Video Profit Engine Review and Bonuses!

Hi, welcome to my Video Profit Engine review and bonus page.

Actually, it’s a blog post, ‘cuz that’s just how I roll. But whatever.

If you haven’t already watched my review and demo video, here it is…

Video Profit Engine Review, Demo, and Bonuses:

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Buy Video Profit Engine, Review and Bonuses by Lee MurrayLooks like a winner, right? 🙂

Video Profit Engine is the plugin to have if you want to make money online the right way, while still keeping things super easy…

And fast!

With this plugin, you can literally have HUNDREDS of video posts on your site in record time. Just go in and add a little of your own content (just using what’s said in the video as your guide)…

Or use any of my bonuses (DFY, ever-changing, completely unique blog content) to have a beautifully-written, perfectly-formatted blog post within a few short minutes.

This is not garbage autoblog stuff either. Your content will absolutely shine!

I couldn’t recommend Video Profit Engine any more strongly, amigo. And for just $27, this is a deal you can’t afford to let pass you by.

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So what am I offering today?

Video Profit Engine Bonuses by Lee Murray:

Like I said, I’ve got plenty of HTML-formatted (so you don’t have to fuss with centering, bolding, or hyperlinking anything) spin-ready content.

It was all written and spun by hand, by me personally.

No junky, synonym-spinning nonsense that renders absolutely trash content. My stuff is as good as it gets. I stand alone. Braggy? Sure. True? Yep.

Here’s what you’re getting…

1. My Foodhustle Spin-Ready article ($195 Value):

This content will go underneath your recipe video, add around 700 words to your post, and make you money all over the place!

See my example here. Every single word was written AND FORMATTED from my spin-ready article. All I have to do is click “spin” again, add the new content to a new post (created by Video Profit Engine), and in seconds…

A brand new, totally unique blog post will be completed!

You can create a brand new, totally engaging blog post every 5-10 minutes with this. How many posts will you create each day? How much money will you make? That’s up to you.

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2. My Physical Product Spin-Ready REVIEW article ($195 Value):

Perhaps you’d like to have one or more (many more perhaps) niche websites.

For example, you can have a site about drumming, use Video Profit Engine to load up your site with awesome video posts from dozens (or hundreds) of different drummers, drum techs, gear heads, etc…

And then whenever they mention or feature a certain product in their video, rather than you just making a mention of it and dropping your affiliate link, you can actually post a full-on review that only took you 10 minutes to put together!

Drop that review directly under the video, make your word count go through the roof (which Google loves), and have a VERY well-monetized, highly relevant piece of content that your audience will LOVE!

All of this equals an income that your wallet will love!

Of course, you can simultaneously run a website about fishing, another about golf, another about crochet, another about hiking, another about outdoor grilling, and so on.

All of these sites can be built with Video Profit Engine and my spin-ready physical product review article!

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3. My IM Course Spin-Ready REVIEW Article ($195 Value):

Do you review internet marketing courses from WarriorPlus, JVZoo, or Clickbank? If not, would you like to? It’s crazy profitable! And with my spin-ready review article, it’s EASY too. 🙂

You can use this as a standalone review article, as content to place underneath an embedded video (from someone else, using Video Profit Engine) that mentions an IM course, or as support for your own video review.

And check it out…

Because it’s spin-ready, you can quickly create multiple versions reviewing the same product. Use one version as a standalone blog post, another version to support your video embedded into a blog post, another as your YouTube video description, another on, another on Google Sites, and so on!

You can achieve total saturation with just a single piece of content!

But what if the product you want to review isn’t a course, but is instead a piece of software?

I got your back, homie…

4. My IM Software Spin-Ready REVIEW Article ($195 value):

This is just like the course review, but I’ve changed up the wording to express that we’re talking about software products.

Again, you can instantly create multiple reviews for the same product, and distribute them all over the place, including popular web 2.0 sites, your own blog, your YouTube descriptions, etc.

I got you covered, because I want you to succeed.

My Bonuses Are Worth $800, Collectively!

And they can earn you well beyond that much on a WEEKLY basis… easily.

Combined with Video Profit Engine, this offer is a slam dunk. It provides you with an opportunity the likes of which you may not even realize that you haven’t seen before.

In a world where everyone tries to vye for your business with promises of overnight riches for zero effort, this is the actual real-world version of that. It’s not zero effort… but it’s very light effort.

And full training is included. 🙂

Get It All Here>>

And we’ll chat more soon.

Thanks for reading and watching!

– Lee

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    1. Hi David (DB),

      Thank you! WarriorPlus is actually the marketplace you’ll want to be in.

      Please double-check and let me know if you find ’em.

      Thanks again,


  1. Great products here Lee! Got it.

    BTW, did you get my emails about your ClickMagicK link being broken in the “Luch 1” product page? Can’t get to the FreakyFunnel using it.

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