WP Stealth Ads and Profit vs. Profit… Now You’ve Got Trouble!

Hey you! Awesome to see you here.

So look, my process for making money is pretty simple…

1. Build (and continue to build) an email list.
2. Using automated follow-up emails, send your subscribers to…
3. Content-rich, helpful, and WELL-MONETIZED blog posts. Like this one! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Check this out…

[wp-stealth-ads rows=”2″]

How the heck did I do that?

Watch My New Video…

(And forgive my screw-ups. It’s WP Stealth Ads… not WP Clever Bounce.)

Click Here to Grab WP Stealth Ads!

(Highly recommended. Link opens in new tab, so you won’t lose your place.)

Listen, this tool can take you to grand new heights.

And let me explain just how simple it CAN be…

You can say “screw SEO,” “screw the search engines,” “screw having original content,” and “screw working so hard,” and you can STILL cash in big. The reason this tool makes this possible is because of its set and forget nature.

The fewer steps we perceive ourselves having to take to reach a particular goal, the more likely we are to take those few steps.

I’m telling you right now, WP Stealth Ads makes it so that you rarely (if ever) have to go looking for a product to promote and an affiliate link through which to do it.


Because, it’s like I said in my video… this is much like preparing several weeks’ worth of meals in advance (and freezing them so that you can microwave them when needed). You load up your pics, your affiliate links, and your ads (easy… just have fun!), and all you ever have to do again is paste in your shortcode.

Hell, the shortcode is pretty easy to remember. You could probably type it in under 10 seconds.

Then, you just enter this shortcode whenever you think it’d fit. I recommend inserting it toward the top of your article, in the middle, and at the bottom. You can outsource your content, use PLR, take the Breakfast Embed approach… whatever.

You never have to write your own content. And after you’ve loaded your ads into WP Stealth Ads, you seriously never have to worry about monetization again. By the way, once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, check your widgets. You can hardcode your ads into your sidebar, header, footer, and anywhere else where your theme accepts widgets.

So badass.

And you can always add new affiliate links. You can also link these image ads to other pages on your blog, any squeeze pages you happen to own, CPA offers, wherever. You can actually see my sidebar widget ads over here ======================================>>

And here are some more using the shortcode…

[wp-stealth-ads rows=”2″]

Surely, some of the ads are currently being repeated (the same in the shortcode and the sidebar)… but as I continue to add more and more ads to the rotation, this occurrence will become less and less likely. Get it?

I’m gonna load up hundreds of these. Each time I do a new affiliate promo, I’m just gonna add that product to the mix. Holy crap, that’s actually a pretty sweet idea. Thanks. I’m welcome.

Moving on…

WP Stealth AdsAs I stated in yesterday’s email, this thing is both extremely simple… and quite profound.

It gives you total control.

Unlike Adsense, where you’re at the mercy of whatever Google wants to display on your site… and whatever they feel like paying your sorry ass ๐Ÿ˜‰ …

This plugin gives you absolute control. The images, the text, the links. You can use these ads to send traffic to adswap partners, clickbanking partners, pay-per-lead offers, CPA/affiliate offers, YouTube vids, FB pages… YOU DECIDE!

Totally rad.

For under 10 bucks, this thing simply does not warrant hesitation.

Just Follow These Easy Steps:

Step One: Get WP Stealth Ads Here.

Step Two: Create blog posts using other people’s content. Be fast. Build aggressively.

Step Three: Insert your WP Stealth Ads shortcode into each of your posts (a few times per post).

Step Four: Load up your autoresponder with emails linking to your various blog posts. An easy trick is to simply use the blog title as your subject line, paste the first paragraph or two of the article into the email, and end your email with a “Click Here to Read the Rest” link.

Step Five: Build your motherfoolin’ list, yo!

A squeeze page, an ever-growing email follow-up sequence (which grows as you create new blog posts), and some traffic are all you need. Solo ads traffic is great. PPC, classifieds, YouTube vids, Instagram, Facebook… FIGURE IT OUT. And please, only work one traffic source at a time! That is…

Try Bing ads, for example. Learn the platform intimately, place some ads, notice your results, tweak your process, test new ads. Do this for 2-4 WEEKS… and do nothing else. Once you’re making profit, move on to YouTube ads… or whatever. And do the same thing there.

Don’t dabble. Intelligently and effectively diversify.

Snap, dog.

[wp-stealth-ads rows=”1″]

Profit Vs. Profit Coming March 15!

This is my latest labor of love.

We use products as the center of our marketing universe with this approach. This means SKY-HIGH buyer intent!

I show you how to uncover little-used, but wildly profitable keywords that people are out there searching for WITH CREDIT CARDS IN HAND… just PRAYING to find YOU!

What’s great is that this is my first “choose your own adventure” type of program, wherein you are presented with an opportunity to “tap out” if blogging and video creation ain’t your thing. You can opt to set things up in the precise way that I show you…

And then use the special keywords I help you to uncover with CHEAP-ASS PAID TRAFFIC.

Or you can do the free stuff (I walk you through it 100%)… or you can do BOTH!

Basically, your whole job is going to be to get as many eyeballs as possible on your “consumer report,” whose sole purpose in this crazy-ass world of ours is to MAKE YOU MONEY!

This ain’t your typical re-hashed niche info freebie product homie. The POINT of this lead magnet is to help your new subscribers make a BUYING decision. That’s freakin’ WHY they got it in the first place! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s what they wanted.

The course is presented in both e-book and video format. Hours upon hours of video content. And the videos are NOT bullshit Powerpoint presentations. I can’t effing STAND those things. This is REAL walkthrough stuff.

In fact, as has become my norm, I let you WATCH ME BUILD MY OWN BUSINESS… I don’t play with examples. I practice what I preach. Real time. Real life. Real results.

I’m excited. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you are too.

Okay, I Gotta Run!

But I hope that you’ve enjoyed this blog post.

I’m going to invite you one last time to click this link and check out WP Stealth Ads. This is one tool that you WILL use on a daily basis. For under 10 bucks, you’d be a silly little primate if you didn’t snatch it up post haste.

Yes, I use shame to make sales. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But it’s real shame. You really would be a wacky little monkey to pass on this.

Sorry for the harsh language. Just sayin’. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Other than that, compadre, I really do appreciate you joining me here today. If you have any questions or comments, please do leave them below.

Talk to ya soon!

– Lee

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2 Comments on “WP Stealth Ads and Profit vs. Profit… Now You’ve Got Trouble!”

  1. I really enjoyed watching this video about โ€œStealth Adsโ€ Lee…In fact, Iโ€™ve become something of an addict for your content regardless of the format!

    Sadly, I stumbled across this plug in and grabbed it before I saw your post; otherwise, I would have gone through your link. I was as blown away by it as you; its great fun and, I imagine, extremely powerful if used correctly.

    I canโ€™t wait for tomorrow either; Iโ€™ve been looking forward to getting my hands on Profit vs. Profit for a while.

    Iโ€™m becoming quite the Lee Murray collector ๐Ÿ™‚

    All my very best

    1. Quite kind, Andrew!

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. It’s a pretty badass plugin… and yet it’s such a simple little thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

      But it really takes the pressure off of people, I believe, to actively monetize each page of content they create.

      Little things matter, people! Thanks so much, Andrew.

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