The ULTIMATE Guide to Making Money Online: The “Dirty 30 Method” by Lee Murray

My title is not hyperbolic.

You wanna make a LOT of money online, here’s how…

To make life-changing money online, you must combine list building, blogging, and email marketing in an intelligent, structured way. The goal is to get quick FREE traffic as you build your blog. Then, build your list and send your subscribers back to your blog daily. Finally, let the SEO kick in and start pulling in massive, passive, ongoing FREE traffic via Google and other search engines.

That’s how ya do it, amigo.

But I’m sure you’d like some details. And that’s why I’m really here today.

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online – Before We Begin:

It’s really important for you to understand that making money online isn’t easy. Please get that through your skull right now. Please do.

But hear this…

The reason why making money online eludes so many good people is NOT the fact that it is, in fact, somewhat difficult… or that it does, in fact, take ongoing effort…

The reason why making money online eludes so many good people is that they’re told otherwise.

Their expectations are out of whack.

No bueno.

It’s a trap…

  1. We read a sales page or watch a video promising us the world for nothing.
  2. We buy (another) piece of “magic button” software.
  3. We realize the software is incomplete (more on this in a bit).
  4. We may still try to make use of it.
  5. Frustrated by the reality (vs. the promises made by the vendor)…
  6. We search online for something simpler and more sure-fire.
  7. Another shady software vendor comes to our rescue.
  8. Or so we thought.
  9. The cycle never ends.

But You’ve Probably Purchased Good “Make Money Online” Products Too!

They ain’t all bad, my friend. Some have plenty of merit.

However, they’re never as sexy as the push-button nonsense, are they? They start talking about Facebook pages and solo ads, SEO and sales funnels… and your eyes start rolling back in your head.

You lose focus and motivation.


Because this shit ain’t NEARLY as easy as pushing a magic button and driving a new Porsche!


Dreaming is exciting. Working typically isn’t. Unfortunately, only one of these activities actually pays the bills. I personally recommend going with that one. 😉

I wanna get back to that “software being incomplete thing” real quick…

Why Magic “Push-Button” Software Isn’t Making You Money Online:

The reality should have been smacking you square in the jaw a long time ago. If a piece of software could magically make you rich, would the vendor really be selling it to you for 27 bucks?

Of course, our inner dreamer who has become addicted to personal development and self-help mantras won’t let you access the rational part of your brain. That shit often has good folks like us believing that skepticism is a naughty word reserved for the quitters and haters of the world.

It’s not.

In fact, skepticism may just be your greatest ally in this world. It’s what keeps you from getting killed every day. Hopefully, you’re applying it to keep yourself from getting scammed, too.


And no single piece of internet marketing software will ever make you rich.



Never ever.

Swallow this red pill now. Do yourself that favor.

Why It’s Incomplete…

All you’ll ever find with a piece of software is a reduction in workload. There are only a handful of software types out there. You’ve got your:

  • Content syndicators.
  • Competition analyzers.
  • Resource finders.
  • Social media spammers.
  • Autoresponders.
  • Chat and message bots.
  • Gig hunters.
  • Keyword tools.
  • Page and funnel builders.
  • Site and content monetizers.

This list isn’t necessarily exhaustive, but it doesn’t need to be in order for my point to stand.

Even if a single piece of software was able to do all of these things and MORE, that still wouldn’t be enough for you to make money online! Just like if you had a massive warehouse full of every construction tool and piece of heavy equipment known to man, that wouldn’t guarantee the building of a new home.

A piece of software is a tool. Nothing more.

Do I personally use software? OF COURSE!

Do I depend on my software for my income? Yes…

Just like a quality home is guaranteed not to be built without tools. I’m dependent on them in that way. No online tools, no online business. It’s pretty simple.

My point is, the tools are only as effective as the operator. And it’s NEVER the tools that MAKE the operator effective. It’s ALWAYS the other way around.

