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This is the sales video I made for my “Shiny Object Lemonade Video Case Study” series…


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Why am I showing you this?

Because even though this is an absolutely ridiculous offer at $47… I mean, you get to WATCH ME BUILD MY BUSINESS! This isn’t some lame-ass test account where I show you “how I would do it if I were doing it.” I actually AM doing it!…

I want to get it into the hands of more people than I’ve previously been able to.

At this point, the series is up to 19 videos… and I show you EVERYTHING. All the technical stuff, the processes, the psychology, and most importantly… MY RESULTS!

PLUS you get ALL of my best-selling products AND done-for-you emails included.

And I’m giving this ALL to you for under 10 dollars today!

What? How?

The Plot Thickens…

easy-funnel-profitsIn order to claim exclusive access to my videos, products, and done-for-you emails, all you have to do is order Easy Funnel Profits through this link.

This is actually a really cool product, and if you already have my aforementioned package, then I still whole-heartedly recommend this one.

Not only are you going to learn how to build a super responsive list really fast using little-known strategies… and not only will you learn how to earn 3-4 times as much money per campaign using the awesome power of repurposing…

But you’re actually going to RECEIVE a DFY lead capture system. You get full PLR rights to this package (along with others) so that you can hit the ground running.

Just remember to send your list traffic to your foundation site, as per SOL.

But this “Easy Funnel Profits” system is really quite extraordinary, and it will seriously change the way you think about putting a funnel together and building a list. It’s just plain smart.

But when you combine this with everything I discussed in my video… dude. Just… dude.

Again, whether you already have my INSANE package or not, click this link and grab Easy Funnel Profits. The value is other-worldly.

But if you DON’T already have my bonus, you want it NOW… and the Easy Funnel Profits system is 100% compatible with it. In fact, they truly go hand-in-hand.

Alright, Pitch Fest 2016 has come to an end.

Enjoy the rest of the blog post. 🙂

I’m Naming My Goal Series! (You Should Too):

Alright, so here’s what I’ve decided to do on this, my SOL “foundation site.”

All “goal series” will now be named.

This will allow me to keep my goal-reaching posts separate from posts like this one, which are more “general interest,” educational, and/or promotional types of posts.

Also, it will help with navigation, as I can use the name of each goal series as a category.

So because my two goals are to 1) submit 250 Clickbank product reviews to my review site and 2) build my brand new email list to 25,000 subscribers, I have decided to name this goal series…

“The Power of 25”

Cool, right?

So this will help to keep things succinct and even recognizable. Now, when I send an email I can use the subject line “Power of 25 Day 7 – I Send Traffic Using…” or whatever.

Get it?

I think that easy identification makes for far less confusion. And obvious statements make for rolled eyes. Fine, I get it. Moving on…

The Weight Loss Emails Are Killin’ Me, Smalls!

Not sure why, but completing these emails has been agonizing for me.

With IM emails, I can write with so much authority that it all just flows. I am not so “all that” when it comes to weight loss. So I find myself taking too much time in research…

Anyway, I’m not here to complain.

But to explain that I’m getting through it bit by bit, but it’s been like pulling teeth.

Give me another day or two tops. 😉

That’s Actually It for Today.

Honestly, it’s been a busy day and I really just wanted to touch bases with you. The truth is, we can consider this post to be more promotional than anything… but I am just so stinkin’ PUMPED for you to get your hands on these two resources, which can work in synergistic fashion to make your SOL business 5x more effective!

So I’ll close this with a call to action.

My next post will be “The Power of 25 Day 3,” so keep your eyes peeled!

In the meantime…

Click Here to Grab Easy Funnel Profits!

(AND get my video case study, dfy emails, and 12 products for FREE!)

Have an amazing day, and thanks for your attention!

Talk soon,


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