at the center of my entire business. It will be my tripwire product (meaning it’s the product that is immediately offered to new leads upon opting into my list), and will be promoted all throughout my funnel.

The product’s upsell funnel will suck in maximum revenues, and will always be evolving for greater and greater results over time. And remember, you and I will have all the time in the world. 🙂

At 40% profit share, this could turn into a full-time income for you!

Launching With Lee

For only a $5000 “buy-in,” this is a pretty crazy offer.

The cherry on top is that you will also be invited into my $1500, 6-month “List Synergy Coaching” program. This will help you to understand CLEARLY what to do with all of these buyers who are entering your autoresponder on a daily basis.

It’s the most profound training and coaching program on the Internet today. And you will have full access as part of your “Launching With Lee” enrollment, no matter which option you choose!

Do I really need to say more?

Contact me immediately at if you’d like to get in on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. THIS OPPORTUNITY IS AVAILABLE TO ONE, AND ONLY ONE INDIVIDUAL! This means that, if you’re interested, you need to reach out to me before you even finish reading this blog post. It’s first come, first served. Don’t miss your chance.

Hey, I’m a marketer. It’s what I do. I had to let you mofos know what’s available. 🙂

But now, I think we’ll get back to the MAIN purpose of this blog post… traffic generation.

So the first thing I want to tell you is WHERE all of my traffic will be sent. Actually, why don’t I just show you…

Lee Murray Top 5 Online Income Opportunities

Click Here to Visit My Squeeze Page!

It’s like I said, this is NOT Internet marketing. But it’s close. It’s make money online stuff like paid surveys, ghostwriting, paid photography jobs, social media jobs… pretty much online employment (or gig) opportunities.

The reason I chose this over IM (even though I obviously do both) is because it’s far more evergreen. There isn’t a constant influx of new blood, coupled with instant obsoleteness. And most importantly, these types of products have seemingly found a stable home over at Clickbank.

Again, my goal is to pull in a largely passive $1500 per week (net) as a Clickbank affiliate. So in that respect, this is a perfect niche.

Besides, it doesn’t require me to “start all over.” It integrates seamlessly into what I’m doing anyway. I’m an “online money making guy.” This allows me to continue wearing that same hat. And there’s plenty of crossover opportunity!

But enough about that.

The traffic sources that I’ll be sharing with you are universal. If YOU want to follow along with me, you can absolutely follow my lead and drive this traffic to any offer, squeeze page, and/or niche of your choosing.

So let’s get to it.

What, pray tell, is the first traffic source I’ll be rocking?

I’ll give you a hint…

Twitter Traffic

“Lee, you weirdo. You already told us what your traffic source is in the dad gum title of this blog post. Why don’t you pay attention to your own words? Go back to drinking, maybe. Something. Cheeses H. Rice, man!”

I guess I deserved that.

Yeah, Twitter baby! I’ve already told y’all why, too. It’s easy (only 140 little characters or less per Tweet), direct (only follow – and get followed by – people who are interested in your niche), lots of automation opportunities… it’s just too enticing not to go full-on with it.

Alright, so I lied to you.

I’m gonna have to give you a cliffhanger on this one, as I just got a serious case of sleepiness. So I’ll share my first steps with you tomorrow, via video. I’ll also show you the program and tools I’ll be using to maximize my Twitter traffic generation efforts.

But for now, I’m just gonna rest my tired eyes and wish you an amazing day or night.

Feel free to comment below, if you’re so inclined.

Tomorrow, I make you a video, baby!

I hope you’re excited.

Watch for tomorrow’s email in your inbox.

Talk soon,


P.S. Reminder: Launching With Lee is going to change ONE person’s life. Will it be yours?

6 Comments on “Twitter Traffic, Coaching, and Launching With Lee”

  1. Great post Lee. If I could afford the 5G I’d be lining up right now with my Paypal details in my hot little hand. But a great opportunity for someone.

    1. Thanks Ray!

      Yeah, 5k ain’t chump change. I totally get it. Just keep your eyeballs on my upcoming posts. That should help you make a serious go at a respectable online income. 🙂

  2. Yeah, GO baby, … Lee. I so wanted to be in on this too, and if I had a rich relation I’d be on their case pronto with a syphon.

    Que sera sera, mucho goodness to you and yours. xx

    1. Close! Still have to set up my account and what-not. Can’t wait to start Tweeting though. If it’s good enough for the Prez… 🙂

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