Which raises the question…

What Will It Take for You to Become an Effective Operator and Finally Make Big Money Online?

That, my friend, is the big question.

And it’s what this ultimate guide is all about.

Again, the tools you choose to use won’t do it. They won’t even get you most of the way there.

First, we have to define what being an “effective operator” even means. Clarity, after all, is power.

…My definition:

An effective operator is a successful blogger and super affiliate.

That’s it!

With a blog, you have unlimited potential for multiple streams of revenue. As a super affiliate, you have marketing chops and (usually) multiple traffic avenues. Put these two forces together, and you’ve got wild amounts of ever-growing traffic being sent to a relationship-building online shopping mall that can make you rich.

I Won’t Get Esoteric On You, But Mindset Does Matter.

Making money online is mostly mental, in fact.

Shortly, I’m going to walk you through a very specific step-by-step formula for earning a ridiculous income online. It works. It will work for you if you take action. And I’m not even charging you for it. 🙂

The question is, will you take action?

The answer to this question will reveal your mindset. And if it’s anything other than “FUCK YES I WILL, LEE!”…

Then some psychological recalibration is in order.

Before we get to the strategy itself (which I call my “Dirty 30 Method,” by the way), let me help you with this mental stuff. Will you allow me to do that? I’ll assume yes. Like, what are you gonna do, kick my ass? Pffft. 😉

Mental Help for Making Money Online:

Alright, so this is the easiest thing I’m gonna ask you to do. Yet it’s undoubtedly gonna prove to be the most powerful thing you do. Ready?

Change your motivation.

Thanks and goodnight. That’ll be $500. See you next week.

Or should I stick around to explain what I’m talkin’ ’bout? I mean, how can I even presume to know what your motivation is in the first place? It’s not like I already know that you want to change your financial future and provide yourself and your family with a top-quality life, right?

Of course that’s your motivation. It’s virtually everyone’s motivation.

Even mine.


It’s a shitty, shitty, friggin’ shitty motivation to have when it comes to making money online. It really is. And here’s why…

Unless you’re in the business of panhandling and begging folks for money, ain’t nobody give a rat’s ass about you or your family living a better life. They don’t know you. And they don’t care about you. Not yet, anyway.

You can’t go into this thing with the mindset of receiving. You just can’t. That’s where nearly EVERYONE gets it wrong. You’ve got to remove your own wants and needs from the equation almost entirely.

You Must Be Motivated By What You Can Give!

That’s true of any business, online or off.

If a chef/restauranteur created his or her menu with a heavy focus on how much profit each dish would make them, they’d be serving up the absolute cheapest crap ingredients they could find, marking their prices up like crazy, charging for drink refills, and very quickly going out of business.

Instead, successful entrepreneurs in the food service industry are generally quite passionate about their work, and strive to produce the highest-quality user experience (food, prices, ambiance, etc.) that they’re capable of producing.

There’s ZERO difference for us online entrepreneurs. ZERO.

Expect your income to be in direct correlation with the value you bring to the marketplace.

But here’s the thing…

I’m not delusional. I know that focusing on other people’s happiness is EXTREMELY difficult to do when you’re coming from a place of fear and scarcity. If that’s your situation, then firstly, I’m sincerely sorry to hear that. And secondly, I get it.

Life’s a fucking pressure cooker sometimes.

So if it’s just honestly too hard to give a crap about serving others right now, but you’re still committed to generating a hefty online income to relieve yourself of the stress, let me propose an alternative…

Let Your WORK Be Your Motivation!

I’m talking about “work,” the noun… not the verb.

Here’s what I mean…

I want you to go through my “Dirty 30 Method” and put your damned back into it, okay? Work your butt off building things in the exact way I show you.

As you do so, you’ll be building a blog and an email list of your very own. You’ll be getting traffic. You’ll be making money in the process.

But I don’t want you to focus on the money, per se.

