WP CLEVER BOUNCEWhy even play?

I’m not here to “pretend to be” some ultra-trustworthy, lame-a-saurus rex pandering jackass who pros and cons you to death, doing my best to sound neutral to gain your favor.

Not for this one. Sorry.

I just bought the front-end plugin… along with the “unlimited site” license (upsell) and am absolutely 100% satisfied with my purchase.


Because while this is an undeniably simple tool that does one thing and one thing alone, the thing that WP CLEVER BOUNCE actually does is a complete (gasp, cliche alert) game-changer. No, seriously… this thing is wicked.

Quite simply, it captures your “back button” traffic, but in just blatant, in-your-face fashion.

“Lee, Isn’t WP CLEVER BOUNCE Just an Exit Pop?”

Shut your face.

Exit pops ask your site visitor if they wanna stick around to conform to your vision of how they should be surfing the net. WP CLEVER BOUNCE does no such thing.

It’s not so nice.

It’s not so polite.

It’s not so formal.

It just effin’ TAKES ‘EM THERE!

Go ahead, click my back button. I double dog dare ya!

Yeah, that’s what it does.

Oh, and I’m sorry I told you to shut your face. I’m just really pretty passionate about this new toy that I got my hands on, and I know how over-analytical you can be sometimes… always killin’ a white boy’s buzz.

That was a pretty crappy apology. 🙂

But I digress…

Here’s How I Intend to Use WP CLEVER BOUNCE:

I’m obviously using it on this site. Because I’m smart.

Like really smart.

Pretty easy on the eyes, too.

But obvious statements aside, I’m also gonna be using this on my product review site. You know, the site to which I’m submitting my 250 Clickbank product reviews. No idea what I’m talking about? Click here to see my goal post.

What’s freaking AWESOME about David Dekel’s WP CLEVER BOUNCE plugin is that you can set it to either redirect “bounce” traffic on either a sitewide… or a category-specific basis!

What do I mean?

This site, LeeMurray.com, is almost exclusively about the fine art of generating a full-time income online. It’s kinda what I do. And therefore, it would be completely within reason to “bounce” you good-lookin’ mofos to an income-generation offer.

Could be an IM-niche squeeze page, sales page, Adsense page, CPA offer, clickbanking partner’s page, YouTube video, or whatever.

It would be completely within the realm of reason and good taste for me to send EVERYONE who visits this site, has a stroke while blacking out drunk on cheap tequila (the kind that lives in the giant plastic jug), and idiotically decides to leave… to said offer.

Of course, I could redirect people who visit any page on this site pertaining to list building to a list building offer… and those who try leaving a page on “free traffic” to an offer appropriate to that particular sub-niche…

But that’s a judgment call.

That said, on my general product review site…

Ooooh, boy. I can get like tooootally freeeeeky.

Weight loss product reviews will bounce to a weight loss offer. Woodworking product reviews will bounce to a woodworking offer. “Get Your Ex Back” offers will bounce to an online insane asylum, cuz that shit’s just crazy! 😉

Are you pickin’ up what I’m layin’ down here?

WP CLEVER BOUNCE is simply a damn handy tool that every – YES, EVERY SINGLE – online marketer should have!

And to fulfill my promise of telling you how I will be personally using it… I will be using my review site installation of this plugin to send anyone leaving my site, from any given category, to a squeeze page where I give away a free consumer report.

The report will be niche-specific, naturally, and will feature a comparison of 5 of the top products in that niche… all linked to via my affiliate links, of course! 🙂

So if they leave from a review for a certain “hair loss” Clickbank product, they will be taken to a squeeze page where I’ll be giving away a “Top 5 Hair Loss Treatments On the Market” type of consumer report.

I won’t go into too much detail about the report, because that’s not what this blog post is about.

But I just wanted to hopefully implant a cool-ass idea in your head. You can totally do the same thing, especially with this plugin in your corner!


Like I said, I got it not too terribly long ago, so this plugin and I are still in the honeymoon phase. Hard to see her flaws through rose-colored glasses and all.

But if there was one thing I wish this baby could do, that it seemingly can’t, is rock this exact same functionality for “x out” traffic.

So far as I can see, it only works for the back button.

But hey, “back button” happens… a lot! And to have something in your arsenal that instantly redirects these people to any offer or page of your choosing… tell me, in what psychotic universe would that not be a good thing?

Does the Plugin ONLY Work at the Site and Category Levels?

Damn, baby. You ask really smart questions!

And the answer is no.


Yep, it’s built right into your editor, right underneath the “Categories” and “Tags” settings. Just a simple box in which you can enter any URL that your rainbow-colored heart desires. Snap.

Aaaaaaaand now you’re hooked.

Now you’re ready to click this link to watch the demo video.

I freakin’ KNEW it!

Thanks for putting up with my obnoxiousness. 😉

This is how I act when I get legitimately excited about something. I behave like a hyperactive teen on his way to the Friday night football game to sit next to his new chick, the French horn player of the band.

Too personal?

Click Here to Watch the Demo Video

Always a pleasure,


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