I just want you to focus on doing what I’m about to share with you… 30 times.

That’s it. That’s all.

This means…

  • 30 blog posts.
  • 30 emails.
  • 30 thousand email subscribers.

Let reaching these milestones be your motivation. Don’t worry about your income results. Just worry about completing Dirty 30. COMPLETING it. Just prove to yourself that you can. Let the completion of this work motivate you. Let nothing else matter (in an online business capacity, that is).

Screw your money goals. Screw your fears. Screw your doubts.

Just do this…

The Dirty 30 Method by Lee Murray:

Ready to make some real money online?

I’ve created the ultimate, step-by-step game plan. It uses only the best, most proven online methods and tools. It excludes a lot of worthless nonsense. And it puts everything together in a systematic, paint-by-numbers, light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel kind of way.

“Light at the end of the tunnel?”

Yes, you don’t have to do this forever, if you don’t want to. My mission in creating this system was to allow you to have a concrete completion goal. I realize it gets overwhelming to imagine yourself performing a task indefinitely. With this system, you only have to do it 30 times.

After 30, you’re done!

I can’t stress how important this is. You only need 30 blog posts, 30 emails, and 30k subscribers to become a WILD internet success story. There are real reasons for this, not the least of which is that 30 blog posts is often said to be the “sweet spot” when it comes to communicating to Google that your site is worthy of being taken seriously.

30 daily emails equals a full month of marketing.

This will give you some powerful data to work with (and ongoing revenue to enjoy).

30,000 subscribers should produce a 5-figure monthly income for you, quite easily.

Hopefully you’re intrigued, if not completely sold. Again, I advocate for skepticism. But I don’t advocate for cynicism or self-doubt. The steps I’m about to share with you work.

It’s virtually impossible for them not to. And you can absolutely do this. Just about anyone can. Sadly, very few will. But I hope beyond hope that YOU do!

I’m about to share the entire step-by-step process with you right here. But before I do, I just want to cover the benefits that my system will give you that you really can’t enjoy via most other methods…

7 Ways That “Dirty 30” Will Benefit You:

Using this system, you can expect to…

  1. Build a relationship with your list while earning great money (not before).
  2. Build real online assets, and not just one-time bursts of income.
  3. Get paid even when nobody buys anything!
  4. Earn passive, recurring, and even high-ticket commissions daily!
  5. Rest assured that you’re doing it right. No cut corners.
  6. Enjoy a real sense of accomplishment.
  7. Earn multiple streams of income.
  8. Achieve much higher conversions than you otherwise would have.
  9. Combine time-tested strategies… nothing unproven.
  10. Change your entire life within a few short months.

If you’re willing to follow along with me while I build my very own “Dirty 30” business, then all of these benefits (along with many others) can be yours. And I’m confident that they will be.

So let’s do it…

Ready to Make Big Money Online? Just Follow These Steps…

Step One: Create a well-monetized video blog using other people’s videos with your own written commentary (or, at a bare minimum, the video transcripts). I use this software to make this process much faster and easier.

Step Two: Put together a lead capture system that makes you money straight away, and also continually sends your subscribers back to your blog.

Step Three: (Optional) Promote both your blog posts and lead capture system using FREE traffic methods (Medium articles, forum signatures, YouTube, social, etc).

Step Four: Build up to 30 video posts with 30 corresponding follow-up emails.

Step Five: Send paid traffic to your lead capture system until you’ve got 30,000 high-quality subscribers on your list, earning you no less than $10,000 per month.

Step Six: If you’re happy with your current niche, site, and results… go for another 30 posts, 30 emails, and 30k subscribers. Otherwise…

Step Seven: Repeat these steps in a new niche, with a new site.

That’s the short and sweet version of “Dirty 30.”

Of course, I’ve skipped over the all-important finer details… and that’s not because I don’t want you to know them. I most definitely do. I want you to succeed!

Sincerely I do.

But to just tell you what to do in a single blog post is a bit daunting, and I don’t feel that I would do the system justice by making such an attempt.

Rather, the way I want to train you is by example. I want you to actually WATCH ME BUILD MY VERY OWN DIRTY 30 BUSINESS BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES!

How to Make REAL Money Online… Join Me for Ongoing Dirty 30 Training!

So first of all, let me just mention that I’ve already created a 15-video course for you, which I’ve already provided as a bonus to those who ordered WP ProfiTent through my affiliate link during its launch phase.

Thanks, by the way! 😉

Now, I’m simply offering the course for a mere $9.95 to anyone who wants to actually watch over my shoulder as I build my new website and go through my “Dirty 30” method the first couple times.

You get to watch me…

  1. Brand my site.
  2. Monetize my site.
  3. Use the WP ProfiTent plugin.
  4. Set up my menu.
  5. Use the WP Auto Commissions plugin.
  6. Source my content.
  7. Create my first couple posts/articles.
  8. Craft my first few emails.
  9. Build my early funnel (for FREE… and with my favorite page builder).
  10. Much more!

This is some of the highest-quality training you will ever get your hands on. I walk you through everything, including troubleshooting any hiccups that may come your way.

No stone left unturned!

This offer isn’t currently available to the public, meaning that I’m not launching this on WarriorPlus or anything. Not yet.

I haven’t even created a sales page or video. AND THERE ARE NO – I REPEAT NO – UPSELLS OF ANY KIND!

If you’d like immediate access, you can simply use my link…

Then, just send me an email at telling me that you just ordered your advance copy of “The Dirty 30 Method” and I’ll send you your access link ASAP.

You Don’t Have to Order “The Dirty 30 Method” to Make Money Online Though!

Don’t think you have to pay me in order to be successful with this. You don’t.

Starting today, I’ll be documenting myself continuing to take action on Dirty 30. I only recommend the course if A) you can afford it – and B) you’d like me to take you by the hand and help you get your new business setup, step by step.

If you already know how to build a site, and you know for a fact that you can just see where I’m at today, and what my site looks like… and figure out yourself how to do the same thing… then that’s totally fine!

On this very blog, 100% free of charge, I’m picking up where the course left off.

So enjoy!

Just PLEASE do us both a favor and TRY THIS!

I am absolutely convinced that there’s no better way to make money online today… with the exception of being a famous, successful product creator/vendor. And even THAT comes with its own unique set of challenges and frustrations which “Dirty 30” won’t subject you to. 🙂

And I’ll leave you with this…

Your 5 Steps to Making Great Money Online:

  1. Commit to creating 30 posts and emails… and building your list to 30k subscribers.
  2. (Optional) Order “The Dirty 30 Method” video course here.
  3. Visit my first Dirty 30 post here.
  4. Take daily action to reach the goals set forth in step one.
  5. Keep watching my videos and reading my posts for new ideas, tips, tricks, and triumphs.

Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do this… including (and perhaps especially) yourself!

You absolutely CAN do it. In fact, there’s not even any mystery about it. If you have good content (which you will when you follow along) and good monetization (ditto)… and you’ve got the traffic (which 30k subscribers will give you)…

You’re virtually guaranteed to succeed.

And yes, you’ll be making money even if nobody ever buys anything from/through you!

Please Comment Below… and Share This Information On Your Favorite Social Media Accounts!

Especially in these trying times, I’m trying to help as many people as I can to make great money online without the need for a job. It’s possible. I’ve been doing it since 2008. And now I want to help you and everyone you care about to do the same.

Please help me by sharing this article. And by all means, please share your own thoughts, feelings, experiences, reservations, objections, or anything else you’d like to share in the comments section below.

I’ll be happy to hear from you. 🙂

And with that, I’ll leave you to it. Be sure to join me for my first 100% FREE “Dirty 30” post right here.

Thanks so much!

– Lee